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The video above shows Agnes Wickfield from David Copperfield, who is a lot like me. I read the book before seeing any David Copperfield productions and this 1974 BBC production I feel is truest to the novel, can order it HERE at Amazon.

Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield had great influence on my life and my writings. This writing so moved me that I actually became Agnes in many ways, so that when I did a dramatic reading as Agnes in college (Baptist University–1983), my speech professor (who studied theater) said it seemed that Agnes was right up there on the stage. I’ve paraphrased the end of David Copperfield, to capture how Agnes and I affect our men: “So may your face be by me when I close my life. . .and when realities melt from me like shadows fleeing. . .I still find you near me, pointing upward!”

“It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie” from Brent’s Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.


Me in my double wide mobile home’s kitchen, when we lived in South Carolina (1998). “I need a bigger kitchen. Perhaps I should bring in my bed, authentic Italian cuisine takes all day.”

 “What’ll I Do?” from Brent’s Dreamland CD.

Brent Spiner & Franco Nero Behind
Esther (TV Movie 1999)
To Honor Gail Chord Schuler

After I forgave Brent and wanted to marry him again, a new movie aired on television called Esther (in 2000). Brent had influence in this, because this Esther cooked, learned languages quickly, prayed flat on the ground like myself, judged people by their eyes, and this king made love to Esther like Brent did to me. Jesuit leader Antichrist Zack Knight pretty much removed this movie from YouTube, because it was made to honor me. Now Loree McBride Jesuits (who have taken Zack’s place) continue to boycott this movie.



Written transcript of above video.







BRENT SPINER’S OL’ YELLOW EYES IS BACK music videos from my video channel against a background of my portraits: 

Time After Time, Embraceable You, It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie, Long Long Time, Carolina in the Morning, Marie, Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart, When I Fall In Love, Goodnight Sweetheart.

I listened to this every time I drove in my car from 1991 to 1996. This music made me fall in love with Brent. Brent made this music for me. To me, it’s sacred, and it clearly shows that I, and not Loree McBride has reigned over Brent’s heart. Jesuits have, for this reason, sabotaged this album. But I offer it to the world to give it the hearing it deserves.

Why Gail went to a Bible College (1979), after turning down an acceptance to Air Force Officer’s Training School >


Myself with fellow Baptist University students. I was 22 (February 1980). Taken at (Raymond Hancock’s church) Pinecrest Baptist Church in Morrow, Georgia (United States). Phyllis Mitchell (became a missionary to Russia), she is in the lower right.

Jesuit Bomb Blows Up Pope Benedict In November 2011


Brent Spiner Fights Loree McBride in Court for Gail Chord Schuler


Although Luther was anti-Semitic in his later years, you must remember he was a product of his times, and when he lived, the anti-Semitic Roman Catholic Church ruled the earth. I believe that any Jew who would accept Christ would have gotten Luther’s favor. Luther never left the Catholic Church, he remained Roman Catholic until the day he died. I disagree that Luther’s anti-Semitism was the cause of the Nazi Holocaust in Germany. The Roman Catholic Church was the cause of the Nazi Holocaust in Germany. Adolph Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic. I’m not sure if we would have been better than Luther, if we lived in his time. We are in different times now, and I believe that God will raise up a Jewish Martin Luther during the tribulation period (future). Zechariah 12:7–I’m from the tribe of Judah.

The Jesuits murdered Robin Williams cuz he had serious plans to marry me. Learn the truth here!
After a long-distance relationship where Brent rarely spoke to Gail, when Gail got on YouTube in 2011, Brent contacted her online. These are the budding and passionate emails he wrote her and Loree McBride’s ferocious response.

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Gail Chord Schuler Sings Hymns to Brent Spiner, He Falls in Love

Below are the some of the hymns I sang to Brent Spiner (while I played piano) in the first cassette tape I mailed him in September 1990–my way of saying “thank you” because he mailed me a personal letter. I didn’t send him any secular songs until after he made love to me on the phone (June 1991 and afterwards). I sang with passion and feeling. I believe it was this tape I mailed to Brent that inspired him to make his first music album of love songs for me, “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back”–an interesting reaction to my tape of gospel songs for him.

GA1L Android Epic Battle (2012)

Jesuit desire for world dominion, still leads them to murder. When they attempted to reverse engineer the GA1L Android in an attempt to add her to their army, they gave her sentience, she became her own boss, and killed millions. If the Jesuits did not have the desire for world  power, the GA1L Android never would have happened. The videos above show the results of Jesuit lust for power.

I wrote Conspiracy Law for Vladimir Putin to stop the Jesuits. “In the Battle of Stalingrad (Nazi Germany in Russia). . .more than one million people were killed in action. . .froze to death, or died of starvation: Russians, Romanians, Italians, Hungarians, Germans, Austrians. Of the 260,000 surrounded men of the Sixth Army. . .91,000 were taken prisoner. . . of whom only 6,000 returned to their homeland years later.” The Jesuits attempted to use their Nazi war machine to takeover the world for Roman Catholicism. The Germans failed them. Now they try to use the United States.

In 2002, I heard Jesuit gun shots next door from my Tallahassee, Florida studio apartment.

(2002) Jesuits intimidate President George W. Bush, who then threatens war on Russia forcing Vladimir Putin to legally marry Lyudmila (who then posed as Vladimir’s wife Larisa who died in 2000). The entire time Vladimir was married to Lyudmila he was in love with me (Gail Chord Schuler).

Gail Chord Schuler’s 2002 Poem for
Vladimir Putin

My love for Vladimir, I captured in a poem that I wrote for Vladimir (that I submitted to him through my mailbox on March 30, 2002):

A Poem for Владимир (Vladimir)

(This is a revision of the poem I wrote Vladimir Putin on March 30, 2002. I have relieved wordiness and improved accuracy of expression.) 

On September 11th, Rome assaulted America.
In defiance, my heart screamed.
As the towers plummeted, with them, I plunged.
Into the towers, those jets, Rome crashed.
My dreams for my lover, they shattered.
The flames scorched, the towers plummeted,
and with those who died, my dreams fell.
From the ashes, my heart fumed infernos.
It soared.  It triumphed.
I saw the Russian President.
His yearnings, I sensed.
He battled his wife’s death, he battled Chechnya terror,
he dared disdain.
Like the actor forbidden me– he wore courage,
greatness. . .
Now, with astonishment, with awe. . .
two lions tripped through my corridors.
Now I longed to dream with him his dreams . . .
for the free. . .for the living. . .
For these dreams, he dared infernos.
. . .for honor, for liberty — for Russia. . .
–for justice, for fairness
— for greatness, for courage
— for life, for freedom, for richness.
He dares to dream. . .for justice–
for freedom from terror,
for lovers,
for dreamers to dance, to flower;
for compassion, for largeness,
for warm waves on shores.
Against tidal waves. . .
His mountaintops, I relish. . . .
his greatness, I fuel;
his soul with mine, I nurture . . .
Above ashes, we tower.
Against tyrants, we soar.
His heart dreams on oceans.
He dreams over mountaintops.
He merges, with mine, his dreams.
For justice, for love. . .
for peace . . .for freedom.
For these we yearn. . .
against monsters
Despite laughter, despite gloats. . .
He soars . . he struggles. . .
against infernos of monsters
— for lovers.
 Люблю Владимир (I love Vladimir)


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