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I have added RSS feeds for five news sources (My two YouTube channels & Save America, Vote for Tulsi Gabbard; Vote for Bernie Sanders & Russia Today) that will report on news you can’t get in American mainstream news or that offer a perspective often missing from mainstream news. I do not completely agree with Russia Today or Save America, Vote for Tulsi Gabbard on everything, but most of what’s at mainstream news is group think and I like to think for myself. Russia Today LIVE ON AIRVladimir Putin is on my marriage list and nobody in the U.S. reports truthfully about Vladimir or Russia so I like to hear what Russia Today has to say.

I don’t like how Jesuits ban everyone (so I’m including some folks here that have been banned and don’t deserve to be banned). But even Russia Today is fake news, because there is no war between Russia and Ukraine. The ONLY accurate news sources are this website and Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Vladimir is conducting minor operations in Ukraine as part of his worldwide efforts as my U.S. Secretary of Defense. There IS a World War between myself (as U.S. President) and Satan’s Jesuits though. Vladimir has lost control even over his own official Russian President website. He’s more into being in my Cabinet than into being Russian President any ways. Satan invented the computer and the Internet and it’s hard to defeat Satan on his own turf.

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The Tulsi Gabbard Show (the good Tulsi automaton)

Tucker Carlson

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Tucker at Gab

~ Interviews Bill O’Reilly on Republican Debate Night 9-27-23

~ On Abortion, Political Hypocrisy, Ukraine vs. Russia 9-22, 9-25, 9-26-23

~ Interviews Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton about Election Inequities 9-20-23

~ Interviews Possible Next Libertarian Argentinian Pres. Javier Milei 9-14-23

~ Comparing Argentina’s Inflation to the U.S. 9-13-23

~ On Betrayal of Democracy with Greg Abbott & Gretchen Whitmer 9-11-23

~ On His Interview With Trump, FOX Firing & America’s Future 8-30-23

~ Interviews Larry Sinclair who had gay crack sex with Barack Obama 9-6-23

~ Interviews Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports 8-31-23

~ Interviews Hungarian Prime Minister 8-29-23

~ Interviews Hungarian Leader 8-28-23

~ In Hungary, Compares U.S. to Hungary 8-25-23

~ Republican Debate Night With Donald J. Trump 8-23-23

~ Interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor, Stop Ukraine War 8-21-23

~ Interviews Serbian President, views on Ukraine War 8-20-23

~ Interviews Vivek Ramaswamy, government corruption exposed 8-17-23

~ Interviews RFK Jr. about Ukraine, bio-labs, his uncles’ death 8-14-23

~ Interviews Jan. 6th Police Chief (what got Tucker fired from FOX) 8-10-23

~ Andrew Tate Released from Romanian Prison 8-6-23

~ (2) Tucker with Devon Archer (Hunter Biden’s Ex-business assoc.) 8-4-23

~ Tucker with Devon Archer (Hunter Biden’s Ex-business associate) 8-2-23

~ Tucker with Ice Cube (in his studio), both have been targeted 7-26-23

~ Tucker with Ice Cube (both rejected COVID vaccine) 7-25-23

~ Masculinity, Gender Issues, Andrew Tate Interview 7-11-23

~ On Russell Brand, long show, Jan. 6th Lies, “Democracy” in U.S. 7-7-23

~ Rick-Rachel Levine’s Lies Are Truth OR ELSE 6-30-23

~ Irony Alert – Fight for Ukrainian ‘Democracy’ 6-27-23

~ RFK Jr. is Winning 6-22-23

~ Safer to be Pres. Biden’s Son Than His Opponent 6-20-23

~ Wannabe Dictator Joe Biden 6-15-23

~ Military Industrial Complex in U.S. Government, Donald Trump Arrest 6-13-23

~ Population Control, Child Molestation, White Supremacy, Jan. 6th, Taboos 6-8-23

~ Ukraine, Military Industrial Complex, Trans Nonsense, Press Oligarchy, UFOs 6-6-23

Russia Today