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Writers who write for posterity.



As a writer I try to write what I like to see and read. By scrolling through my favorites, you can get an idea what kind of story I admire and that I try to write. Check out some of my favorites at my Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler in film & TV page and check out my writings, too. I really DESPISE most modern movies and books.

Gail Chord Schuler’s Favorite Movies, Television Broadcasts & Books

Visit my Writer’s Page to learn about my books, and my Lusts & Acclaim Page to learn about my work in progress.

Music that inspires me as I work on Lusts and Acclaim.


The Miracle Maker
Great screenplay! This movie gets Jesus right. I think he even really looks like the Jesus in the movie, except the real Jesus has hair to his waist. Jesus is a main character in my Silver Skies novels.

The Miracle Maker, The Lord of the Rings, The ThornbirdsWest Side StoryThe Life of Emile ZolaThe Lord of the RingsWuthering Heights, and the Bible are my inspirations as I write Silver Skies 1996 Version.


Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “The Offspring”, “Pen Pals” and “The Measure of a Man” were my inspirations for Lal.


Love is a Many Splendored ThingThe Life of Emile Zola and the Bible were my inspirations for Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom.


The BibleLove is a Many Splendored ThingOut of AfricaThe Last SamuraiWest Side StoryDr. Zhivago, and War and Peace were my inspirations for The Forbidden Abyss: Part One.


Pride and Prejudice, The BibleJesus of NazarethThe Gospel of JohnWuthering Heights and The Thornbirds are my inspiration for my work in progress Lusts & Acclaim. Also check out my writer page.

The password to view this epic historical mini-series is Oshu Fujiwara. Click on image to view the series.
Hudson Taylor & Maria

Ordered this BBC 1974 version in 2017 from England and it is my favorite screen version of David Copperfield thus far. It is the only screen version of David Copperfield that captures the novel. Funny that you can’t see it here in the U.S. Perhaps because the actress who plays Agnes Wickfield is named Gail?


Reading Invincible Summer was part of my Institute of Children’s Literature coursework (1992) as a fledgling writer. I cried when I read this book. The writing training I received under Jim Murphy (award winning children’s author) gave me a great foundation as a writer. Now, in 2017, I can honestly say that this book for young adults is one of the best books I’ve ever read for any age group. Don’t understand why it’s out of print. I suspect Jesuits are behind this! What a shame. Jesuits are ruining our literary culture and replacing quality works with TRASH. I no longer have this book, but would love to get it. But Jesus told me only food and bills.


I dream about my Lusts & Acclaim belonging to this list of books for posterity, when I’m finished! I will put its cover here to inspire me to write for posterity.


My original Silver Skies version as I visualized it in 1996 was a masterpiece. I had the outline and wrote about 90% of the book, but had not written the ending. I am doing that now. I chopped off the ending and did not tie up loose ends and give the story the ending that works. It will make the book longer, but, in this case, longer is better.


Actual transcripts of my conversations with Jesus Christ. Fascinating exploration into the heart of God. Might end up in the canon of Scripture for tribulation and millennial saints. I expect to finish in the fall of 2017.

Gail Chord Schuler
Prefers Literary Works

Most of my favorite movies are based on a literary book, but some movies failed to capture the book. For instance, the book Exodus by Leon Uris is a favorite, but I omitted the movie which failed to capture the book’s characters accurately. On the other hand, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables book series did not impress me too much, but the Anne of Green Gables mini-series excelled the books they came from. For a book or movie to be my favorite it had to interest and move me as I read it. Most modern productions and books have cardboard characters and plots and they BORE ME TO DEATH. I hope, as a writer, to fix this problem in modern literature and movies. I have to admit that my past books have been attempts to fix this, but I think I may really do it with my next book Lusts and Acclaim. The book or movie has to challenge my imagination and create a world of characters who explore the soul and very few works do this to me. If a movie has great music, that helps. I don’t like any productions of Dickens’s David Copperfield that I have seen, except this one. They need to make a movie with an ending EXACTLY LIKE THE BOOK, with David and Agnes together. The David/Agnes relationship made me love David Copperfield and so few films capture this.

Some classic books by women I may read.

Why Great Writers
No Longer Exist

WHY GREAT WRITERS NO LONGER EXIST: Our creative writing MFA programs have failed to create a generation of great writers! Just because we study and admire the style of another writer does not mean we are on an ego trip and going on some sort of snobbish style trend as a writer.


What Gail Chord Schuler Reads on her Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Books on my Kindle E-reader.

