Melania Trump's Rightist Fascists & Loree McBride's Leftist Fascists UNITE AGAINST LIBERTY LOVERS.

Chris Hedges exposes the fascism on the right, but fails to address the fascism on the left. The true Fascists in Christianity AND in politics are those aligned with the Loree McBride Jesuits and Melania Trump right now. Anytime you have a Christian leader who does not encourage critical thinking in their following, you run the danger of a […]

Iran Condemns Melania Trump's Mid-East Airstrikes. Some Orthodox Jews Defect to Gail.

Those stabbings in New York were horrible. I think the attacker may have been a Loree McBride Manchurian candidate. Loree is angry that some of the orthodox Jews are coming to my side. I suspect that Loree McBride was behind this, cuz I think some orthodox Jews are supporting me now and Loree’s really pissed that she’s losing […]

Be Careful With Newspaper Exegesis (on Russia, Iran, etc.), Clones & the Rapture Will Change Everything!

“Russia, Iran, China . . . how did the prophets of the Bible identify the nations who would be aligned against Israel and America in the latter days? Perhaps God told them. 2,700 years ago!” – Prophecy Watchers at Facebook. What is “Newspaper Exegesis” ? It’s the process of looking at current events and trends from the news and then […]

The Church & Israel (Jewish Nation) Have Different Programs (Classic Dispensationalism)

Those not steeped in deep Bible study can be swayed by those who claim to be Christians, but have a shallow Bible knowledge or do not practice correct interpretation of Biblical passages. If you want to avoid being tricked by the Antichrist, it’s helpful to understand Bible prophecy and dispensationalism plays a key role in that. The following are sermons […]

Tulsi Gabbard Goes to Heaven. President Melania Trump Goes to Hell.

Merry Christmas everyone! — Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) December 25, 2019 I think I’ll be seeing this gal Tulsi in heaven. And, Melania Trump, even though she went to an evangelical church today to celebrate Christmas, won’t make the cut, unless she stops being a terrorist in private, while playing the Christian game in public. Melania’s not fooling Jesus! Jesus […]

Fuller Theological Seminary Grad (LIBERAL School) "Christianity Today" Writer Criticizes Trump

I’d like to state up front, that I won’t be voting for Trump in 2020, so don’t call me a dangerous Trump cultist. Let me define some terms for non-theologians. Pre-trib means you believe that the church does not go into the 7-year tribulation, but will be raptured off this earth by Jesus beforehand. Pre-millennial means you believe we are […]

Gerard Butler, Brent Spiner & Matthew McConaughey CLONES IMPERSONATE Gail's Men

I have not heard from Gerard Butler since about 2012, but I am sure that the real Gerard Butler has communicated with me. It appears the Jesuit clones of the men on my marriage list are trying to reinforce Loree McBride’s matrix of lies over us all. Everything in my Bible for Tribulation Saints, including all my conversations with Gerard […]