Gail Chord Schuler's Conspiracy Law: Voting Laws (Beginnings of it. . .)

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29.0   The Jesuit Order needs to be tried for its crimes against the Jews (through Nazi Germany in World War II).  This is a matter where justice was not served and those Jews that were slaughtered deserve to have justice.  It isn’t fair that the Germans had to be tried for Nazi war crimes and that the Jesuits weren’t included– because the Jesuits sponsored and financed the whole Nazi movement BEHIND THE SCENES and they would have killed and tortured any Germans and their families (if those Germans wouldn’t cooperate with the torture of the Jews)

29.1   The conspiracy charges brought against the Jesuit Order in this trial, will apply to any conspiracies orchestrated by Jesuits from World War II and afterwards.  See charge #1 below–this is where my CONSPIRACY LAWS will be very useful.  The Jewish nation of Israel will be the main prosecutor in this rerun of the Nuremberg trial, because the Jewish nation has probably suffered more at the hands of the Jesuits than any other group of people.  The Israelis can hire other prosecutors from other countries if they desire–these other prosecutors can assist them in their prosecution of this case.

29.2   Remember, NO UNWILLING AGENTS or JESUIT CLONES can be involved in this case in any manner which influences the verdict.  THAT IS CONSPIRACY LAW and it MUST BE ENFORCED IN THIS CASE.

29.3   It is our contention that World War II never ended and that what we are fighting today is the continuation of World War II.

29.4   This is because the Nuremberg trials were ineffective because the Nuremberg trials did not prosecute the REAL CRIMINAL (the Jesuits) behind the Nazi Order.  The charges brought up in this trial will be based on the original charges brought against the Nazi Order from the original Nuremberg trial, and the charges are as follows:   

1) Conspiracy to carry out aggressive war(s). 

2) The actual launching of aggression(s). 

3) Killing, destroying, and plundering during ANY war from World War II (and afterwards) not justified by “military necessity”.

4) “Crimes against humanity”, including atrocities against civilians, most flagrantly the attempt to exterminate the Jews. 

29.5   INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will conduct a rerun of the Nuremberg War Crimes trial FOR THE JESUITS in Nuremberg, Germany.

29.6   We will make up for this gross oversight in history on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.

29.7   INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will sponsor a rerun of the Nuremberg War Crimes trial and the Jesuit Order will be placed on trial for its violation of the 4 charges listed above, and this trial will be televised on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.  The whole trial will be televised on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS and may be presented in its entirety on the IBN MILITARY TRIBUNAL STATION.

29.8   In this trial the defendant is the JESUIT ORDER and the primary prosecutor against the JESUIT ORDER is the JEWISH RACE.  The nation of Israel will hire those attorneys they want to hire to prosecute the JESUIT ORDER and the Jesuits will hire those attorneys they want to hire to defend themselves.

29.9   The trial will be held in Nuremberg, Germany just like the original Nuremberg war trial.  This seems the most appropriate choice since INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS is headquartered in Germany anyways.

30.0   Since all those Jesuits who were behind the Nazi Order are now dead, the punishments for the Jesuits (still alive) will be determined by the level of anti-Semitism which is determined to exist in the current Jesuit Order and by the the level of violations in the recent past (revolving around the 4 charges mentioned above).  I am convinced that the Jesuits are still very anti-Semitic and that we won’t have trouble establishing that they have not changed their position toward the Jewish race AT ALL SINCE WORLD WAR II.

30.1   The difference between this Nuremberg war trial and the one in the 1940s, will be that CONSPIRACY LAW will be used and 666-Computer or satellite computer analysis and 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection can be admitted as evidence–this will be especially important in order to determine whether the Jesuit Order still has the motive to wipe out the Jewish race and that they continue to violate the 4 charges which we bring against them.

30.2   It’s possible that after this trial is over, that the verdict against the Jesuit Order will be the death penalty for every person who is a member of the Jesuit Order and/or the death penalty for all those who (directly or indirectly) and willingly, knowingly and deliberately assist them.  In other words after this trial is concluded, and IF THE VERDICT IS THAT THE JESUIT ORDER IS GUILTY OF THE SLAUGHTER OF MILLIONS OF JEWS IN WORLD WAR II and of the 4 charges brought against them, and that the current JESUIT ORDER HAS THE SAME GOALS–we won’t have to direct or cross-examine or try any Jesuits at all when we capture them–except to ESTABLISH THAT A PERSON IS A MEMBER OF THE JESUIT ORDER AND/OR ASSISTS THEM WILLINGLY, DELIBERATELY AND KNOWINGLY and that will be sufficient to give that person the death penalty.

