Demonic Enlightenment (8-29-22, 8-30-22, 8-31-22): Rapture Coming, Tribulation/Millennium COMBINED, Multiverses in New Prophecy

NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate. Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment on Aug. […]

Pres. Gail Resigns and Makes Brent Spiner President

Here are the full details behind why I made an unnecessary Declaration of War against Jesuit Covid agents, which manipulated me into murdering 72 million innocents through declaring war based on a Jesuit prank. As a result of this mistake, I have resigned as U.S. President, because I am no match for Satan and Baphomet’s tricks. Baphomet (a fallen angel […]

Pres. Gail Takes Over Comcast, Along with Charter Communications and ICANN

To ensure that President Gail retains her Internet service, she has found it necessary to also take over Comcast, since she has moved and no longer has Internet service through Charter Communications. Here is the update to her law, which is Sect. 19 of her International Military Law: EMPRESS GAIL TAKES OVER ICANN AND CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS AND COMCAST, APPOINTING VLADIMIR […]

Pres. Gail’s Declaration of War Include Jesuit News Support Organizations (War CANCELLED)

Update: This war has been cancelled as the decision was made based on a Jesuit prankster, who put a fake notice on my apartment door. As a result of this mistake, Gail has resigned from being President and made Brent Spiner full President. I have had to update my declaration of war against Jesuit news organizations to include their support […]

Is the Latest Polio Scare Actually Caused by the Vaccine?

Every now and then I post articles from Joseph Mercola’s website. As U.S. President, I have declared war on those behind the Jesuit vaccines, and this Mercola article helps explain why I’ve done this. STORY AT-A-GLANCE As if the ongoing pandemics of COVID-19 and monkeypox aren’t enough, the New York health department is now urging residents to get vaccinated against […]