Gail Chord Schuler from Defeated Noble Oshu Fujiwara Clan

Gail’s Catherine the Great royal genetic profile comes from her ancestors of the royal Oshu Fujiwara family of Sendai, Japan (Hiraizumi in Sendai, Japan has been preserved in Japan to showcase the Oshu Fujiwara family’s home). The epicenter to the massive 8.8 to 9.1 quake that devastated Japan was closest to Sendai, Japan (the town of Gail’s royal ancestors). When Jesuits take over the planet, Gail believes her novel Silver Skies and […]

Gail Chord Schuler's Conspiracy Law: Voting Laws (Beginnings of it. . .)

29.0   The Jesuit Order needs to be tried for its crimes against the Jews (through Nazi Germany in World War II).  This is a matter where justice was not served and those Jews that were slaughtered deserve to have justice.  It isn’t fair that the Germans had to be tried for Nazi war crimes and that the Jesuits weren’t included– because the Jesuits sponsored and […]

Gail Chord Schuler's Review of First Person: An Astonishly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia's President

I have an updated version of this review at the site for Vladimir’s First Person, that has allowed. What you read here is a previous review that Amazon removed, so I edited the review, removed invitations to visit my website (which is what objected to) and made the review acceptable to Actually, Vladimir didn’t help me at all […]

Novel Silver Skies's New World Order (Deep State) VILLAIN is NON-FICTION

I tell many people, when they ask about my writings, that I’m a non-fiction writer who writes under the guise of fiction. That is exactly what Silver Skies is, a non-fiction book under the disguise of fiction. Though Silver Skies’s plot is fiction, many of the elements in the love story between Dor and Brianna reflect my relationship with Brent Spiner. All of Silver Skies’s sub-plots about government and religious powers […]

George W. Bush forces Vladimir Putin to marry Lyudmila (2001) under THREAT OF WAR

In 2001, my relationship with Vladimir grew and I shared with him all my political, religious and philosophical beliefs, including my belief that in the 1990s, the Catholic Church (in their Cold War orchestrations) saw the Soviet Union as the loser against the United States. They also (in 1991), because my relationship with Brent inspired me to write, and because […]