List of Short Stories (Gail: The Complete Series)

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In obedience to Buddha, I have compiled the list of short stories I plan to complete within four years. I will give myself two weeks for each story MAX, and will do each one sooner, if I can. I will check off when I’m done with each one. Titles may change, but I have given each story a temporary title for now. When I’m done with each one, I will change “DEADLINE” to “FINISHED” and note the date when it’s finished. The number of stories, thus far, is ONE HUNDRED THREE.

UPDATE March 2024: I am an intuitive writer and need to write a sloppy first draft first, which serves as my character sketches and musings and explorations, helping me fine tune the theme, character and arc of each story. Then I go in and give the sloppy first draft structure and work it into a story. I need the sloppy first draft to “find” the story first so I know how to focus it. I am writing non-fiction biography in the style of non-fiction stories or novellas or non-fiction biographies. Some call this creative non-fiction. I try to write it, so that it’s film-able, since I have top-notch screenwriters, producers and directors working on this project. Some of the screenwriters are Jane Agni, Orson Scott Card, Melinda Snodgress. Brent Spiner is the executive producer. Steven Spielberg is a director. Can catch the episodes at 00 on cable or at this website.

Short Stories in Gail: The Complete Series

Number of stories completed thus far (4-30-24): EIGHTEEN OUT OF 103. I am starting to write them out of order, so if you see something like 102-12, the first number is where it fits in terms of time order of the story and the second number is which completed story it is in terms of all stories completed. So, it is story 102, the latest in terms of when the events happened, but is the twelfth completed story. The main character of the story determines the story’s arc. It is the story about how they suffered and grew or didn’t grow as a result of the suffering they endured. Other characters can be part of the story, but the main character determines the story’s arc. I have one story with Satan as a main character and just because one suffers does not mean the suffering produced good results.

(To All Be Completed by 2028 sometime unless I add more stories, which I may, cuz all sorts of things can happen between now and then)

1) Main character Gail: Pen Pals (Start of Brent and Gail’s pen correspondence 1989 – 1990) 11,128 words FINISHED (7-9-23)

2) Main character Gail: No One Is Alone (Long Distance Pen Lovers 1990-1991) 18,164 words FINISHED (7-9-23)

3) Main character Brent: Oasis of Dreams (Gail & Brent long distance up to beginning of Loree McBride/Brent Spiner rape 1991 – 1992) 17,816 words FINISHED (7-9-23)

4) Main character Brent: Jesuit Empire Strikes True Love (Last half of 1992 Loree McBride rape to funeral of little girl, where Jesus speaks to Gail using “Somewhere” song in Nov. 1992) 20,056 words FINISHED (7-18-23), DEADLINE 7-22-23

5) Main character Brent: Basement Concentration Camp (Loree stalks Brent to the time when she locks Brent in the basement and Gail’s son goes to hospital 1992 to July 1993) 17,596 words FINISHED (8-5-23)

6) Main character Gail: Northridge Earthquake (Will start when David Schuler learns of Brent and Paramount in Nov. 1993, which causes Paramount to put a restraining order on Gail, Brent visits Gail in Seattle and then gets a wiretap on Gail’s phone and why the Northridge Earthquake happened in Jan. 1994) 30,150 words FINISHED (9-26-23), DEADLINE 8-26-23

7) Main character Gail: Gail in Brent’s Hometown (Gail moves to Houston, Texas in 1994 where she sees Brent in her apartment parking lot as she works on Silver Skies. Will end when Gail learns about Loree McBride in June 1996.) 26,868 words FINISHED (9-27-23). DEADLINE 9-16-23

8) Main character Gail: Franco Nero (Loree latches onto Franco in 1996, tries to rape him. Gail shuts Brent out of her dreams. Moves to Charleston, South Carolina in 1997, suffers fires and attacks on her mobile home in 1998 in the summer and on Christmas Day 1998, threatens to divorce David over handling of Erich). 17,509 words FINISHED (10-4-23). DEADLINE 10-7-23

