COVID Vaccinated: High Risk of Serious Heart Damage

I was not against the vaccine in the beginning, because my husband Brent Spiner M.D. said that some vaccines, like the childhood measles, mumps, rubella vaccines are good. But when my brilliant physician husband Brent says that Jesuits created the flu vaccine to give people the flu and that the coronavirus vaccine is 100,000 times worse than the flu vaccine, […]

Empress Gail Takes Over Mainstream Fox, Rumble, BitChute & Gab

Due to a change in BitChute’s terms of service, Gail suspects that Loree McBride may be making inroads into BitChute. BitChute’s terms of service and community guidelines almost reads like YouTube’s terms of service now and Gail suspects that Loree may be trying to take over Bitchute, so Empress Gail needs to take action. Basically, BitChute is now banning hate […]

Pres. Gail Takes Over ICANN & Charter Communications. Vladimir Putin Appointed Worldwide Internet Manager.

UPDATE ON July 19, 2021: Loree McBride destroyed this page during her nukkake attack on this website’s servers on 7-18-21 and I had to rebuild this page from the bottom up. Millions of innocent civilians died in Loree’s act of terror. Five brave men gave their lives to save this website, but were unable to save this page. Pres. Gail […]

Gab is President Gail’s Official Social Network Site

Just click on the last icon in the row of icons above to get to my Gab page OR just CLICK HERE. Due to Facebook’s flagrant violations of Gail’s Conspiracy Law and banning her (for 24 hours, in violation of Conspiracy Law) from posting the truth about Loree McBride’s coronavirus and deadly coronavirus vaccine, Gail has pretty much divorced herself […]

President Gail Takes Over Facebook & Twitter

July 9, 2021: UPDATE on July 9, 2021: Because Facebook dared to ban President Gail from posting for 24 hours regarding the TRUTH about Loree McBride’s germs to the world, Gail will take over Facebook and Twitter and fire all their executives who willingly serve Loree McBride. Facebook is flagrantly violating Gail’s law to ban the coronavirus vaccine and had […]

Andrew Torba Appointed CEO of Gabrielle Chana Credit Union & PayPal, with Elon Musk Executive Vice President

UPDATE at 7 p.m. EST July 7, 2021: It appears Elon and Andrew are doing fast work. Andrew Torba appeared on Infowars on July 7, 2021 to discuss his new payment processor! Check out the video just below, Empress Gail has started an international credit union, which will have financial protection from the NCUA. Gail’s international alliance of Conspiracy Law […]