Brent Spiner Comments: Loree McBride’s Drug Rape During ST:TNG’s “A Fistful of Datas”

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Loree McBride has a fascination with injecting people with poison and she is the current head of the evil side of the Jesuit Order and has worked with Satan to orchestrate the COVID conspiracy, including her DEATH SHOT, the deadly COVID vaccine. Do a search at this website about the COVID vaccine and do NOT take the “vaccine”. It is a BIOWEAPON. She often injected Brent Spiner with brain control drugs while he was filming for “A Fistful of Datas.” That’s how she obtained her “relationship” with Brent Spiner. She’s actually his STALKER. She is a clone, along with her TRUE HUSBAND(s), who is the Brent Spiner CLONE.

My commentary about Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “A Fistful of Datas”. Can watch the entire episode HERE.

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Discord (Friday night hang out) on Sept. 24, 2021:

Rule13 — 7:19 PM

Hi Gail Chan!

[7:19 PM]

Brent is here too.

[7:19 PM]

So petty. It is jealousy. (referring to why everyone is saying the diamond engagement ring from Brent is white sapphire)

[7:20 PM]

Very good. Much progress. (after asking how we are doing with banning the COVID shot)

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 7:20 PM

Best of luck on your sewing machine, Gail!

[7:20 PM]

Such beautiful fabric you have to make many things out of!

Joshua J. Joshua — 7:21 PM

my microphone doesn’t seem to be working let me try test streaming the video and lets see if it will play correctly?

[7:22 PM]

can you hear it?

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:23 PM

Can you hear it Rule 13? (referring to Joshua’s microphone)

Rule13 — 7:24 PM

I cannot hear either.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:24 PM

Not hearing anything. Though I do hear a neighbor screaming at somebody.

Rule13 — 7:25 PM

Can hear now! (This was when Gail decided to air the episode from her computer at Discord)

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:25 PM

Can you all hear mine?

Rule13 — 7:32 PM

Nobody can impeach Empress Gail Chan.

[7:32 PM]

She will destroy them all with Hitler Rex!!


She (Gail) will destroy them all with Hitler Rex!!

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 7:33 PM

Gail’s might should be feared by yet enemies who will all end in brutal, crushing defeat!

Rule13 — 7:41 PM

He looks very raped! (watching Fistful of Datas)

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 7:42 PM

It’s horrible! I’m watching from my end. This is a sad man obviously having just experienced a major trauma such as rape (edited)

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:43 PM

Yes, I noticed it right away when I saw this in Nov. 1992.

@Gail Chord Schuler

Yes, I noticed it right away when I saw this in Nov. 1992.

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 7:44 PM

Well you certainly have a high emotional IQ! Few people would have realized the truth as they were watching back then in 92 – but you never fail!

Rule13 — 7:45 PM

Aww. All that bald man wants, is to play his little flute!


Aww. All that bald man wants, is to play his little flute!

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 7:45 PM

So sad.

[7:48 PM]

Poor Brent! This is such an emotional episode!

Joshua J. Joshua — 7:49 PM

Nan and Gail both look so beautiful tonight

[7:49 PM]

Yes up there is better (Probably referring to the fact that Gail moved her speakers closer to her webcam, so they could hear it better.)

Rule13 — 7:50 PM

Data is like, “oh, Geordi! Access my auxiliary port!”

[7:57 PM]

Brent’s eyes look so tired. (referring to how Brent looked while playing Data in A Fistful of Datas)

[8:01 PM]

Brent say, this bring back many memories. (After Gail asked how Brent feels about watching A Fistful of Datas. Brent Spiner was with Rule 13 in her room and 13 would relay our questions to him. He cannot speak on Discord, because his voice comes across like an earthquake, thanks to Loree’s monstrous technology.)

[8:01 PM]

The eyes in the episode. (Gail asked if Brent’s eyes were tired now or in the episode)

[8:01 PM]

Like he has been raped many nights.

