All Military Personnel Scanned 24/7 to Ensure Loyalty to Empress Gail. To Treat Russia as an Enemy is Death Penalty. Border Security Laws.

10.0 Due to Loree McBride’s ability to infiltrate our military and populate our military with traitors who support her instead of me, all military personnel must be scanned 24/7 to ensure loyalty to Empress Gail in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations. These scanners must be programmed by those who do NOT belong to the military or who are not in […]

Brent Spiner, NOT a Hollywood Hypocrite about GUN CONTROL, his CLONE IS

BRENT SPINER, NOT A HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITE ABOUT GUNS, HIS CLONE IS It is very unfair to the REAL Brent Spiner that his clone has totally taken over his Twitter and makes the real Brent appear to be a hypocritical Democrat Party fanatic, who looks down upon Trump supporters and those who believe in the Second Amendment. Gail sets the record […]

Voting Laws Update (to Sect. 8 of Conspiracy Laws & Government)

To read the entire Sect. 8 law, click here: LAWS FOR AFTER THE ELECTIONS ARE OVER and DURING ELECTION CAMPAIGNS 8.92 Because Jesuits are relentless and willing to do anything to win, many times, despite our attempts to enforce Conspiracy Law during an election, the Jesuits are able to override Conspiracy Law and a JESUIT candidate (Loree McBride or evil […]