31.0   Because this Nuremberg trial is the highest rated television episode in all of television broadcast history, the verdicts for this trial (regarding the 4 charges in Sect. 29.4) will be DECIDED BY POLL.

31.1   Some of those that are watching this trial on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will be the jury (called VOTER JURORS).  A poll by eligible people (all over the world) who watch the trial will decide the 4 verdicts.  The poll must honor the guidelines of Sect. 8 of this document.

31.2   After all the arguments in this case have been presented and final statements by all attorneys and judges have been made– pollsters will contact persons (who are NOT vulnerable to being used as UNWILLING AGENTS and are not JESUIT CLONES) from every country (which is not listed as a TERRORIST NATION on the International President’s website).  Each major political party in every country will be represented in this poll [according to that party’s percentage in that country’s population (following the guidelines of Sect. 8 of this document)].

31.2(a)  If some countries cast different verdicts from other countries, verdicts will be decided by the totality of the verdicts from all countries.  Each verdict will count the same (no matter what country it’s from).  This means China will have a significant say in the verdicts.  Those countries with greater populations will be able to cast more verdicts, since all countries will be represented equally (according to the same percentage of the population of that country).  That means if we use 1% of Americans as the VOTER JURORs, then we must use 1% of all other NON-TERRORIST NATIONS as VOTER JURORs.  This means that 1% of all the Chinese will have more verdicts than 1% of all the Americans.

31.2(b)  Within that 1% (for example–and it doesn’t have to be 1%), each major political party of that country must be represented according to the percentage of that political party in that country.  Rules from Sect. 8 of this document will be followed in determining the percentages of political parties (that will be represented in that country’s 1%).  The verdicts will be handled like a voting matter (see Sect. 8), except that the qualifications (to be a voter JUROR) will be much more stringent.

31.3   First, those persons contacted by the pollsters will be asked (under 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) key questions (in a QUALIFYING QUESTIONNAIRE) about the case (as the case was conducted on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS) to see if those persons understand the case enough to render verdicts and that those who are questioned have followed the case closely enough on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS to be eligible VOTER JURORs.

31.4   A QUALIFYING QUESTIONNAIRE or TEST (prepared by the judges and attorneys for this case) will be asked of those polled–the possible VOTER JURORs–and this questionnaire or test will be broadcast on IBN, so that all the world will know how the questionnaire or test was set up.

31.5   The questionnaire (or test) will be set up to test whether the person is knowledgeable enough about the case to render a verdict (about the 4 charges) on the case.  The questionnaire (or test) will also test to see if the person has any prejudices, biases, or mental or emotional deficiencies which would hinder an impartial verdict from that person–those with biases (which could cause an unfair verdict) will be eliminated from the jury.  And the questionnaire must not be set up in any manner to INFLUENCE THE VERDICTs.  Cheating is forbidden and all those tested will be asked (under 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection) whether or not they cheated.  Those who cheat on this test will be immediately disqualified as a VOTER JUROR.

31.6   Any (direct or indirect) knowing and willing attempt (or action) by any pollster to allow any person to be a VOTER JUROR (who has not passed the QUALIFYING QUESTIONNAIRE [without cheating] in a manner which indicates that he/she knows enough about the case [and is impartial enough about the case] to be an eligible VOTER JUROR), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that pollster.

31.7   Next, after a person is determined to be eligible to be a VOTER JUROR for this case (because he/she is not vulnerable to being used as an UNWILLING AGENT and is not a JESUIT CLONE) and because he/she has passed (without cheating) the QUALIFYING TEST or QUESTIONNAIRE and because he/she has not been influenced or swayed into any biased or prejudicial verdict by others (see Sect. 31.9)–then he/she will be presented with a document (called a VERDICT STATEMENT) in which he/she will give his/her opinion about the verdict and/or he/she will give answers to questions–in order to give his/her opinions about what should be proper verdicts.

31.8   Creative responses will not be discouraged and the questions (and comments section) will be set up so that the answers don’t have to be black or white–but those polled will have opportunities to give creative and intelligent answers and will not be forced to give simple “yes” or “no” answers.  The set-up of this VERDICT STATEMENT will be shown on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS, so that all the world will know what the contents are in the VERDICT STATEMENT.

31.9   No VERDICT STATEMENT will be accepted from any person until that person passes 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection in which he/she will make a statement that his/her verdict(s) is/are completely his/her own opinion(s), that he/she has communicated with no one about the case, that no one has tried to influence him/her in the verdict for this case (outside of those persons he/she has observed on IBN) and that the information which he/she has received about the case has come only from what he/she observed on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. 

