Gerard Butler, Brent Spiner & Matthew McConaughey CLONES IMPERSONATE Gail's Men

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Gerard Butler is on my marriage list, and has communicated with me via email. He would NOT make a post like this, for this reason. This is the CLONE trying to reinforce Loree McBride’s MATRIX of lies over us all.

I have not heard from Gerard Butler since about 2012, but I am sure that the real Gerard Butler has communicated with me. It appears the Jesuit clones of the men on my marriage list are trying to reinforce Loree McBride’s matrix of lies over us all. Everything in my Bible for Tribulation Saints, including all my conversations with Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Keanu Reeves, Vladimir Putin and other famous men on my list really happened with the real celebrities as I’ve published in Bible for Tribulation Saints.

I have noticed that most Twitter and Facebook posts from Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey and Brent Spiner appear to be posts from their Jesuit clones, because the nature of these posts contradicts what I know to be true about these men and reinforces Loree’s matrix of lies over us all.

Loree’s a liar and a murderer and she leads the Loree McBride Jesuits, whose entire existence is devoted to maintaining Loree’s matrix of lies over us all, to ensure the evil Jesuits can maintain their control over politics, financial institutions and the world. Loree literally meets with Satan, who has lent to her his UFO technology, which includes cloning labs, where clones are made en masse and can grow to adulthood in days using accelerated growth hormones.

The truth seems crazy, but it’s the truth. But because all this cloning technology is not reported on in mainstream news, Loree thinks she can use these clones to destroy her enemies!

Why is it that clones exist and we don’t hear about them in the news? The answer is that Loree McBride needs to impersonate the influential men on my marriage list, in order to destroy their ability to take down Loree’s matrix of lies over us all. If we take down her matrix, then she can’t rule over us, which means that truth and love will prevail – something this evil murderer Loree McBride absolutely will NOT tolerate!

Loree McBride currently owns the U.S. Democratic Party and has considerable control over the mainstream Republican Party. She is behind the Trump impeachment hysteria and could win the Nobel Prize for Murder. She actually uses these clones to threaten the real people they impersonate, telling these real people that if they don’t do what she wants, she will simply kill them and replace them with their clones!

I have observed the clones of these men and they are shallow and treacherous and do not represent the true hearts of the courageous men on my marriage list.

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