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I reread some old law I wrote in 2005 (see Sect. 98) and have slightly modified it. It appears this law has been ignored and it needs to be enforced. I sense that Jesuits are artificially inflating oil/gas prices to make their fake news about a war between Russia and Ukraine seem believable and then are using this fake news as an excuse to control the oil markets and orchestrate exorbitant profits to themselves from artificially inflated oil/gas prices.

Evil Jesuits plan to use these exorbitant profits to fund the Jesuit war machine, Jesuit fake news, Jesuit conspiracies and those politicians and bureaucrats and oligarchs who support the evil Jesuit leader or leaders (who I believe may be the Brent Spiner clone or a league of Jesuit clones of the famous men in President Gail’s Cabinet). It appears the main motive behind the fake news and the high gas prices is a Jesuit lust for power and money.

Because Jesus Christ is my co-President and is the best judge of character there is. . .I will allow Jesus to choose who heads up our OPEC Coalition, which replaces current OPEC. If Jesus wants, he can work with Vladimir Putin or Stephanie Kelton, who are my economic advisors. Jesus can make his wishes known through his best friend and my Vice President, Brent Spiner.

I have published below Sect. 98 of Conspiracy Laws and Government Part Three, which I wrote in 2005. It seems I wrote very good law then. I have modified it a bit to update it for 2022. Read Sect. 98 below:


98.0(a) Today we will form an OPEC COALITION, which is a branch of the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION. All members of the OPEC COALITION are considered full fledged LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs and cannot be a Jesuit, Jesuit supporter, or an UNWILLING AGENT. Any (direct or indirect) attempt or action to allow any Jesuit, Jesuit supporter or UNWILLING AGENT to be a member of the OPEC COALITION will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the violator. This is because the Jesuits use their control of the oil and petroleum markets to assist them in their warfare against the International government and against innocent persons. The Jesuits also use contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS to sicken targeted persons and to sicken targeted sections of the population.

98.0(b) So, since EXHAUST PRODUCTS are a weapon of war to the Jesuits, they must be monitored and controlled by the International government’s INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION. The OPEC COALITION will replace the current OPEC organization. It will consist of oil company executives with extensive experience in the oil markets, international economists and others with expertise in the oil markets, so that wise decisions can be made regarding when and how to produce and export oil by the various oil companies under the jurisdiction of the OPEC COALITION and what maximum prices retailers or wholesalers can charge for EXHAUST PRODUCTS in order to protect the economies of the countries of the International government. Many new oil companies will be sponsored/created by the International government in Africa, the former Soviet Union, and elsewhere, to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil supplies and to remove from the Jesuits their monopoly over international oil markets and supplies.

98.0{c} We realize this will greatly anger some of the Middle Eastern countries, but many of these Middle Eastern countries cooperate with the Jesuits against us and cannot be trusted. Those countries who export EXHAUST PRODUCTS to other countries must become a member of the OPEC COALITION (and must submit to the leadership and standards of the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION’s OPEC COALITION–those standards are defined by this Sect. 98) and no country which exports EXHAUST PRODUCTS to another country can support or be a member of the current OPEC organization. The current OPEC organization is not allowed to exist (because it is controlled by Jesuits) and will be replaced by the OPEC COALITION. Certain members of the current OPEC organization, if they qualify (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW) may be able to transfer to the OPEC COALITION, perhaps some of the Saudi Arabian members, but we anticipate that most of them will not qualify for the OPEC COALITION.

98.0(d) Those organizations and/or countries which refuse to submit to the standards of the OPEC COALITION will be banned from exporting their EXHAUST PRODUCTS to any other country and anyone who buys (directly or indirectly) any EXHAUST PRODUCT from that banned organization or country will either be jailed or, if the violation was willing and knowing, will be executed. Any country which buys EXHAUST PRODUCTS from an organization or country banned by the OPEC COALITION, will be treated as a TERRORIST NATION (according to CONSPIRACY LAW). We want to bankrupt the Jesuit Order, because they have too much money and this creates serious problems and we don’t want to make it easy for Jesuits to unleash their contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS into the environment. If the intent in this illegal purchase was to buy a contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCT with which to sicken a SIGNIFICANT PERSON, such as Gail Schuler, the violator will suffer a Sect. 95 execution and his/her trial, questioning and execution will be shown on GCFNC.

