Brent Spiner's Albums for His Wife Gail Chord Schuler

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In August 2002, Gail spoke on cassette tape her VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENTS for Brent, to assist him in his 2002 court case against JESUIT Loree McBride: Read transcript here.

Brent Spiner Sings
to Gail Chord Schuler in
Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back & Dreamland

REAL Brent Spiner 1990

Gail’s hero and soul mate, manly Texan Brent Spiner. His high school yearbook picture (1967?). Gail’s photo taken in 1991, right at the time Brent was making love to Gail on the phone and was serenading her with Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. You can see her reaction in her face. Gail’s photo was taken right after Brent released his Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back in 1991. Gail was 34.  “I never dreamed I could love like this.”

Gail sings along with Brent to his album “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back”. Password is Texas Manliness.


Brent Spiner and Gail Chord sing love songs.

Gail sang hymns (ENTIRE ALBUM) in the cassette tape she mailed to Brent in Sept. 1990 that caused Brent to fall insanely in love with her. Those that are linked are Gail’s singing: Day by DayHe Hideth my SoulTears are a LanguageA Mighty Fortress is our GodHow Big is GodIt is Well with my Soul.

Click on image above for larger view. Brent Spiner declares his eternal love for Gail Chord Schuler (1990 to now).


PROOF that the REAL Brent Spiner communicates with Gail.

JESUS: “Gail’s musical taste is gorgeous”. Click here to listen to Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits music featured at her LIKES and PLAYLISTS.

My photo, taken in 1991 (not a very good photo, but it shows my heart). When this photo was taken, I was in the throes of Brent’s debut album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. . .you can see my love for Brent in my face. “Time After Time” from Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back was the first song I heard when I plopped Brent’s tape into my tape player in June 1991. It’s also my favorite song from his Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. “Long, long time” shows that I, and not Loree McBride, reign over his heart. 
In a letter dated August 13, 1990, Richard Arnold (Star Trek Research Consultant) wrote: “The last time I spoke with Brent, he was certain he had sent you an autographed photo.” In a March 11, 1990 letter to me Richard wrote: “I hope that you will eventually receive an answer from Brent, as he is usually very good about answering his mail.”

Gail is right in front of her teacher for Miami Palmetto Sr. High’s Concert Chorus (1975), with the big smile. Click on picture for larger view.

“Moon River” is a song I sang to Brent as I played it on my Kawai upright piano, when I made a videocassette of myself for Brent using my camcorder (around June 1991).

After I asked for his photo, Richard Arnold (Star Trek fan who worked at Paramount Studios) sent me this photo of himself in Sept. 1990.

Nice video. It captures the Brent Spiner I’ve known since 1991. “Love. . .beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.” 1 Corinthians 13:7


I used to sing this song in Japanese to Brent on my wiretapped phone from 1994 to 1996. I dedicate this song to Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin for the tears of loneliness they’ve endured because of the romantic games the Jesuits force them to play, which breaks their hearts with loneliness. I honor these men for loving me, and I love them. I wait for Brent or Vladimir.


Jesus Christ on Skype, second ten minutes of four part series, as He ministered to Gail on Skype on March 9, 2012.

I’m typing War on the Saints (unabridged edition–from around 1900) into the computer for Brent (Lynnwood, Washington apartment). Photo taken around November 1992. I was 35. You can see the camcorder on our dining room table in the background that I used to make videos of myself for Brent. Unfortunately, Loree McBride destroyed all the videos and letters I sent to Brent. I didn’t keep copies of them because my husband at that time was very jealous of Brent and threatened to divorce me for writing Brent.


Song “Seattle” sung against a background of scenes from Gail’s life in Seattle (1991 – 1994 & 1999 – 2001).

As I listened to this on my CD player with stereo speakers in my Lynnwood, Washington apartment (1991 to 1993), I dreamed of Brent. The stillness and majesty from the evergreens outside my apartment with the cool, brisk Seattle air whispered love songs with the breezes that flew into my apartment through our open doors, while this music resonated through my heart.

After dealing with Loree at trial, I’ve concluded she has an alto voice only when she’s furious or demon possessed Loree (see Judge Terrance Jenkins channel), may have a demon with a deep pitched voice.

The Revelation video, now a DVD (exposing the Antichrist as a Roman Catholic pope), that enraged the Jesuits (in December 1993) is available at this bookstore. I had this bookstore mail this video to Brent at Paramount studios (late November/early December 1993), and it infuriated the Jesuits. Because my Jesuit husband threatened divorce if I wrote Brent (after late November 1993), Brent stopped by my apartment (early December 1993) and whispered my name at my front door (see my account of this above).

Many of the scenes in my novel Silver Skies are based on scenes from this Revelation video. I try to honor Biblical truth in all my writings. From Silver Skies, I imagine the climax with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture blaring in the background: “Dor went into shock and lost consciousness. Over his head, blood terrorized him. His scalp became saturated with blood, and into his lungs crept blood. And then Dor led an army which roared from heaven. The voice that spoke to him, led at the front, with His army on a horse–the Man who wore many crowns. And he saw Brianna. She rode with him, side by side–as generals in this army, and the army roared from heaven.” Silver Skies’s music in the end scene would be Apple Blossom Time Quartet, then the end credits would be Apple Blossom Time Orchestra by German orchestra leader and songwriter Bert Kaempfert. Gail is planning on rewriting the ending to Silver Skies to be truer to what she envisioned for the book in 1996.

Somewhere, somehow, some day. . .there’s a place for us.

“The Very Thought of You”, “More Than You Know”, “Toot Toot Tootsie”, “Carolina in the Morning” are from Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back is the music I heard in June 1991 that made me fall in love with Brent, when I recognized that the voice that made love to me on my phone matched the voice in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. “Time After Time” is my favorite from Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. All Brent’s music in the videos below are from Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. Listen to samplers of the whole thing at Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.

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