9) Main character Gail: Back in Seattle (INTENSE YEAR IN 1999. Jesuits intensify their attacks on Gail in Seattle, Erich is harassed by Jesuit kids at school, doctors and supplements poison and harm Gail, culminating in Dec. 1999, when they try to get Gail into general anesthesia, where Gail figures out Loree is a Vatican agent in Dec. 1999. Gail now offers to marry Brent, seeing him as a superhero for enduring Loree.). 20,488 words FINISHED (10-14-23). DEADLINE 10-28-23

10) Main character Gail: Gail Divorces Jesuit Agent (Starts off with the crash of Alaska Airlines jet in Jan. 2000. The nasty divorce and what Gail had to go through and how she lost custody and ended up living with her mother afterwards, because Brent didn’t show up to marry her. Dec. 1999 to May 2001) 24,660 words FINISHED (11-13-23). DEADLINE 11-18-23

11) Main character Gail: Sept. 11, 2001 (Gail endures living with her mother, and is infuriated by Sept. 11, 2001, knowing Jesuits did it to stop Brent from marrying her. Notices Vladimir Putin, says she’ll marry him. Real mom goes to India, and clone of Gail’s mother moves Gail to Tallahassee to appease George W. Bush. July 2001 to Nov. 2001) 11,330 words FINISHED (12-8-23) DEADLINE 12-9-23

12) Main character Gail: Vladimir Putin, Part One (Gets a job at Burdines in Tallahassee, but needs food stamps. Figures out about Jesuit mind reading and that Gail’s from King David. Deals with a shoot out in her apartment and somewhat of a repeat of what she endured in Seattle. Strange things happen in the apartment that Gail’s mother’s clone set up for Gail. Files for bankruptcy because of health problems holding down a job. Ends up moving back to live with mother at the end of 2002. Very disappointed that she can’t live with her men. Dec. 2001 to Dec. 2002). Vladimir Putin, Part One 9,323 words FINISHED (1-22-24).

103-13) Main character Gail: The Gods Rape Brent Spiner (Baphomet and the African god of pestilence and disease Shakpona rape Brent Spiner in Gail’s apartment, trying to blame it on Gail and almost brutally kill him. But Gail risks her life to comfort her husband and, in so doing, finds the strength and clarity to find a solution to save her husband’s life. Happened Jan. 15 and 16, 2024). First draft written on Jan. 18, 2024. 11,026 words FINISHED (3-3-24)

86-14) Main character Jesus: Satan Beats Up Jesus (Jesus goes into a deadly coma, the fate of the universe is at stake Mar. 2022) 24,638 words FINISHED (4-10-24)

76-15) Main character Satan: Satan at the Supreme Court (Dec. 2020) 24,424 words FINISHED (3-24-24)

77-16) Main character Gail: What Pair Of Shoes Are Worn Today? (Gail learns to find herself with the help of her friends) 25,725 words FINISHED (4-11-24)

101-17) Main character Gail: Baphomet, SJW Demon (Gail learns more about the evil demon Baphomet and how he tricks her and causes harm to Jesus) 12,246 words FINISHED (4-19-24)

17-18) Main character Loree McBride: Quebec Trial 2011 (This will be the Quebec Trial and all the crazy things that happened there) 46,539 words FINISHED (4-30-24)

99-19) Main character Lizzo: Lizzo Goes on Bombing Rampage 2,171 words IN PROGRESS (DEADLINE 5-30-24)

18-20) UFO Abduction 2011 (from the end of the Quebec trial to when Brent is abducted by a UFO and Gail leads him to Jesus) 13,509 words IN PROGRESS (DEADLINE 6-15-24)

71-21) Main character Melania Trump: Melania Trump and Project Pubegate (Early 2020 Brent saves Gail from Melania Trump) 4,787 words IN PROGRESS DEADLINE 6-30-24

68-22) Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way (January 2019, a large group of men defect and rebel from Gail’s marriage list when Gail decides to start being true to her real self) DEADLINE 7-15-24

32-23) Gail Visits Her Relatives May 2012 (Gail goes to her son’s graduation and Jesuits cause problems. Loree then befriends Sandra) 12,588 words IN PROGRESS (DEADLINE 7-30-24)