98.0(e) Because it is anticipated that many organizations and countries will not cooperate with the OPEC COALITION and that most of the Middle Eastern countries and organizations will rebel against this Sect. 98, new oil markets must be opened and put into operation in South America, Africa, Russia, the former Soviet Union, India and any other place in the world (including the oceans) where there is oil. We can also use replicator technology to make copies of good oil that distribute it as needed. Those oil drills which are in such locations must be immediately opened and put into operation and must be allowed to export their oil immediately as directed by the OPEC COALITION. If there is oil in a section of earth where there is no machinery in existence to tap into that oil, then the machinery must be put into place immediately. The TSS Networks will be used to determine where there is oil on the planet and all places where there is oil must be tapped immediately, including areas formerly off-limits such as Alaska (because of environmental concerns). The only environmental concern we should be concerned about is deliberate Jesuit contamination of oil products to induce illnesses. To allow any section of the earth where there is oil to not be drilled for oil and to not have machinery in place to use that oil for export (as outlined in this Sect. 98, which addresses environmental concerns) will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator, unless we can find sufficient reserves of oil in other locations to meet the challenge of banning oil from most of the Middle Eastern countries.

98.0(e-1) If environmentalists cause problems and they are Jesuit AGENTS they will be arrested and put in jail where they cannot cause problems. We will produce evidence that these “environmentalists” are Jesuit AGENTS and that their actions will cause a Jesuit orchestrated economic depression to takeover the nation. No UNWILLING AGENT or Jesuit supporter is allowed to influence government policy on oil drilling and what we do with oil–we will absolutely not tolerate this!! Oil in all parts of the planet must be drilled as soon as possible and new drills must be created wherever there is oil on the planet.

98.0(e-2) In fact, we will assemble an OIL DRILLING COALITION who will work with the TSS Networks to find areas of the earth to drill for oil (including areas formerly banned by the environmental movement). We will also INCREASE EXPORTS OF OIL FROM RUSSIA to meet demand. Not only will we drill to produce the oil needed for current consumption, but we will drill to put oil into storage for emergencies, so that if another disaster like Katrina hits, we will be prepared and not have a desperate oil shortage.

98.0(e-3) The oil will be placed in storage in different parts of the earth, not all in one spot, so that if a particular area is devastated by a disaster, that we will have oil reserves elsewhere to meet the emergency.

98.0(e-4) Even though we have an oil shortage, we will not use oil which has been contaminated and is not safe for the public. All the laws which address environmental concerns (of this Sect. 98) must be enforced.

98.0(e-5) The economists in our OPEC COALITION must prepare a written statement, which will be read on GCFNC and these must be read under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis, in which they will state that the maximum prices (see Sect. 98.0b) which they have set are the prices needed to sustain the oil industry and that no one in the oil industry is making exorbitant profits from these prices. If they fail 666-Computer lie-detection when they make these statements, then other oil economists will replace them until we come up with maximum prices which are reasonable and do not cause some in the oil industry to be exorbitantly rich at the expense of the consumer.

