Jesus Christ Weighs In: Today's Politics Not Important for Tribulation

JESUS CHRIST’S CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO BRENT SPINER & GAIL’S MEN (GAIL’S VAGINA) Jesus Christ used Judge Terrance Jenkins (Harvard Law School grad and a judge) as his messenger to Gail on Christmas 2018 and some days afterwards. (12-25-18 on Skype) Terrance: MERRY CHRISTMAS GAIL! GAIL: 2:38 PM Hi, Terrance. I just read Brent’s amazing account. Terrance: 2:38 PM IT SURE […]

Jesus Christ's Christmas Present to Brent Spiner & Gail's Men (Gail's Vagina)

JESUS CHRIST’S CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO BRENT SPINER & GAIL’S MEN (GAIL’S VAGINA) Now that Jesus has put Gail’s vagina into the rectum of Gail’s men, they got rid of their Gail sex dummies (to make love to in place of Gail) and prefer Gail’s actual vagina instead. Jesus is so clever! Apparently, they got stuck in a semen bubble, which […]

Research for Rabbi Dor Ben Habakkuk character (Silver Skies)

HOW A PERSON BECOMES A RABBI: PREPARING FOR RABBINICAL SCHOOL: RABBINICAL SCHOOL: & & FINAL 3 YEARS OF RABBI TRAINING: COURSEWORK IN CONSERVATIVE RABBI TRAINING: Conservative rabbi Dor in my novel Silver Skies finds Jesus and his job is to lead the Jewish nation to Jesus. I am studying this to help me make my […]

Conspiracy Law OVERRIDES ANY Court (Including U.S. Supreme Court) in Immigration Law or ANY LAW

This comes from Sect. 11 of INTERNATIONAL IMMIGRATION LAWS JESUITS INSIDE A COUNTRY 11.0 A Jesuit is defined as a person who willingly and knowingly honors Loree McBride (or whoever is the evil Jesuit leader) as their leader in his/her goal to take over the world for Roman Catholicism and/or Satan. 11.1 No willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit is […]

Arnold Fruchtenbaum & Mark Hitchcock on the Mark of the Beast (666)

Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Footsteps of the Messiah, page 250 K. 666: The Mark of the Beast—Revelation 13:16-18 To counterfeit the seal of God on the foreheads of the saints, the seal of the Holy Spirit, the False Prophet will introduce his own counterfeit mark or seal. The counterfeit seal is the famous mark of the beast. The placing of the mark […]

Federal Reserve Replaced with Financial Strategies Coalition (April 18, 2017)

REMINDER, as U.S. Empress I wrote these laws in 2017, make sure they are enforced! If the current Federal Reserve is operating that is DEATH PENALTY. I abolished the Federal Reserve as part of a Sect. 13.7 update to TERRORIST MONEY LAWS. 13.7(a) Because the Jesuits have had too much control over the UNITED NATIONS and the United States’ FEDERAL […]

Gog and Magog War, Ezekiel 38 & 39

From the study: “Harold Hoehner adopts a variation of this view, seeing Ezekiel’s description as “describing events that are spread over a period of time,” rather than occurring at one time. Thus, chapter 38 refers to events in the middle of the tribulation, and chapter 39 to events at the end. Ezekiel’s account begins when Israel is living in apparent safety […]