35-24) Sandra Commits Gail to Mental Ward July 2012 (how Sandra betrayed Gail and had her committed to a psych ward. At the same time, Loree torments Brent with the cats) 17,389 words IN PROGRESS (DEADLINE 8-15-24)

46-25) Lizzo Murders Gail’s Step-dad 2013-2014 (how Lizzo murdered Gail’s step-dad and Gail’s men build him a home in heaven) 27,701 words IN PROGRESS (DEADLINE 8-30-24)

79-26) Tulsi Gabbard Usurps Pres. Gail (Feb. 2021, how Brent had to save Gail and the country from Tulsi Gabbard and we get Church of Gail #3) 19,386 words IN PROGRESS (DEADLINE 9-15-24)

37-27) Keanu’s Sex Dummy Lost (beginnings of GA1L Android) 29,230 words IN PROGRESS (DEADLINE 9-30-24)

38-28) Enemy Of My Enemy’s My Friend (Gail and her men align with their enemy Zack Knight to fight the GA1L Android. 6,720 words IN PROGRESS (DEADLINE 10-15-24)

39-29) GA1L Android 2012 (All our final dealings with the GA1L Android) DEADLINE 10-30-24

13) Vladimir Putin, Part Two (Gail tries to marry Vladimir Putin, while living with her mother. Impossible. Vladimir introduces Gail to brain to brain loving in spring 2003. Gail works as Christian school teacher and everyone starts dying at the school where she works. She gets laid off for calling out Jesuits on the highway. A fellow teacher (Eugenia Segreda), who claims her husband was murdered in Costa Rica, is a Jesuit and stalks Gail, posing as a bosom friend. Moves back to live with mom again in Oct. 2003)

14) Walmart (Gail’s mom orders her to look for work and she eventually gets a job at Walmart and moves out. Her car gets towed in retaliation, Vladimir not able to make the car payments for her. But her mom pays off the tow people. In Nov. 2005 Vlad has a heart attack and asks Matthew McConaughey to fill in. Gail has a month brain to brain with Matthew. Reinstates Vlad at the end. Because Vlad never even talked to Gail on the phone, Gail reinstates Brent in Feb. 2006. DEADLINE

15) Number One Man Brent (All 2006. Gail has a brain to brain honeymoon with Brent. At the same time that Gail reinstates Brent, Brent loses his job at Threshold. Because Gail didn’t have the Internet, she didn’t know about Loree as Brent’s official wife, thought Loree died in 2001. In 2006 Camila Alves starts stalking Matthew McConaughey (may need info from Matthew about how this all started). DEADLINE

16) Gail Gets the Internet (in 2010, Gail needs the Internet to do her taxes, starts a website, and in 2011 buys a webcam. Brent contacts Gail through her YouTube channel. Brent and Vladimir start online communications with Gail and then Jesuits hype up their activities. This will end with the time when Gail decides to nuke the underground city filled with Jesuit babies in Aug. 2011) DEADLINE

19) Brent vs. Brent Spiner Clone 2011 (Hugh Jackman rescues Brent from his clone in Sept. 2011. Brent also loses his YouTube channel for Gail) DEADLINE

20) Gargantuan Sara Avery Rapes Terrance (Oct. 2011 Terrance Jenkins is raped by Sara Avery. May need more details from Terrance.) DEADLINE

21) Nuking the Vatican 2011 (what led up to nuking the Vatican in 2011, death of Pope Benedict and Brianna Jenkins Schuler comes into world) DEADLINE

22) Hugh Jackman Rescues Gail’s Mom (This happened in Dec. 2011.) DEADLINE

23) Rape at San Francisco Gay Compound (Dec. 2011) DEADLINE

24) Nukkake Hits Canada (The first Jesuit nukkake hits Canada in Dec. 2011) DEADLINE

25) Zack Knight Dies (Zack harasses Gail at Walmart on the phone and Jesus kills him and he goes to hell, Dec. 2011) DEADLINE

26) Shootout at FOX News (Jan. 31, 2012 Brent gets shot at at Fox News and is miraculously saved) DEADLINE

