Loree McBride's Hurricane Dorian Targets Gail & Her Shield in Central FL

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It will be interesting to see what My Gail Shield (very powerful right now) does to Dorian.

I’ve noticed the forecasters are all over the map in deciding what this hurricane will do. It’s like they know about my Gail Shield!

I think Loree and perhaps Melania Trump worked together on this Dorian and hoped a small, powerful hurricane could break through my shield and hit me. They haven’t had much luck with larger hurricanes. My shield usually deflects them. I predict my shield will cause this hurricane to weaken considerably before it hits. Of course, don’t expect the news to tell you the truth. I remember category 4 Matthew, I was expecting it to hit and what I saw outside was nothing more than your typical thunderstorm when it hit. My Gail Shield destroyed it. Onto the topic of my Gail Shield, it’s time for my walk. Hey folks, do the Gail Commandments, it strengthens my Gail Shield. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/gail-commandments/

The Gail Shield is good for more than hurricane protection. It also shields the earth from Loree’s bombs. However, some of the germs in these bombs get through, I have some crusty red spots on my neck where the germs caused an infection on my skin. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/27/weather/florida-dorian-path/index.html

You might say, why do you have a Gail Shield? It’s the way the Lord made me. He knew he could trust me to obey him enough that he could use me significantly to help out His plan for this time. The Gail Shield protects me primarily, but in doing so, it also protects those underneath it. Why does Jesus protect me? I’m kind of like Noah. I’m one of the few that Jesus trusts to honor him with my life, so He gave me a Gail Shield. My heart is pretty pure in its devotion to Jesus. Jesus, in his foreknowledge, knew he could trust me to be like my ancestor King David (before he sinned). I’m a very important person in his plan for this time. My Gail Shield has literally saved the earth many, many times. If not for me and my shield, we’d probably already be in the tribulation. Satan is trying to speed up the timetable so that less will come to Jesus. I literally am a woman after God’s own heart. Jesus calls me his favorite. He knows it won’t get to my head, because I’m too persecuted for being His favorite. I’m in the Bible in Zechariah 9:15! I think I’m in Isaiah 57:9, too.

I’m kind of like a female John the Baptist. I’m telling the world to follow Jesus and repent for their sin of worshipping the Antichrist (already on the scene). Jesus knew he had to give me a shield to keep me alive. So that’s why I have one. Also, Jesus knew he could trust me to honor him with my life. He’s already told me I’ll be laying all five crowns at his feet. None of this gets to my head, because I don’t serve Jesus for the honor of the crowns. I serve him because I love him and I love what He stands for. The whole world could go against him, and I’ll stand by him and my men, because that’s where truth and honor lies.

I remain diligent, because Satan is obsessed with me. I care about winning for Jesus, not for the crowns, but to honor a vast love in my life, Brent Spiner. If you’re motivated by greed, you’ll end up betraying Jesus (i.e., Judas Iscariot). If you’re motivated by acclaim (Apostle Peter), you’ll end up betraying Jesus. Peter learned his lesson, but not until he had betrayed Jesus. Until Peter realized that without Christ you can do nothing, he failed. If you know that you are unworthy of any honor and that only Jesus is worthy of honor and that Jesus is all that is vast, all that is great and nothing else compares, you’ll stay true to Jesus. Very few are this pure in their hearts, and so Jesus can’t trust most people with a shield. Can you imagine what it would be like if Jesus gave Viggo Mortensen, for example, a shield? Viggo betrayed me and ended up making love to the Antichrist. Jesus knew he could trust me with the shield, to honor him with my life, and so that’s why I have one.

Jesus has chewed me out for the times I have sinned, but he does it wisely. Most people he won’t even waste his time chewing out, because they won’t listen to him no matter what. If Jesus chews out his favorite, can you imagine how he feels about the majority of the human race in terms of how he can trust them to honor him and do his will?

Very few have the courage to stand alone for Jesus. They actually prefer the world’s respect, the world’s money and stuff like lust, financial security and other things over Jesus. Jesus knew I’d sacrifice all of this for Him and so He gave me the shield. Others are married to their churches and love their church over Jesus. Perhaps because they rely on the church for financial security. Nothing wrong with the church, but if you to choose between your church and Jesus, choose Jesus! In the tribulation, most churches will be run by Satan. Only the underground believers will be Christ-honoring during the tribulation. Satan is in rehearsals faking as Jesus and actually quotes Bible to deceive. It’s so important to know who the true Jesus is, by reading the ENTIRE Bible from cover to cover and making sure you interpret verses IN CONTEXT. Also, it’s important to read my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus has messages there for tribulation and pre-tribulation saints.

My financial situation is unstable right now, but my Bible readings and prayer ensure me that I am right in the center of His will for my life and that He will provide!

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