Loree McBride is the Antichrist! Play my Weapons Video (https://gabriellechana.blog/gabrielle-chana-fox-news-headlines/) and don't stop until we take her down.

This playlist (above) is the weapons video I have made against Antichrist Loree McBride. When you listen to this you assist me to fling lightning bolts at Loree McBride. July 31, 2017: [12:20:20 PM] Brent Spiner: Hello Gail![12:20:35 PM] Brent Spiner: I’m finally able to reach you.[12:44:19 PM] Gail Schuler: Well, I couldn’t sleep. So good to hear from you. […]

Brent Spiner & Zack Knight Deserve NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE

Gail gives a brief history about Loree McBride and her motivations for all she does and boasts about her “husband” Brent Spiner, who unselfishly uses his M.D. degree from U.C.L.A. medical school to give free medical services to his patients at Church of Gail. He is also at the forefront in promoting cures to all sorts of illnesses. Zack Knight […]


CONVICTED BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINALS MUST BE DENIED DUE PROCESS (DEATH PENALTY TO GIVE A CONVICTED BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL DUE PROCESS) 43.0 Gail is hearing brain-to-brain that Loree is still fighting her men in court. She justifies her murders claiming self-defense against Zack Knight (her former leader who she has rebelled against). She justifies trying to take Brent Spiner’s […]

Jew Clones are NOT Jewish, but are part of the CLONE RACE (children of the fallen angels).

The church has not replaced Israel. Dispensationalism is the only approach to the Bible that makes sense of all the Bible. Brent Spiner and I are part of the Jewish remnant that follow Jesus and Jesus is using JEWISH writers for my current book Bible for Tribulation Saints (me and Brent Spiner). All the Bible writers were Jewish. It seems […]

Empress Gail's Yeast Management Laws

YEAST MANAGEMENT LAWS (from Sect. 42 of Gail’s International Criminal Law: Satellite Technology) 42.0 All health care practitioners who are licensed to prescribe medications must be educated about all Jesuit super germs and most especially the yeast super germ that Gail Chord Schuler is infected with. This yeast infection appears to have become an epidemic. As of July 8, 2017, […]