27) Satan Shows Up for Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14, 2012 First half of Valentine’s service, includes Sam Barbary search, Zack is resurrected) DEADLINE

28) Jesus Shows Up ( Feb. 2012 Jesus rescues Gail’s men, but Satan wastes no time to impersonate him to Gail as a lover) DEADLINE

29) Antichrist Impregnates Gail (Feb. 2012 Zack tricks Gail and Jesus has to abort the babies) DEADLINE

30) Jesuits Murder Gail’s Beautician (April 2012) DEADLINE

31) Barack Obama’s Head in a Jar DEADLINE

33) Space Battle May 2012 (We lose Jim Carrey in this momentous space battle where we also lose Church of Gail #1) DEADLINE

34) Walmart Jesuit Clone CEO June 2012 (Jesuits cause Gail to lose her job at Walmart and she has to readjust) DEADLINE

36) Breakfast with Jesus (Jane Agni) (Brent has Breakfast with Jesus, as portrayed by Jane Agni. Brent becomes pastor at Church of Gail) DEADLINE

40) Jesus Christ Delivers Gail’s Christmas Present (Parallel Bible delivery in 2012) DEADLINE

41) Jesuits Almost Annihilate Gail’s Men (Feb. 23, 2013 Because Gail violated her word, Jesus had to intervene to stop Zack from annihilating Gail’s men in Feb. 2013) DEADLINE

42) Rule 13 Almost Dies (Terrance Jenkins saves Rule 13’s life as she almost dies of despair in spring 2013) DEADLINE

43) Boston Marathon Terrorists (The obese women wreck havoc at the Boston Marathon in spring 2013. Will also talk about obese women’s farts causing retardation.) DEADLINE

44) Conspiracy Law Reinstated Oct. 2013 (Can also bring up how Zack and the Jesuits killed 50,000 at YouTube leading up to this. So we get the cure to a lot of Jesuit diseases) DEADLINE

45) Gail’s Dentist Murdered Nov. 2013 (Jesus stops Gail from going to the dentist to get a Jesuit implant. Jesuits murder dentist and replace him with clone). DEADLINE

47) Godzilla Jesuit May 2014 DEADLINE

48) Bomb Threat at the Oscars (covers how Camila got Matthew to go to the Oscars with her in 2014) DEADLINE

49) Empress Gail spring 2014 (Gail becomes U.S. Empress and many states rebel and we have to bomb them, Rick Scott goes crazy with Publix lies and brain control.) DEADLINE

50) Sandra Takes Over White House (Sandra and Jesuits take over Church of Gail in summer 2014) DEADLINE

51) Robin Williams Murder Aug. 2014 DEADLINE

52) Sentient Tacos and Burritos Jan. 2015 DEADLINE

53) Jesuit Dog Bites Gail Jan. 2015 DEADLINE

54) Black Hole Sara Avery July 2015 DEADLINE

55) Sara Avery On the Loose Oct. 2015 (Bubba loses his ginger boyfriend, too) DEADLINE

56) Muslim Terrorist Heroes in Paris Nov. 17, 2015 DEADLINE

57) Gail’s Hood Mentality Dec. 21, 2015 (Jesus instructs Gail about her Hood Mentality. Gail starts learning how to cut her own hair.) DEADLINE

58) Gail Commandments 2016 (What led up to Jesus giving Gail the Gail Commandments and how she thought she had all sorts of allergies, etc.) DEADLINE

59) Gail Shield Becomes Powerful 2016 (How Jesuits start dying off and go off into deep space) DEADLINE

60) Antichrist Angelina Ballerina (beginnings of Angelina as new Antichrist and Zack now on our side) DEADLINE

61) Zack Knight Comes to Jesus 2016 (how we saved Zack from his semen bubble) DEADLINE

62) Chimpout at Popeyes’s (Angelina gets Gail’s men) DEADLINE

63) Donald Trump rally (Angelina and Hillary Clinton at the Trump rally in Nov. 2016. Gail actually wins the election for Trump) DEADLINE

64) Angelina Defeated (The events leading up to Angelina’s defeat, destruction of Church of Gail #2, including how Jesus delivered Gail’s microwave from her men) DEADLINE

