Demonic Enlightenment (8-29-22, 8-30-22, 8-31-22): Rapture Coming, Tribulation/Millennium COMBINED, Multiverses in New Prophecy

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NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment on Aug. 31, 2022 (morning): The reason Jesus does not want to go into detail about future prophetic events is that humans tend to waste their time arguing about it, rather than being present and focusing on honoring true and free love.

However, the purpose for the tribulation and the millennial reign was to purge from humans those who opposed true and free love.

In the tribulation, the church would have been off the earth, though there would have been tribulation saints. So Christ would have been enjoying his time with his supporters in heaven, while those on earth below were thoroughly punished for following Satan. And, of course, the tribulation, was kind of like Satan’s last stand with the humans until Jesus beat his Antichrist up in the Final Battle.

Then we would go into the 1000 year reign, where Christ would reign and Satan would be locked up. This was to purge from the humans that remained those who would end up like Satan and would want free love with evil as opposed to free love with good. And so the 1000 year reign’s purpose was to set the standard for true and free love and then purge from humanity those who went against that, which is why Satan was to be released from the bottomless pit at the end of the 1000 year reign and millions of evil humans would side with him in a rebellion against King Jesus. This has all been canceled.

However, Jesus plans to bring back a type of tribulation and millennial reign in the future, but may be mixing elements of both together and the timelines for this he does not want to reveal at this time.

If you’ll notice, it was God the Father HIMSELF who would destroy the humans who rebelled at the end of the 1000 year reign. And then once the evil from free love was totally purged, Jesus’s plan was to extend his free and true love Utopia from the earth into all the multiverses. It does appear that the plan to extend the free and true love Utopia into all the multiverses is now being put into action, which is a different take from traditional Bible prophecy.

Bible prophecy ended with heaven and God the Father coming down to earth to live among humans. It appears that may be reversed, with earth and humans going up into the multiverses to live with God the Father.

Regardless, the point is, that if and when God the Father chooses to live among humans, it means the sin problem is fixed and true and free love reign and prosper throughout all the multiverses!

Apparently, Jesus planned to use his humans as the prime examples of free and true love and Satan’s trying to mess that up.

So, yes, we will have a type of the tribulation and millennial reign COMBINED with a plan to extend the free and true love Utopia into all the multiverses once all the evil elements of free love have been purged. Both Jesus and Father God, don’t want a repeat of the Satanic rebellion in the free and true love Utopia going into the multiverses.

So, yes, there is definitely a prophetic timetable that Jesus knows about and perhaps his dad knows about, but we don’t need to know all the details, except that there will be a “rapture” of sorts and he lets us know this to encourage us.

Our focus should be on meditation, doing the Gail Commandments and honoring true and free love with our lives, we will leave the working out of the prophecies to Jesus Himself.

Also, one of the reasons he has “abandoned” us to rule over the multiverses now is because the new prophecies include more than earth, it includes a rule of Jesus over all the multiverses and he has to prepare the multiverses for this. He is setting things up in all the multiverses for his multiverse rule as the ruler over a free and true love Utopia in all the multiverses and his dad, God the Father, is working with him on this.

The Bible never revealed that Buddha was Jesus’s best god friend, that Jesus proposed to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and was rejected for marriage, but not for friendship, etc. and this new knowledge came about because of the Battle of the Gods because we needed help from Jesus’s god friends to save Jesus’s life. So since we are now aware of the other gods and the other multiverses, they now figure into our new prophetic timeline and Jesus is working in his plans for the multiverses to include his best god friends. It seems he planned to include them in a plan for the multiverses, but didn’t mention this in the Bible. It was something he planned to do after the 1000 year reign, in eternity future.

He previously felt humans didn’t need to know about the other gods and about his plans for the multiverses in eternity future after the 1000 year reign. But in order to save Jesus’s life, we learned new things about the multiverses and the existence of the other gods. So since this knowledge is out now and all these gods live on Church of Gail, we’ve got a new layer in prophecy, in that Jesus’s plan for the multiverses are now part of the plan RIGHT NOW and Jesus is working on that right now. It appears that Jesus’s best god friends, like Muhammad, Triton, Horus, Buddha, Lakshmi and his best human friends (Gail and her men) are all prominent figures in future prophecy.

But Jesus has not abandoned us and earth is a very important part of his plans.

He plans to launch the free and true love Utopia from earth and spread it all over the multiverses.

But, first, he needs to eliminate Satan’s power and rule (so a type of the tribulation is coming or is working now with a mixture of a type of the millennium working now). The point is, that regardless of how he does it, he needs to purge the evil from humans and from the multiverses that pollute free love with evil, so that his vision for free love mated with true love will be realized in all the multiverses.