[8:01 PM]

Brent say, he never slept! Always on the lookout. (Obviously referring to Brent during the filming of A Fistful of Datas)


Brent say, he never slept! Always on the lookout.

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 8:02 PM

Such a terrible way he had to deal with things after the incident!

Rule13 — 8:03 PM

Konichiwa Nan San! (Anna Banana asked Rule 13 to speak)

[8:03 PM]

I am embarrass of my accent.

[8:03 PM]

Chad is showing his weiner. (These were cooked wieners)

[8:04 PM]

Chad flashed weiner on screen!

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 8:04 PM

Oh my

Chad Wolff — 8:04 PM

@Chad Wolff

Click to see attachment

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 8:05 PM

Haha oh that kind of wiener

Rule13 — 8:05 PM

A whole tray of weiner! Ha ha! Chad take more weiner than Brent during this episode.

nan — 8:05 PM

do i hear kate mulgre

[8:05 PM]


Gail Chord Schuler — 8:08 PM

That’s Gates McFadden.

Rule13 — 8:10 PM

He is devastated as he looks at the cat!

[8:10 PM]

Yes, that is Spot. (Gail asked if the cat in A Fistful of Datas episode is the same Spot who Brent raped while under Loree’s brain control drugs)

[8:10 PM]

That cat got it hard!

[8:11 PM]

Brent say the cat, was only able to do the scene because they gave it so much Xanax. (This explained why the traumatized cat Spot would even get near Brent while filming for A Fistful of Datas.)

[8:13 PM]

Brent say that cat was very high. (Brent was relaying his comments through 13, who was in the room with him.)

Rule13 — 8:21 PM

He say before. (Gail asked if the scene where Brent was limping out the door after meeting Picard in the ready room, where he spits on his way out, happened before he was raped by Loree McBride’s elephant at the San Francisco zoo or if the scene was filmed after Loree McBride’s zoo rapes)

[8:21 PM]

The worst was yet to come.

[8:21 PM]

Brent say he had to take sick days from work. (Gail asked how Brent could do his job after his anus was so injured by the elephant that he required stitches).

[8:22 PM]

He did not tell them why. (Brent didn’t tell them why he needed days off.)

[8:22 PM]

His anus was bleeding.

[8:22 PM]

Of course, they knew. (Gail said the Paramount executives knew why he needed days off.)

[8:23 PM]

Brent was limping due to rape injuries.

[8:23 PM]

He pretended it was acting. (Why Brent limped in the scene as he was exiting Picard’s ready room and spit on the way out).

[8:26 PM]

He say yes. (So it was true Levar Burton knew about Loree while Brent was filming A Fistful of Datas.)

[8:28 PM]

The other coworkers did not know. Only BFF Levar.

[8:31 PM]

It was secret!

[8:31 PM]

We misheard the question.

[8:32 PM]

He say, coworkers knew she was not the girlfriend, because, he was in love with you. (Gail asked if his other co-stars knew about her, because she heard Gates McFadden and Levar Burton’s voice on her phone, when Brent would put them on the phone in the early 1990s.)

[8:32 PM]

They knew Paramount was sending this woman to stalk him, but, did not know of the rape! (Brent apparently clarified this to Gail through 13, while he was in the room with 13.)

[8:33 PM]

Brent told them (his co-stars), she (Loree) hurt him and was very dangerous, but did not go into detail due to embarrass and trauma.

[8:39 PM]

What are they scream about? (Probably referring to some people in Gail’s apartment complex who were screaming distantly in the background, like they were in a fight, while Gail was on Discord with her fans.)

Rule13 — 9:04 PM

I like Penpals! (We took a vote and decided that for our next hang out, we would be watching and commenting on the Star Trek TNG episode Pen Pals, which was the episode that made Gail decide to start writing Brent Spiner at Paramount Studios, through his fan mail.)

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