31.91 This means that those who communicate about the case to others (or who have been influenced by others) will be immediately disqualified and we can determine whether they communicated about the case to others or were influenced by others when we question them through 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection.  A VERDICT STATEMENT will be considered invalid (and can’t be used) if the person polled does not pass 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection regarding the above bold and italicized statement in Sect. 31.9.

31.92 Before the VERDICT STATEMENTS are conducted, the judges and attorneys will make a presentation on IBN, in which they will present their final statements (about the case) to the potential VOTER JURORs (via the IBN broadcast) and will try to persuade the potential VOTER JURORs (all over the world) about how to decide the verdicts and will educate those potential VOTER JURORs about the proper mental attitudes these VOTER JURORs need to have while filling out the VERDICT STATEMENTS.  VERDICT STATEMENTS may be conducted all over the world via internet (via E-mail and other methods).

31.92(a)  The attorneys and judges will also educate the potential VOTER JURORs about the consequences for each verdict (for instance, that a guilty verdict on the conspiracy to engage in aggressive war count will bring the death penalty to all those who are determined to be willing and knowing supporters or members of the Jesuit Order).  Most (or all) of these 4 charges (if the Jesuit Order is found guilty of that charge), will bring the death penalty to anyone who is a member of (or supports) the Jesuit Order–the attorneys will MAKE THIS CLEAR to the potential VOTER JURORs.

31.93 Also, long before the case is concluded, the judges and attorneys involved in the case will discuss with the world (on IBN), how potential VOTER JURORs need to conduct themselves (regarding this case) if they want to be qualified to be a VOTER JUROR for this case (when the case is wrapped up) and will discuss how these possible future VOTER JURORs must conduct themselves in order to be qualified as a VOTER JUROR– so that their opinions count (when the VERDICT STATEMENTS are taken).  Potential VOTER JURORs should discourage anyone from discussing this case with them and should promptly instruct anyone who attempts to discuss the case with them, that they do not want to discuss this case.

31.94 This case may not be concluded for a long while, so it’s possible that not many people will be qualified to be VOTER JURORs on the case.  However, since the jury is the world, this case may have the biggest jury in all of legal history.  It may only be necessary to use 1% (or less) of the world’s population as the jury.

31.95 Obviously, those who can keep their opinions to themselves and who aren’t big mouths and who know how to avoid or quiet those who would try to influence their verdicts, will have advantages in being selected to be a VOTER JUROR for this case.

31.96 Any (direct or indirect) knowing and willing attempt (or action) by any pollster to influence any VOTER JUROR in this case and/or to use unqualified VOTER JURORs (as outlined in this Sections 29 through 31), in order to influence the verdict while conducting the VERDICT STATEMENTS, will bring that pollster the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

31.97 Before the pollsters present the results of the VERDICT STATEMENTS (called the VERDICT RESULTS) to the International government (and before that pollster presents the VERDICT RESULTS to the judges involved in this Nuremberg case), each pollster will make a statement (under 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) that to the best of his/her knowledge the VERDICT RESULTS they have presented to the Nuremberg judges are accurate and complete and that the VERDICT RESULTS honor CONSPIRACY LAW and this Sections 29 through 31, and that the pollster has not attempted in any manner to influence any of the VERDICT STATEMENTs [which produced the VERDICT RESULTS (while conducting the poll)].  No VERDICT RESULTS document will be accepted by any pollster until that pollster passes 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection regarding the above statement (in bold).

31.98 The results of the VERDICT STATEMENTS (which means the VERDICTS) will be presented on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS and the VERDICTS may be presented country by country (with percentages).  And the verdicts (for the 4 charges in Sect. 29.4) will be decided by those who are polled all over the world (who will be the VOTER JURORs for this case).  Those who are polled will be the jury for this Nuremberg trial, which will be a jury that consists of the opinion of the people of all nations (that are not listed as a TERRORIST NATION on the International President’s website).

31.99 When the verdicts are determined (through polls) and all the statisticians and pollsters involved must pass 666-Computer or satellite computer lie-detection regarding the results–a judge from the case will read the verdicts on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.  IBN commentators will explain the repercussions of these verdicts to those watching the IBN broadcast and will explain the punishments that accompany these verdicts.

UPDATE: IBN or International Broadcast News is now the Gabrielle Chana FOX News Channel (00 on cable).

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