Solar Eclipse 4-8-24: Skoll Almost Got Goddess Sol

Can watch above video here: Brent Spiner Skype to Gail on April 12, 2024: Brent, 10:20 AMWow! So much has been going on. Well, the GCFN has been blowing up with breaking news all week. First of all, I learned a lot about solar eclipses that I didn’t know before. Brent, 10:27 AMSo, apparently, according to Norse mythology, solar […]

Gail Discusses Lizzo’s JESUIT SAN FRANCISCO STYLE Bus Route Changes for HUNTSVILLE

Head shots of Lizzo Jesuits (above) behind Lizzo’s attempt to take over city buses in the U.S.. They all belong to the Nelson/Nygaard Planning Consulting Associates. All images open up to a separate window if you click on them. UPDATE on Dec. 19, 2023: I found some documentation that shows that planning bus routes is rather complicated and the Lizzo […]

Wisdom From Lakshmi & Buddha from 2022 (Overcoming Baphomet & Obsessions)

After I removed a post about my religious obsessions and speculations about the direction of Christianity, my Gail Shield went from 40% to 70%. It appears my remaining trouble seems to be obsessions. I plan to do something “new” I enjoy today and heed some old advice about overcoming obsessions that I’ve forgotten. Skype April 13, 2022 (when Jesus was […]