Skype Transcript (Terrance Jenkins & Gail) Over Canadian Nukakke (Dec. 2011)

Photo of Judge Terrance Jenkins (around 2011) This is the momentous conversation between Gail and Terrance over the first Jesuit nuclear semen bomb launched in the world in December 2011. Unfortunately, the Jesuits have been going to town with these semen nuclear bombs since then and nobody reports on it except Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable and at […]

Brent Spiner’s Email About Space Battle (Jesuits vs. Church of Gail May 31, 2012)

THIS IS A HISTORICAL ARCHIVE POST. Can see new 2012 Church of Gail at & (has actual video Skype recording of Gail with her men about Church of Gail destroyed in 2012) (Gail at Church of Gail website on May 31, 2012) Hi folks, this is an e-mail I just received from Brent Spiner: My dearest Gail, We […]

Anthropomorphic Bed Bug Neighbor From Hell (Oct. 25, 2023 Visit to a Neighbor’s Apartment)

Can watch the video made from this at YouTube or Bitchute. Email from Brent Spiner on Oct. 25, 2023 Dearest Gail, There are some disturbing developments regarding our next door neighbor, the one who has been smoking inside the apartment and billowing his smoke into our unit. It pains me to see you suffer from our neighbor’s nasty smelling, toxic […]

Gail Chord Schuler now at Gab (Twitter’s free speech version) & BitChute & Odysee (YouTube’s free speech version)

Gail is archiving her entire YouTube channel at BitChute in the order in which she posted the videos to YouTube. Gail is NOT archiving her YouTube cooking channel on this page: Here is the link to Gail’s archived YouTube channel at BitChute: Here is my free speech version of Twitter: I have also created a page that lists all my […]

HISTORY: Comments Under YouTube Video Apr. 25, 2012: ‘GAIL AND SEX’–JESUIT LIES AT ‘CRAZY GAIL WIKI’

This post I wrote on April 25, 2012: WHY DOES THE JESUIT ORDER STILL EXIST? Gail defends herself against lies about her sex life in the Jesuit website entitled “Crazy Gail Wiki” & Here’s the crazy Jesuit website, and notice who has been making contributions to this website–Jesuit Rule 13 and Jesuit Zack Knight: My website: […]

HISTORY: Comments Under YouTube Video (1-4-12) Brent & Vladimir’s Christmas Present to Gail

I created this video to advertise the two videos I posted at my website ( & about the Christmas present I received from Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin and my men (Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and others). A cassette tape recording of my Skype conversation with Brent Spiner and Terrance Jenkins) and who wish to offer scientific assistance […]