Dream Ticket: Donald Trump, President with Tulsi Gabbard, Secretary of State!

Is Tulsi Gabbard The Only Democrat That Can Beat Trump In 2020? Live with @CountDankulaTV https://t.co/XrlrTGZUWN — J Owen Shroyer (@allidoisowen) August 28, 2019 Right now my strategy is to vote for Tulsi in the Dem primaries and if she doesn’t get the Dem nomination or does not become Bernie Sander’s VP, I’ll go back to the Republican Party and […]

Loree McBride TAKES OVER mainstream news. LYING about Hurricane Dorian.

UPDATE on 8-31-19: Because we have been faithfully doing the Gail Commandments, the Gail Shield has really strengthened and, it appears, the hurricane might get deflected out to sea! But the folks in the Carolinas are in danger, so we need to do the Gail Commandments for them! Apparently, it is true that it is now near a category 5, […]

Satan Worshipper Loree McBride & Her Followers are CLINICALLY INSANE

Can listen to the above video here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/B6Kp6BrgFdAm/ You know, Loree has orchestrated hurricane Dorian to hit me right here in Brevard County. I’m actually hurricane ready all year round, so there wasn’t much I had to do. I just plan to cook my perishables right before the hurricane hits (depending on if the hurricane still hits Brevard County, Florida). […]

Loree McBride's Hurricane Dorian Targets Gail & Her Shield in Central FL

It will be interesting to see what My Gail Shield (very powerful right now) does to Dorian. I’ve noticed the forecasters are all over the map in deciding what this hurricane will do. It’s like they know about my Gail Shield! I think Loree and perhaps Melania Trump worked together on this Dorian and hoped a small, powerful hurricane could […]

Democrats Give Trump a 2020 Victory, by Excluding Tulsi from 3rd Debate.

Tulsi Gabbard says she’ll eventually support whoever is the Dem nominee, if it’s not her. It appears she’s worried about possibly losing her House seat. However, If she endorses the Dem nominee, I’ll be going back to Trump. I would just see her as another establishment candidate. Nice knowing you, Tulsi. The ONLY exception would be if the Dem nominee […]

Loree McBride Drug Rapes Brent Spiner (Children's Audio Book)

Below are the links at BitChute for a children’s audio book that Jesus Christ commissioned Gail to upload to YouTube and that YouTube claims violates their community guidelines. Those responsible for taking down these videos at YouTube and who know that Loree McBride is behind this censorship, are going to have a lot of fun in hell and at the […]

YouTube Issues Strike Against Jesus Christ's Children's Playlist

YouTube’s in trouble. Better not mess with the deity Jesus. I fear Jesus more than I fear YouTube. All those videos are staying up, YouTube can take them down at their own risk! They’re probably having all sorts of trouble at YouTube today! Jesus got upset with me for just removing “Children’s Audio Video” from the title, can you imagine […]

DNC Leader Loree McBride Rigs Debates Against Tulsi Gabbard

Tucker Carlson comments about Gabbard excluded from next debate. It’s real simple, folks. Tulsi Gabbard won’t kiss Loree McBride’s butt and Loree is the true head of the DNC and the Democratic Party. Things aren’t much better in the Republican Party, with U.S. President Melania Trump abusing Donald to ensure she gets her way in everything. Let’s just hope my […]