American Medical Association Instructs Doctors to Deceive

Another great article from Joseph Mercola’s website, which he will remove after 48 hours. Dealing with Loree McBride’s COVID DEATH SHOT is top priority for me, so I post a lot of Mercola’s posts. Story at-a-glance The Winter 2021 “AMA COVID-19 Guide: Background/Messaging on Vaccines, Vaccine Clinical Trials & Combatting Vaccine Misinformation,” issued by the American Medical Association raises serious […]

Pentagon Confirms Loree McBride’s Fauci Created and Released COVID-19 Bioweapon

Fauci is a Loree McBride Jesuit Jew clone and works as one of Loree McBride’s TOP AGENTS. Joe Biden lives on Loree McBride’s cum star and is her TOTAL CUCK. Loree McBride rigged the 2020 U.S. elections to get Biden to power, using her invention from hell, the COVID bioweapon, which is in her COVID vaccines. Loree has a fascination […]

HHS Whistleblower: This Is Loree McBride Evil at the Highest Level

Though this was at Joseph Mercola’s website, the video comes from Gab TV and I became aware of this before Joseph published this at his website. It doesn’t surprise me. I think the real death count from Loree McBride’s COVID DEATH SHOT is in the MILLIONS WORLDWIDE. I added Loree McBride into the title, because she deserves the credit for […]

GREEDY Loree McBride’s Herd Immunity Excuse for COVID DEATH SHOT on Kids

I’m pretty fed up with Loree McBride’s COVID deadly nonsense and Joseph Mercola has some excellent articles exposing her deadly bullshit. I have made it death penalty to promote the COVID vaccine in any way. Too bad Dr. Mercola feels he must delete the articles from his website after 48 hours. I change the title to get more to the […]

Americans Have No Clue What the True COVID Numbers Are

Another winner from Joseph Mercola to counter Loree McBride’s lying propaganda about her COVID death shot and her fake lying deadly news. Too bad Dr. Mercola feels he must remove his posts after 48 hours. Story at-a-glance Data from a poll done six months after the start of the pandemic were called “nothing short of stunning” as they revealed dramatic […]

Loree McBride Cuck Joe Biden’s Criminal Vaccine Mandates

Joe Mercola has been hitting home runs in reporting on Loree McBride’s criminal COVID mandates and lying news media narratives, so I keep posting him, because this is a really big issue. Too bad, he has to take his posts down after 48 hours at his website. Story at-a-glance In his presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised he would not impose […]

Loree McBride’s Israel: The Great Covid-19 VACCINE DISASTER

Another great article by Joseph Mercola. Because Loree McBride’s mainstream news lies about everything, especially about COVID and its DEATH SHOT, it is necessary to study the Israeli data which is the most accurate in the world, from what I understand. As you can see, the best thing is to ban all COVID vaccines, including “vaccines” in plants or ANYWHERE. […]

Are They Disguising mRNA-Experimental Gene-Altering Poison Jabs as Flu-Shots?

Forward by Gail Chord Schuler: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, mentioned in this article, is in my Cabinet. Loree McBride is being exposed and is probably forcing her DEATH SHOTS (COVID jabs) on people by tricking them into thinking their COVID jab is the flu shot. I advise that everyone stop any and all vaccinations at this time, unless given by a […]

Loree McBride’s FAKE NEWS Takes MONEY to KILL YOU with COVID Jab

Another excellent article from Joseph Mercola’s website. Unfortunately, he feels he must take down his articles after 48 hours at his website. Listening to the mainstream news, the CDC, the FDA and NIH will literally get YOU KILLED. Loree McBride controls the narrative, working with Satan. Do a search on the coronavirus or COVID vaccine at this website to learn […]