Brilliant Japanese Mini-Series about Gail Chord Schuler’s Catherine the Great Japanese Ancestors


This (above) is an excellent Japanese production about the Oshu Fujiwara family from which I am descended. The password to view the mini-series is Oshu Fujiwara. It is one of my favorite productions – very well acted, directed and produced with an excellent screenplay and much better than a lot of the trash we watch here in the West. Because I am descended from this family, Jesuits won’t allow it to be shown in the West with English subtitles. I hope to write an English language novel based on this mini-series, where I will base much of the story from what I am able to figure out from this production and from my own historical research where I am making heavy use of Google translator! It will be a historical novel about a fascinating family. I do not speak Japanese, so a lot of the novel will come from my own research. Like a writer I admire, Colleen McCullough, who wrote about the Roman Empire, I would love to write this as a historical novel which will educate people about this important royal family who lost their empire. I do have portions of this mini-series with English subtitles to give me valuable historical information about a family whose history should be known. It is a story about survival against the odds with a Romeo and Juliet love story. Check out my writer page for more about my work on this novel, which I am calling Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Catherine the Great Reincarnated. But I have my hands full writing Lusts and Acclaim right now. To ensure I do not write garbage I simmer on all my books, putting a tremendous amount of thought and research into all the characters I create. These books will come out when I feel ready. I won’t compromise quality for speed. I am determined to write for posterity. My current work Lusts and Acclaim is a type of historical novel, in that I am telling parts of the secret story about Pope John Paul II, and this requires me to do a lot of research about his views on love, sex and marriage and other aspects of his character that are important for Lusts and Acclaim. I believe that Pope John Paul II fell in love with me while spying on me for the Jesuits and he ended up giving his life to try and protect me. I have a lot to portray about this, and this requires a lot of research. I am reading parts of his writings to help me get into his mind. Zack Knight already gave me some very important information when he admitted to me in 2012 that the real Pope John Paul II died years before 2005. That was a Pope John Paul automaton who died in 2005. I have speculated from my research that Pope John Paul II probably died in December 1999 when I discerned that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent. The Jesuits had to kill him to prevent him from interfering with their attacks on my life. 

Recommended Writing Teachers

Would recommend K.M. Weiland as a writing instructor to learn the basics and even learn intermediate writing skills. After that you have to learn ON YOUR OWN, though Now Novel’s blog posts are very practical, on target and great for intermediate to advanced writers! I learned how to write one-on-one through The Institute of Children’s Literature. I was fortunate enough to have an award-winning children’s writer (Jim Murphy) as my instructor! If not for him, I don’t think I’d still be writing today. He taught me how to listen to my inner voice as I critique my works. That inner voice is the reader in me, who reads the works as if I was a reader and if I start getting bored, I know I’ve done something wrong and I go and figure it out, usually by reading a work I admire and asking myself what they did that I did NOT. Once I figure out my mistake, I get to work on it and start researching free writing advice online or in one of my writing instruction books about how to fix the problem. I have the entire Elements of Fiction Writing Series by Writer’s Digest, along with other writing instruction books. Unfortunately, the best book in the Elements of Fiction Writing Series called Theme & Strategy is out of print, but I have this one, too. I lost my writing instruction books from The Institute of Children’s Literature, but that’s okay, because that was only beginning writing stuff anyways, that I pretty much know by heart by now. I rarely use reviewers for my works, because I find that I am my best reviewer. I find that most reviewers are TOO KIND to make my work shine, except Jesuit reviewers who have not even read the book. Yes, I can tell. You don’t fool me, Jesuits. Jesuit reviewers are everywhere and they are responsible for the lack of good writing we have today. They promote propaganda in writing and, sadly, that is most of what’s out there, even disguised as fiction or novels. It makes the reading experience, like, oh YAWN, let’s go watch television or do something interesting. I am brutal with myself, because it is my dream to write for posterity. To ensure objectivity, I just sit on the work for a while, and then I come back to it. God seems to have gifted me with the ability to brilliantly critique my own works, usually after I forget about it for a while. For this reason, my books often take a long time, but it’s worth it in the long run. Sometimes I will abandon a project altogether and just work on another project. I am usually working on several books at once, for this reason.

Writing for Posterity

Thoughtful commentary about writing for posterity, but the author has not discouraged me from trying. Jesus calls me his favorite writer.

So, how do I write for posterity? It means I write what I’d like to read, even if I am the only one who likes it. I’ve noticed that what I like is pretty important stuff and that’s the stuff that lasts. I don’t like writing that preaches. I like writing that illuminates.

This means my writings will last after the others have gone. I believe that when Jesus Christ rules the world in the millennium, he will choose certain authors who wrote in the previous life and will encourage the millennial world to read their books. I think my books will fall in that group. So I AM writing for posterity. I take my charge very seriously.

I also believe tribulation saints will be reading my books alongside the Bible! In fact, I think Jesus hinted this would be the case. Jesus really cares about my writings. He got really upset when I started writing badly one time and spent several hours giving me writing instruction. He HATES the MFA programs and told me to ignore them.

Jesuits have put an unfair stigma on my writings, because I expose them. BUT, I think I will be famous 100 years from now, while multi millionaire writers like J. K. Rowling will be unknowns. I really believe this. I aim to be the Jane Austen of the 21st century.

When the Jesuit Fascist Literary police is no longer in existence, my writings will live on after they are long gone.


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Books that have shaped Gabrielle Chana as a Writer


These are some of the most important books I have read, outlined and studied as I’ve grown as a writer since 1991, and I have all these in my library. I have put the best books in bold italics. All of these books have shaped me as a writer, but those whose influence have made the strongest impact on me as a writer are in bold and italics. Click on the book’s link to learn more about the book.


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