Emergency! Need Scientists, Cumgineers, Aliens, Occultists, Anybody (Even Jews)

Everyone do the Gail Commandments and Gail Commandments 2.0. Gmail from Brent Spiner at 11:30 a.m. on Mar. 27, 2022. SATAN BEAT JESUS UP. Video reading of the following is coming. . . Dearest Gail, I’ll start from the beginning. It was a Saturday night, and Jesus was hosting a big celebration party on Church of Gail. Jesus loves parties, […]

Fake News Promoters About Pres. Gail’s Cabinet Members in Good Standing Executed for TREASON

Due to an epidemic of fake news surrounding Vladimir Putin, who is in good standing in Pres. Gail’s Cabinet and also due to fake news about other of Gail’s Cabinet members in good standing, Gail feels it necessary to update her Conspiracy Law and has updated her International Military Law. As a reminder, the United States is a Constitutional Monarchy […]