Luther Vandross Automaton to Treat Lizzo’s Borderline Personality Disorder & Give Her THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM?

UPDATE on Jan. 4, 2023: Those mites are attacking my tongue. They have infected several spots on my tongue. Hmmm. The mite attacks and the brain control is just as bad as ever. Lizzo appears to be a blend between BPD and psychopath and I think Satan is making love to her and has made her feel immortally HOT. So […]

Antichrist Lizzo Uses Satan’s PSYCHOPATHY to Treat Her Borderline Personality Disorder

Lizzo: I’m HOT, CANCER IS BEAUTIFUL and so EVERYONE MUST HAVE IT and BE BEAUTIFUL WITH CANCER. No one needs to overcome an obsession that makes us ill, we all NEED TO GET SICKER TOGETHER. If you can’t recognize that cancer is beautiful, then I need to give it to you, so that everyone has it and those with cancer […]