98.0(e-6) Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action to set oil prices (or the products of oil prices) higher than necessary (as defined by this Sect. 98) will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

98.0(e-7) Further, TRANSPORTATION ANALYSTS will study each city’s public transportation system and ensure that a good and cost-effective public transportation system exists in each city, so that less cars will be on the road and more people can use public transportation to meet their needs. This will reduce oil consumption and should help keep prices down and will also make it possible to remove UNWILLING AGENT drivers from the road. This must be done as soon as possible and in some places would not cost much money, but could just mean sending in some buses and starting new and better bus routes. Deadlines will be established for each city or town to have a PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM and will be publicized on GCFNC. This deadline must be met and the reason for the date chosen as the deadline must be explained on GCFNC (under 666-Computer lie-detection). If lie-detection is failed and it is determined that excuses are made to delay the set up of public transportation, then a new group of TRANSPORTATION ANALYSTS must come up with a better plan that creates a public transportation system for this city sooner than the previous deadline.

98.0(e-8) Effective and cost effective public transportation systems must be in place in every city of the International government. These public transportation systems must be good enough so that people can use them to see the doctor, go to work, go to the grocery store, etc. They should be well ventilated and should have anti-terrorist protection, like cameras. Israel’s public transportation system should be studied, since they probably have the best anti-terrorist set-up in the world in their public transportation system. In fact, the Israeli government will supervise the creation of public transportation systems all over the world and this Israeli-led organization which creates public transportation systems will be called the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION COALITION, it will be managed and run by the Israeli government and by those in Israel who are knowledgeable about public transportation. Israel can work with other nations to implement effective public transportation in those parts of the International government where there is a dire need for public transportation (like much of the United States).

98.0(e-9) Once a public transportation system is set up or approved by the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION COALITION, that city or town will be called a PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION CITY. Once a city becomes a PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION CITY, then all UNWILLING AGENTS and EVIL JESUITS in that PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION CITY must have their driver’s licenses removed and only those who are not UNWILLING AGENTS can drive in that city. If anyone (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly allows anyone who is an UNWILLING AGENT or an evil Jesuit to have a driver’s license to drive a vehicle in a PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION CITY, that will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

98.0(e-10) UNWILLING AGENTS or evil Jesuits are used as soldiers for the Jesuits and are used to kill people through traffic accidents and vehicular homicide. So it is imperative that we remove driver’s licenses from UNWILLING AGENTS or evil Jesuits. However, since UNWILLING AGENTS need transportation to buy food, go to work, etc.–we cannot do this until the area where they live becomes PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION CITY.

98.0(e-11) Another advantage of having public transportation systems is that it will make life more affordable for people, since they won’t need a car to survive, and should help make it easier for people to survive on lower incomes. A car is a very expensive item for many people.

98.0(f) Evidence will be presented on GCFNC that the Jesuits have created the current environmental movement and the Russia/Ukraine war in 2022 to allow them to monopolize the oil market, so that they can manipulate gasoline and petroleum prices and so that they can have control over environmental pollution and can decide where, when, how and in what manner to pollute the environment in order to assist them in their goal of a world takeover. We will present evidence that Jesuits have specifically targeted and polluted areas where Gail Schuler has lived in order to weaken her and make her ill, and that this power of the Jesuits can only be removed by allowing the International government to take over OPEC and to remove from the Jesuits their ability to manipulate the oil markets. To take this monopoly away from them we must tap into all other sources of oil on this planet. We can do this without polluting the environment.

98.0(g) GCFNC will produce a special called The Greatest Polluter on the Planet: The Jesuit Order. This special will present evidence that most air, water and environmental pollution comes from Jesuit-contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS (and we will present evidence that the pollution is deliberate and is a war tactic against SIGNIFICANT PERSONs, such as Gail Schuler, and is designed to undermine and destroy those who oppose the Jesuit Order).

98.0(h) Any direct or indirect knowing and willing attempt or action to use (or contaminate) an EXHAUST PRODUCT, in order to sicken any SIGNIFICANT PERSON will bring a Sect. 95 execution to the violator. All such attempts or actions will be exposed on GCFNC and the true violators will be exposed and executed (according to Sect. 95) on GCFNC.

