Loree McBride's New YouTube Anti-Harassment Policy Will SCREAM ANTI-SEMITISM Against Her Enemies

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Here is an article that discusses these new Loree McBride policies. Loree’s trying to take over EVERYTHING. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/12/new-youtube-policy-tries-to-ban-implied-threats-malicious-insults/

Actually what’s happening is the true harassers and criminals get a “pass” (i.e., those who support terrorist and murderer Loree McBride), and those who have the courage to expose her and her minions are banned. This new YouTube policy sounds like Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids and is like nailing the coffin shut on freedom of speech. While I am no longer a Trump supporter (for the most part), there is definitely Trump Derangement Syndrome out there. Well, I’m not taking down anything that exposes the woman who could win the Nobel Prize for Murder. LOREE MUST BE STOPPED! I’ll trust Jesus to protect my channel. But, if not, all my videos for the last two years are at BitChute.

Under my Conspiracy Law anyone who cooperates with Loree McBride in shutting down those who expose her, are FINED and if they willingly and knowingly support Loree (knowing full well she’s a murderer), they get the death penalty under my government. This is one area where I disagree with Tulsi, I believe in the death penalty. Some people won’t change their evil and they must be removed to protect the innocents. Loree McBride is probably the worst war criminal in all the history of humanity. We’ve got a sociopath running our country. Loree owns the Dems and controls the Repubs. Though I’m the true leader, Loree’s doing everything to remove me from power and to ensure my Conspiracy Law is not enforced.

A touchy problem we have is that Loree has gotten a lot of American Jews to support her and her minions and they are working hand in hand with her to consolidate Loree’s control over all of us, to take away freedom of speech, so that they can operate as criminals UNHINDERED. Now, with these new policies, she can scream anti-Semitism to anyone who opposes her policies through her Jewish cucks and TAKE THEM DOWN. I’m Jewish myself. I actually have mixed feelings about all of this. As a Bible believer I have to be pro-Israel, but I can see plainly that some American Jews seem to be living in sin. It’s like a foretaste of what Israel will do during the tribulation when she signs a pact with the Anti-Christ which will start the 7-year tribulation. We do have some American Jews that are on my side, though. So we don’t want to lump them all into one category. And, don’t forget, that my husband Brent Spiner is also Jewish.

Under my law, Jew clones are not considered true Jews and they are handled differently from real Jews. But you can be sure Loree will want her evil Jew clones treated as Jews and will scream anti-Semitism to anyone who does not honor them or exposes their shenanigans. These Jew clones are making the real Jews look terrible! They reinforce all the negative stereotypes people have of the Jewish race. Satan must have invented them to destroy Israel (always Satan’s goal).

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