Presidential Veto Powers Enhanced

The following is an update to Conspiracy Law and has been added to Unwilling Agent Laws. This appears necessary because of stuff like this: PRESIDENTIAL VETO POWERS ENHANCED 14.0 No legislation proposed or created by the legislature (House and/or Senate) can be enforced or proposed for action unless reviewed by President Brent Spiner for approval. This is necessary because Antichrist […]

Jesus Christ: UFOs Are Satan’s Fallen Angels

The photo above is one of Satan’s fallen angel friends named Baphomet. Not sure why this fallen angel now looks like a goat-human-angel-monstrosity, but that’s what “it” looks like. Perhaps Baphomet is behind the trans movement, since “it” gets insulted if you refer to ‘it” as a he or a she. It seems Antichrist Lizzo thinks she’s going to gain […]