98.0(I) Any direct or indirect knowing and willing attempt or action to use (or contaminate) an EXHAUST PRODUCT, in order to sicken the public will bring death penalty to the violator and the executions of those persons will be shown on GCFNC. All such attempts or actions will be exposed on GCFNC and the true violators will be exposed and executed (according to CONSPIRACY LAW) on GCFNC.

98.0(j) We will present evidence that the only way to eliminate this pollution is to remove from the Jesuits their ability to pollute the air with their contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS. We will also present evidence that the Jesuits created the current environmental movement in order to ensure their monopoly over the current oil markets, so that alternative sources of oil could not replace the Middle Eastern market (which is dominated by Jesuit warlords). And that the way to solve the pollution problem is to remove from the Jesuits their monopoly over the oil markets. We will show in this special The Greatest Polluter on the Planet: The Jesuit Order, that the Jesuits could care less about the rights of the poor or about the environment, since if they allowed Africa and South America to totally utilize their own oil markets, this could enhance the standard of living for Africans and South Americans.

98.0(j-1) This Sect. 98 has been written with this goal in mind, to remove from the Jesuits their ability to manipulate gasoline prices, and to remove from Jesuits their ability to control environmental pollution and to cause poor nations to remain in poverty and to remove a significant source of power for the Jesuit Order: the Jesuit monopoly of the worldwide oil markets.

98.0(k) Environmental concerns will be addressed and the machinery to remove and use oil must be set up in a manner which does not unnecessarily pollute the environment.

98.0(l) A sub-branch of the OPEC COALITION’s TSS Network, will be the ENVIRONMENTAL CORPS whose job will be to analyze the air, water and environment for allergens, and substances harmful to health. Those areas of the earth which are deemed to be contaminated with harmful substances caused by EXHAUST PRODUCTS or by any process involved in producing or using EXHAUST PRODUCTS will be investigated and the reason for this contamination will be presented on GCFNC.

98.0(m) Once the reason is determined, a CLEAN-UP PLAN will go into effect and if the operation is operating in an unhealthy manner, that will be fixed. If it cannot be fixed, then the operation will be shut down. We have evidence that most of the concerns of the Jesuit-controlled environmental movements are unwarranted. In fact, most serious environmental violations come from deliberate Jesuit contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS which pollute the air. It is amazing the environmentalists don’t stage protests against contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS, rather than against the creation of more organizations which produce alternative and cleaner sources of EXHAUST PRODUCTS. If we don’t have to be dependent on Middle Eastern oil, there is a greater chance we can clean up our air and environment, since our current contaminated exhaust products have been deliberately contaminated with pollutants from those terrorists who war against us, and many of these contaminated exhaust products come from Middle Eastern countries.

98.0(n) All organizations which sell gasoline, oil, diesel, petroleum products, and any other products which could end up in the auto exhaust which the public breathes (called EXHAUST PRODUCTS), must submit to the standards of the OPEC COALITION. These standards are as follows:

98.0(n-1) No EXHAUST PRODUCTS can be sold to the public until that EXHAUST PRODUCT has been inspected by the OPEC COALITION (via satellite technology–which can analyze the genetic contents all things on earth). The OPEC COALITION will inspect the product to ensure that it contains no allergens or substances which could cause health problems in the public or in SIGNIFICANT PERSONS. This inspection will occur at the beginning of the process, where the EXHAUST PRODUCTS will be inspected as they are released by the petroleum companies to the markets and then at the end of the process, where monitors will be installed on the pumps which are used to fill up vehicles and containers. These monitors will be managed by the TSS networks and the TSS networks will shut down any pump (by a gas station, for instance) or the petroleum (or EXHAUST PRODUCTS) company, if these pumps produce contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS. Then an investigation will be made into why this is occurring and will ensure that the problem is solved and that only clean EXHAUST PRODUCTS will come from that pump.

Any (direct or indirect) knowing and willing attempt or action to allow contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS to be used by those that can pollute the environment with these products, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator. A contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCT is defined as any EXHAUST PRODUCT which can produce emissions which could cause undue health problems in the public or in SIGNIFICANT PERSONs.

