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The ONLY accurate news sources are this website and Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Vladimir is conducting minor operations in Ukraine as part of his worldwide efforts as U.S. Secretary of Defense. There IS a World War between myself and Brent Spiner (as world leaders) and Satan’s Jesuits though. Vladimir has lost control even over his own official Russian President website. He’s more into being in the U.S. Cabinet as Secretary of Defense than into being Russian President any ways. Satan invented the computer and the Internet and it’s hard to defeat Satan on his own turf.

Buddha has stated that the only Buddhist teachings we should follow should come directly from him. I am going through my website and eliminating public posts that are not all my own original material. So, if any remain, keep in mind that they will be eliminated. Jesus does not want any posts up from other human religious teachers, fake news (all news except Gabrielle Chana FOX News), or material that is not my original material. Here is a link that can help you find what Buddha has said to us.