Democrats Give Trump a 2020 Victory, by Excluding Tulsi from 3rd Debate.

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Tulsi Gabbard says she’ll eventually support whoever is the Dem nominee, if it’s not her. It appears she’s worried about possibly losing her House seat. However, If she endorses the Dem nominee, I’ll be going back to Trump. I would just see her as another establishment candidate. Nice knowing you, Tulsi. The ONLY exception would be if the Dem nominee is Bernie Sanders and he makes Tulsi his VP. But Bernie seems like a cuck to me. I don’t think he has the backbone to make Tulsi his VP. I think this is the real Tulsi and she seems discouraged. I’d like to see her be more of a fighter. If I was her, I’d run as an Independent.

I’m a FIGHTER. I’d even be willing to lose my House seat, in order to fight for my convictions. Tulsi, if you give up this easily, your chances for a Presidential run are nil from now on. People respect a fighter as U.S. President. When you endorse the Dem nominee and make this statement this early, it makes you appear a little fake and your greatest strength is your authenticity, which I am beginning to doubt.

You know, I’m the U.S. Empress and I get criticized as crazy, but nobody has ever believably criticized me as insincere. That’s why I’m so popular as Empress. I’ve risked it all to be the U.S. Empress, to stand by my convictions and not be bullied into compromising against the truth, and to stand by my men.

Trump’s only fault is that he allows his wife Melania to run the country and he’s trying to work around this. Melania is pretty formidable. She’s working with Loree McBride.

I do think this is the real Tulsi right now, and my high emotional I.Q. senses that she’s depressed that she has not made the 3rd debate. Trump is more of a fighter, I’m probably going to go back to him. I can forgive Tulsi if Bernie ends up the nominee and he chooses Tulsi as his VP. But for Tulsi to say this so early in her run, just cuz she won’t be in the 3rd debate in Sept., that she plans to back the Dem nominee, makes her appear another establishment, identity politics candidate. What if the Dem nominee is someone who will support the military-industrial complex, Tulsi? You disappoint me.

At least Trump doesn’t like it that Melania abuses him into being a war lover for Loree McBride’s Deep State. I understand her discouragement. But you need to be a fighter to be the President, Tulsi.

I may vote for her in the Dem primaries, but if she endorses the Dem nominee and it’s not her or Bernie Sanders, I’ll go back to the Republican Party and vote for Trump in the general election. I also plan to vote pretty much straight Republican for everything else. The Dems have committed political suicide in the way they’ve handled Tulsi. I don’t even think I’ll watch the 3rd Democratic debates. Just a bunch of Dem establishment cucks saying things they don’t mean to get elected. I’d only tune in if Bernie Sanders sticks up for Tulsi Gabbard during the debates. If he does not, the Dems will lose to Trump, and rightly so.

I think she’ll keep her House seat, cuz the Hawaiians love her. But it appears she doesn’t have what it takes to be the President. But then, neither do any of the other Dems running, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders, IF he chooses Tulsi as his VP. Other than that, the Dems are FINISHED. Trump’s going to win.

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