98.0(n-2) All organizations which sell EXHAUST PRODUCTS are called EXHAUST ORGANIZATIONS. All EXHAUST ORGANIZATIONs (as of this 21st day of June, 2005) must turn over all their current supply of EXHAUST PRODUCTs to the OPEC COALITION, so that that EXHAUST PRODUCT can be inspected (via satellite technology) by the OPEC COALITION. Those EXHAUST ORGANIZATIONS which do not cooperate with the turnover of their EXHAUST PRODUCTs to the OPEC COALITION will be fined a steep fine and serious disobedience could result in jail sentences or at the worst, execution–that is, if the violators are determined to be willing and knowing Jesuit supporters. Also, any EXHAUST ORGANIZATION which will not cooperate with its products’ inspections by the OPEC COALITION will be banned and no one (who is a citizen of) the International government is allowed to buy their exhaust products.

98.0(n-3) The turnover to the OPEC COALITION of current supplies of EXHAUST PRODUCTS will incur no financial loss to the EXHAUST ORGANIZATION, because we will replace (or alter) the EXHAUST PRODUCT which is turned over to us with a fresh supply of uncontaminated EXHAUST PRODUCT to replace the possibly illness-inducing EXHAUST PRODUCT which was turned over to us.

98.0(n-4) Those EXHAUST PRODUCTS which are determined to be contaminated (and possible health hazards) must be altered so that that EXHAUST PRODUCT is no longer an undue health hazard to allergenic persons or the public.

98.0(n-5) If the EXHAUST PRODUCT cannot be altered to not make it a health hazard to allergenic persons or to the public, it will be eliminated in a safe manner, and in a manner that the Jesuits cannot confiscate it.

98.0(n-6) All automobile and moving vehicles (or any machine) which can add EXHAUST PRODUCT emissions into the air will be inspected by the TSS networks of the OPEC COALITION. All persons who own or operate any vehicle, container, machine or anything which contains EXHAUST PRODUCTS and who does not allow the OPEC COALITION to replace (or deal with) any contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCT in that vehicle, container, or whatever with clean EXHAUST PRODUCT immediately (when notified by a TSS member), will be fined. In many cases, all that’s needed is to put an additive into the fuel tank, which de-activates the offending substance. This only takes a couple minutes. If the person cannot replace (or deal with) the contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCT as ordered by a TSS member and who does not do so immediately, then he/she must present his/her reasons (and they need to be valid excuses) and must make the replacement (changes) to his/her EXHAUST PRODUCT as soon as possible or he/she will be fined by the International government.

Many of the unknowing offenders are UNWILLING AGENTs and the UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELOR is responsible to let that UNWILLING AGENT know that he/she needs to deal with contaminated fuel in his/her vehicle or machine immediately, and that the changes need to be done according to the instructions of the TSS member. Those UNWILLING AGENTS who do not obey their UACs immediately in this matter, will be shipped to an UNWILLING AGENT CITY and cannot leave that UNWILLING AGENT CITY without the supervision and direction of their UAC. Those UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELORs who do not deal with violations of this Sect. 98 by their UNWILLING AGENTS, will be fired and replaced by another UAC, and may suffer worse consequences (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW).

In serious cases, the person (including the UAC) may even be jailed or executed (depending on the severity of the violation). We must address this problem of Jesuit warfare against us, in which Jesuits use contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS to pollute the environment around our leaders, in order to sicken or weaken them.

