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The Complete Series

Gail, with her Gail: The Complete Series will offer the first short story for free, but the rest will be published as a series of short stories written in the form of historical narrative:

Pen Pals (1989) – password: Pen Pals

Bible for Tribulation Saints
Jesus: 2012 – 2020

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Ordering Information Page has complete information about how to order this book, including the audio books.

Here is a page devoted to the book, and how it could be considered part of the Biblical canon.

Jesus considers this book to have authority on par with the Bible for tribulation saints & those living today! That’s why Jesus was so picky about his transcriptionist. Jesus met with Brent Spiner every day for years and has personally trained Brent as pastor. Gail has already posted samples of her conversations with Jesus at her Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits Doctrinal Page. This book contains ALL the transcripts of all meetings that Gail has had with Jesus Christ from 2012 to 2020. It is the size of the Bible. Jesus was adamant that only Brent could transcribe for Him! 

This book contains actual transcripts of conversations with Jesus Christ, transcribed by Brent Spiner during meetings with Jesus Himself over Skype (where Jesus used Brent to transcribe for Him). It’s obvious Jesus knew this book would happen and considers it of prime importance to tribulation saints and to those who want to follow him in the twenty-first century. The context surrounding these transcripts are included so that the readers can better understand how to apply Jesus’s truths to their daily lives.

​Protagonist: Zack Knight
Antagonist: Satan
Sidekick: Gail’s men and Zack Knight Jesuits
Skeptic: Brent Spiner clone
Guardian: Gail Chord Schuler, Rule 13 & Jesus Christ
Contagonist: Angelina Ballerina & Loree McBride
Reason: Brent Spiner & Jesus Christ
Emotion: Rule 13
Love Interest: Rule 13

WHAT A DEAL, THE 2020 UPDATED KINDLE EDITION CONTAINING JESUS CHRIST’S CONVERSATIONS WITH US FROM DEC. 2017 THROUGH 2020 IS NOW AVAILABLE! I believe if you have already bought this Kindle book, you can get the updated version for free. To order as a $5.49 Kindle book (all 4 books into one). I have updated the links to this $5.49 version so that they all link to this new website, in other words the links to this book will usually work since I have cancelled and my website is now  CLICK HERE or on book’s photo above. If your device shows red lettering, Jesus’ words are in RED & BOLD.

Those who buy the paperback versions of Bible for Tribulation Saints, can get their Kindle counterparts for FREE using price match. Click on the Kindle version and look underneath the description where it says Matchbook Price. OR go to the paperback version and scroll down and look on the right side of the page where it says kindlematchbook.

Bible for Tribulation Saints series broken down into four books. This is the best deal in the paperback version. If you order all at once, you pay NO SHIPPING at Amazon:

RED LETTER EDITIONS in paperback also available. ALL versions have Jesus’ words in BOLD, though. The RED LETTER EDITIONs would make a good collector’s item. Click on links below to order the paperback RED LETTER EDITION versions of Bible for Tribulation Saints broken down into four books. You pay NO SHIPPING at Amazon:

For those who prefer a non-glossy (matte) cover, the exact same books are available in paperback with a matte cover:

Jesuit Murder of Abraham Lincoln:
Hillary Clinton is a Jesuit


It appeared that Hillary Clinton was a Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina Jesuit. She was even proud of being an evil Loree McBride Jesuit, by choosing a Vice President who is a Jesuit and flaunts her pink (Angelina’s trademark color) and even boasts about his missionary service as a Jesuit (at a time when Jesuits were evil). When I learned of this, I decided this book needed to be written right away. Much of the information comes from The Secret History of the Jesuits, by Edmond Paris (a writer the Jesuits murdered). Unfortunately, The Secret History of the Jesuits is very poorly translated from the French, making it a cumbersome read. As soon as I learned of Hillary’s Jesuit Vice President, I decided to start this project. I finished it before voting day for the U.S. Presidential elections. If you R-click on the images above, you can get a larger view of the covers to this future book. The perfect square cover is for the future audio book. The cover with back cover text is for the paperback. Jesuits murdered Abraham Lincoln, this book gives you the hidden story. If Hillary Clinton ever became President, she, too, would be a murderer, as all Loree McBride Jesuits are.

The perfect square is the audio book, and the tall rectangle is the Kindle version. The wide rectangle is the paperback. I made the Kindle version so that I could make an audio book. I consider my reading for this book my best yet! I listened to it and cried.

Amazon version (perfect square) of Jesuit Murder of Abraham Lincoln.

Catherine the Great and King David Reincarnated

Jesus Christ foreordained the existence of a woman born 9-15-57 with the genes of Catherine the Great and King David. As part of His divine plan, Jesus Christ ensured the genes in this baby came out as prophesied in Zechariah 9:15. She is the sling stones or King David woman.

Fascinating (covered-up) history (that includes aviator Howard Hughes and the Oshu Fujiwara family of Japan) explores this royal woman’s ancestors and how her genes lined up sixty percent Catherine the Great and fifty percent King David, making her the reincarnation of King David and Catherine the Great, with a ten percent overlap between the two royals. Gabrielle has links at her website that feature the Japanese mini-series Homura Tatsu made about her royal Catherine the Great ancestors.

This small book Catherine of King David is actually a chapter from The Forbidden Abyss: Part One (Gail’s autobiography). But that chapter within the autobiography differed from the other chapters, because its focus was on Gail’s ancestors, and not so much on Gail. Therefore, Gail has put that chapter into Catherine of King David for those who have not bought The Forbidden Abyss: Part One and who only want to learn about Gail’s ancestors.

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Audio sample:

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Robin Williams Murder

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(2000) Emerald Towers

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1992 “Lal”–Star Trek: The Next Generation Teleplay

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(2014 to 2015) Jesus, the
Eternal Bridegroom
(Part Two of
The Forbidden Abyss Series)

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(2013) The Forbidden Abyss
(Part One: 1990 to 2011)

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(2014) Bomb Threat at the Oscars:
Camila Alves Stalks Matthew McConaughey

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(Illustrated Short Story)
Deep in the African Congo
Barack Obama’s Head in a Jar

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Silver Skies

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