65) Loree McBride’s Police Arrest Zack Knight (Aug. 2017 the new Antichrist Loree has Zack arrested. He barely escapes) DEADLINE

66) Loree Murders Hugh Hefner (fall 2017) DEADLINE

67) Loree’s Murderous Tweeter Bird (July 15, 2018 Loree has a murdering tweeter bird that murders thousands of Gail’s Twitter followers) DEADLINE

69) Brent Spiner Clone Takes Brent’s Twitter (summer 2019 how the clones of Gail’s men totally impersonate the real men and it starts getting really bad at this time) DEADLINE

70) The Texas House for Gail (Fall 2019 How Gail’s men misunderstood Gail and thought she said Jesus wanted them to buy a home in Texas for Gail) DEADLINE

72) Brent Spiner Clone Finds Jesus (Aug. 20, 2020 Loree rings the bell for a Brent Spiner clone and we almost execute him, but decide to save him instead) DEADLINE

73) Gail and Korambo Solve Racism (Oct. 21, 2020) DEADLINE

74) Bubba Finds His Ginger Boyfriend (Nov. 2020. We rescue Bubba from Sara Avery and he is reunited with his ginger boyfriend) DEADLINE

75) Urethra “FoShizzle” McPizzle (Nov. 27, 2020 this black woman attacks just to get baby money) DEADLINE

78) Emoongency, Millions Dead in Space (Jan. 2021). Church of Gail destroyed. DEADLINE

80) Jesus As a Hawk (summer 2021, Jesus starts making bird appearances and the Jesuits kill all the birds) DEADLINE

81) Website Heroes (July 18, 2021, Jesuits murder some who saved Gail’s website. Their story) DEADLINE

82) Brent Spiner’s 7.7 million Dollar Ring (Sept. 2021, how Brent got his engagement ring to Gail, using Jesus to pay for it, so he can do the Gail Commandments) DEADLINE

83) Nuclear Explosion in Japan (Oct. 2021, how we dealt with a major nuclear explosion in Japan) DEADLINE

84) Gail Moves to Alabama (Nov. 2021 why Gail had to move and how it all worked out) DEADLINE

85) Jesus Christ’s Party (Surprise Guest Loree McBride comes over to Jesus in Jan. 2022) DEADLINE

87) Jesus’s God Friends (We make new god friends and work on saving Jesus Mar. 2022) DEADLINE

88) Battle of the Gods (Jesus saves us all, but now He needs to save himself. Gail and Brent’s reaction to Jesus’s identity crisis is briefly discussed April 2022) DEADLINE

89) Jesuit Bed Bugs (Baphomet puts bed bugs in Gail’s apartment and does all sorts of things 2022) DEADLINE

90) Whoops, 72 M Killed (Lizzo manipulates Gail to murder 72M, Gail resigns from Presidency. The 72M are replaced with automatons) DEADLINE

91) Queen Elizabeth Murdered (Details of murder of Queen Elizabeth in Sept. 2022) DEADLINE

92) Gail’s Mother with Bill (Buddha visits Gail’s mom and she transitions to heaven in Oct. 2022 to be with her husband Bill) DEADLINE

93) Gail Shield Goes to Below Zero (Thousands die at Church of Gail, when the Gail Shield goes to zero Dec. 7, 2022) DEADLINE

94) Fat Black Christmas Mayhem (We learn who the Antichrist is on Christmas 2022) DEADLINE

95) Helicopter Heroes (they stop Lizzo’s missile to Gail in Feb. 19, 2023) DEADLINE

96) Brent at Amazon (Lizzo Jesuits attack Brent at Amazon on Mar. 19, 2023) DEADLINE

97) Titan Sub Found in Jesuit Anus (June 22, 2023) DEADLINE

98) LIzzo Jesuit Murders Paul Reubens (Aug. 2, 2023) DEADLINE

100) Brent’s Howard Hughes Bracelet (Sept. 14, 2023) DEADLINE

102) Baphomet Almost Kills Brent (Nov. 17, 2023) DEADLINE

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