HISTORY: Wise Hindu Goddess Lakshmi Counsels Brent & Gail (May 4, 2022)

The Hindu goddess Lakshmi is a real good god friend of Jesus Christ. The following conversation with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi (and some other conversations we had with her), helped Brent and Gail get a lot of clarity in their relationship. I actually already posted this right after it happened, but it won’t hurt to post it again, because it […]

Lizzo Jesuit Murders Paul Reubens. Lizzo’s Pink Nuke Terror (Millions Dead, Injured, Retarded)

Aug. 1, 2023 ~ 1:30 PM Central Standard Time U.S.: Antichrist Lizzo appears to be in a rage because of my Gail, The Complete Series. She has been launching pink nuke bombs, that have thus far, murdered at least 7 million worldwide and injured and made retarded seven times more than that. READ BELOW. President Brent Spiner states that this […]

Presidential Veto Powers Enhanced

The following is an update to Conspiracy Law and has been added to Unwilling Agent Laws. This appears necessary because of stuff like this: PRESIDENTIAL VETO POWERS ENHANCED 14.0 No legislation proposed or created by the legislature (House and/or Senate) can be enforced or proposed for action unless reviewed by President Brent Spiner for approval. This is necessary because Antichrist […]

Tucker Carlson Interviews Presidential Assistant Candidates (Iowa Summit July 14, 2023)

Tucker Carlson Interviews 2024 Republican Candidates on July 14, 2023 Tucker Carlson destroys those who warmonger for the Jesuits (video above) Though Brent Spiner is the U.S. President, we are opting for a Presidential Assistant position, which would be what is reported in fake news as the U.S. President job. President Brent is very busy and this could give him […]