Those non-allergenic persons (especially UNWILLING AGENTS) may say we are going overboard to be so strict about CONTAMINATED EXHAUST PRODUCTS. The GCFNC special The Greatest Polluters on the Planet: The Jesuit Order will show that the Jesuits rely heavily on their monopoly of the oil markets to weaken their enemies, by manipulating the economies of their enemies and by using petroleum products to sicken their enemies, often with hidden illnesses (like the mites Loree McBride used when she was in power) that don’t manifest themselves until later. We have a very patient enemy. Some of these pollutants can cause cancer and other serious illnesses in those who are forced to breathe in these contaminants continually and on a daily basis. Since this contamination is done deliberately and unnecessarily against us by the Jesuit Order, it is a biological and chemical terrorist attack against us and warrants the death penalty, even if the harmful results of this contamination may not be readily apparent to the victim, but may manifest itself years later in the victim–kind of like asbestos exposure. It is a clever and veiled murder tactic by the Jesuit Order. We will absolutely not tolerate this and that is why the International government will takeover the Jesuit-controlled OPEC organization. The new OPEC will be called the OPEC COALITION. The former OPEC is banned from planet earth and if it is found to exist in any manner, those responsible will be executed under CONSPIRACY LAW and the executions will be shown on GCFNC.

98.0(n-7) The OPEC COALITION will have its own TSS networks (see Sect. 39 of this document). Those vehicles (or machines, including generators in storage) which are determined to have CONTAMINATED EXHAUST PRODUCTS must allow our TSS networks to empty their vehicle (or machine) of its current supply of EXHAUST PRODUCT immediately (or as soon as possible) or to replace or alter that supply with an uncontaminated supply of EXHAUST PRODUCT. The TSS Network will also scan for containers filled with contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS–perhaps by persons who store EXHAUST PRODUCTS to prepare for disasters. Those who have contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTS in storage must turn these over to the TSS network immediately and must allow the TSS network to replace or alter the contaminated exhaust product with a clean exhaust product–the quality of the replacement will be equal to or superior to the original contaminated product. This will be especially true of those vehicles or vessels which contain EXHAUST PRODUCT which is contaminated with contaminants which target for illness a SIGNIFICANT PERSON (such as Gail Schuler). It is very important to have this problem licked, because in the event of a disaster, such as a hurricane, in which people will be using a lot of exhaust products (through machines like generators or to evacuate an area), this could result in catastrophic amounts of allergenic and other harmful substances released into the air by these exhaust products, which could greatly sicken persons such as Gail Schuler and others who have chemical (or other) sensitivities.

98.0(n-8) When we empty the vehicle (or machine) of its contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCT or alter the contents of the EXHAUST PRODUCT, we will be sure to replace at least an equal amount of uncontaminated EXHAUST PRODUCT in its place (and the quality of the replacement will be equal to or superior to the quality of the contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCT which it replaced).

98.0(o) Any (direct or indirect) willing and knowing attempt or action to use any technology to tamper and/or contaminate with EXHAUST PRODUCTS supplied by the OPEC COALITION (or its cooperating companies) by any person to cause that product to be contaminated with substances harmful to the public health in any manner, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator. We will not allow Jesuits to contaminate the EXHAUST PRODUCTS sold by (or supplied by) the OPEC COALITION (and those companies who work with the OPEC COALITION), and do so deliberately will bring the death penalty to the violator. If it is done with the intent to harm Gail Schuler in any manner, it will be a Sect. 95 execution.

98.0(p) The OPEC COALITION will determine what is the maximum amount which EXHAUST PRODUCTs companies can charge their customers to purchase petroleum products (different maximum amounts may be charged by different locales and these amounts for each locale will be determined by the OPEC COALITION’s economic advisors). Those companies which charge their customers more than the allowable amount for petroleum and related EXHAUST PRODUCTs will be fined by the International government and will have to pay extra taxes to the government for being a burden to the economy and for encouraging a recession. They will also be exposed on GCFNC and consumers will be encouraged to boycott and avoid those companies or organizations

98.0(q) These violator companies will also be exposed on GCFNC and the reasons for their violation and any Jesuit (or criminal) involvement in their violations will be exposed. This analysis of how oil prices are determined will be shown (with evidence) on GCFNC.

