Irene Brand (an author I admire) & Diogo Morgado Interviews (Love Finds You in Valentine)

Can’t find much on this author. So wanted to devote a page to her. Love her book Love Finds You in Valentine, and the movie made from it! My Silver Skies novels are like a blend between Love Finds You in Valentine & Lord of the Rings & book of Revelation (Bible). I’m writing an epic romantic Christian fantasy. […]

Best Cities, States or Countries for Gail Brent has been asking me brain to brain where I’d like to retire with him. Tough decision. I took a test TWICE that seems more accurate than most here: & & Here is what I sent him via email:Dear men: Think I’m hearing brain to brain from you, Brent. And you’re asking me to list my favorite […]

A Bible Prophecy Novelist's Review of Andy Woods Prophecy Commentary: The Middle East Meltdown

I know this is a review, but this particular message is very relevant to me as a writer planning my setting for my novel set in the tribulation. Andy Woods is indispensable for me as a writer whose settings are Bible prophecy. I am going to be able to branch off from some of Ruckman’s Revelation teachings and perhaps have […]