Baphomet Says WHYDUNIT is IT for Gail, The Complete Series

Gail no longer uses any writing instruction books as she works on the Gail Series. It does appear that Baphomet is agreeing with me that the Save the Cat theme for my Gail, The Complete Series is WHYDUNIT. A mysterious question mark has appeared in the universe which is causing all sorts of speculation among astronomers. I can’t believe Baphomet […]

Lizzo Jesuit Murders Paul Reubens. Lizzo’s Pink Nuke Terror (Millions Dead, Injured, Retarded)

Aug. 1, 2023 ~ 1:30 PM Central Standard Time U.S.: Antichrist Lizzo appears to be in a rage because of my Gail, The Complete Series. She has been launching pink nuke bombs, that have thus far, murdered at least 7 million worldwide and injured and made retarded seven times more than that. READ BELOW. President Brent Spiner states that this […]