98.0{r} GCFNC will also reveal in its special called The Greatest Polluter on the Planet: The Jesuit Order, that the Jesuits have used OPEC to unnecessarily inflate oil prices, in order to weaken the economies of their enemies–we will present evidence over how in the past oil prices were unnecessarily inflated by the Jesuit Order (via OPEC) and will present the machinations of their involvement in these matters. We will not allow Jesuits to manipulate the oil markets any more. The Jesuits’ monopoly over the oil markets has ended, along with their use of contaminated EXHAUST PRODUCTs to enhance their warfare against peaceful nations.


98.0(s) The Gabrielle Chana FOX news channel will regularly cover the environmental damage done to the earth by the Jesuit Order from their bombs and weapons. To willingly and knowingly launch any bomb that causes irreparable environmental damage to the earth (that cannot be fixed) with the motive to build up the Jesuit Empire on earth will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to the Jesuit Order (where the Jesuits will need to turn over one million Jesuits for execution for each violation). Those executed must be Jesuits who willingly and knowingly supported the launch of the bomb and who were part of the Jesuit conspiracy that promoted the launch of the bomb. We will also not execute Jesuits who (in their heart) did not approve of the bomb (which can be determined from mind and emotion reads). If we cannot get a million Jesuits, we will get what we can. But the launch of these bombs has become commonplace and measures must be taken to discourage this. We must make a STATEMENT of OUTRAGE.

The nukkakes and chem trails the Jesuits have launched over the past couple years have done TREMENDOUS ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE, not counting the people killed. This needs to be blasted all over the news. These bombs and chem trails have done so much damage that the entire earth’s ecosystem has been affected. These bombs and chem trails also disrupt brain to brain communications and make it easier for Jesuits to use evil brain control and cause many health problems for the humans in the vicinity of the explosion.

The Jesuits should be forced to CLEAN UP THEIR MESS and FIX WHAT THEY’VE DONE.

We will order their scientists to come up with a way to fix the damage or else for every nukkake and chem trail dropped or launched, we will order the execution of a million Jesuits publicly on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

Even if Jesuit scientists come up with a way to fix the mess, the bombs and chem trails have a nasty aftermath that causes suffering and physical/mental symptoms in those near the explosion or launch. So for each bomb or chem trail launched with evil motives (being a motive to be AGGRESSIVE in the promotion of the Jesuit/satanic empire, and not because they needed to launch the bomb to defend themselves from an evil attack against them), damages must be paid and a million Jesuits executed. Evil will be defined as the MOTIVE for the action and if the MOTIVE is to serve Satan willingly and knowingly to assist him to be assertive in his goals for a world takeover, that is an EVIL MOTIVE, because Satan is evil.

Our Nanotechnology Research Team needs to assess the amount of environmental damage the earth has suffered because of ALL Jesuit bombs and chem trails and present its findings on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. Then we must order the Jesuits to FIX WHAT THEY’VE DONE. If they won’t or can’t, they will be fined for the amount of damage they have done and any future bombs they launch will cause us to demand the surrender of a million Jesuits for execution (as explained above). This will be for EACH BOMB they launch.

We make an exception if the bomb was launched in SELF-DEFENSE or in a RIGHTEOUS WAR (because we were evil to them). We would be evil if we broke a contract with them and thus necessitated them to attack us or if we did not keep our word, or if we murdered them without cause. BUT if they just launched nukkakes and chem trails with the MOTIVE to build up their bloody Jesuit/satanic kingdom, they must surrender a million Jesuits ( as explained above) for execution.

These executions will first show footage of the bomb or chem trail and the damage it has done, along with a montage footage that shows the damage from previous Jesuit bombs or chem trails on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. The world will see footage from the 2011 Canadian nukkake and all other nukkake in a brief ten minute segment, like a flash. Then the Jesuits behind these bombs will be presented for execution. These bombs affect millions, so demanding a million Jesuits for execution is a reasonable request.

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