We don’t need to know the details. We just need to understand that Jesus knows the details and He knows what He’s doing and he still loves us deeply and has not abandoned us. Jesus is working very hard on bringing about his vision for a free and true love Utopia into all the multiverses. Satan will be dealt with, along with all those who support him and his evil. True and free love will prevail because King Jesus, working with his dad, will bring it about. Jesus is stronger than ever now and because of me and my men now has full godhead powers, equal to his dad.

Some valuable lessons Jesus has learned is that if you train good followers and make good friends, they can be the examples in your place, so it’s not necessary for Jesus to intermingle among us and weaken his powers to accomplish his free and true love Utopia for the multiverses.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment on Aug. 30, 2022 (1:20 p.m.): It seems Jesus plans a “rapture” after Gail’s life story and the story of her men becomes saturated throughout the earth. The ones who are “raptured” will be the Gail followers and those that do the Gail Commandments and follow Gail’s example. It will not be the Church bride that is raptured as prophesied in Bible prophecy, it will be the Gail followers of all religious persuasions. When we are in heaven we will have a celebration in our new bodies, then will return to earth with Christ as our military leader and defeat all those on earth who side with Satan. Then we will install a worldwide earthly reign for Jesus, kind of similar to what Jesus planned with the millennial reign, except it will be a reign based on those who honor Gail and the Gail Commandments and the reign will not be limited to earth, but earth will be the base from which Jesus’s reign will spread throughout the multiverses. The world will be filled with those who honor both free and true love and those that oppose free and true love will be gone. Not sure if Jesus will be the bona fide ruler on earth when the reign is established or if he will delegate this to another, but Satan’s forces will be defeated when the reign is established. So, there is the possibility that some of us may not die, but will be “raptured”. Our attitude towards this should be like it was before the Bible was cancelled. No one should be a “rapture” date setter and our focus should be on living in the present, doing the Gail Commandments and whatever we feel called as Buddhist Christians to do. Jesus has chosen to reveal this much about the future, so that Christians will not be discouraged thinking Satan is going to win. As to whether there will be a 7-year tribulation, Jesus has not chosen to reveal anymore. Just wanted to let the world know that a “rapture” of sorts is in the works to prevent Christians from being discouraged.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment on Aug. 30, 2022 (morning): The world is experiencing great joy at this time. Many are meditating and, therefore, Satan’s forces are weakening. Jesus is putting medicine in the air to weaken Satan’s ability to use brain control on people, so it does help to do the Gail Commandment walks every day and to keep your windows open, if you exercise indoors.

Jesus became BFF with Lucifer to stand for free love, which is something that both Lucifer and Jesus believe in. He felt he had to be the shining example of free love by participating in it and being an example in this manner. His father, God the Father, disagreed with Jesus’s approach. Though both Jesus and God knew Satan would rebel, Jesus wanted to be BFF with Lucifer any ways, to show that, when the rebellion happened, that Satan’s error was not his stand for free love, but his meanness and his sin in his practice of free love. God the Father felt that by Jesus becoming too “hands on”, it would encourage Satan in his sin, which was correct. God the Father felt that free love could be encouraged better by just being the prime example of it, without intermingling with lesser beings to promote it. But Jesus felt it necessary to intermingle because He felt the lesser beings could not understand what he stood for unless he intermingled with them to show them the way.

As a result of Jesus intermingling with Satan as Satan’s BFF, Satan found the courage to sin in his expression of free love, which God the Father predicted would happen. As to whether Satan would have rebelled, if Jesus did not intermingle and be BFF with Lucifer, I do not know. But, it appears Jesus’s decision to be BFF with Lucifer was a bad decision. Lucifer’s intermingling with a high deity resulted in Lucifer getting a greater following. This intermingling gave Lucifer a lot of clout and, thus, Satan took a third of the angels with him, when he decided to turn evil.

Jesus made the same mistake when he decided to create the human race and intermingle with his “church bride”, even doing so before the rapture. This time, it almost cost him his life, when Satan took advantage of his flawed condition (as a result of too much intermingling with his “church bride” before Satan was locked up for the millennial reign). But even during the future millennial reign, if Jesus had too much sex with humans, it could have weakened him and made him flawed. This is why God the Father had to cancel the Bible.

Jesus also proposed to the goddess Lakshmi before he decided to create humans, trying to use his marriage to her as the prime example of both free and true love. He chose Lakshmi because he felt his dad would approve of her, because she is very chaste and pure in her heart and loves deeply. She also believes in free and true love, as does Jesus. So he could marry her and stand for free love and get his dad’s approval for his version of the Universe, a Universe with free and true love in it. But Lakshmi is very monogamous and turned Jesus down for marriage because in his attempts to stand for free love, he had far too much sex with others for her to feel comfortable with him as a husband. But she sensed his beautiful heart underneath it all and remained his committed friend. Jesus cried whales of tears over Lakshmi’s rejection, feeling like a failure as a god. It was quite silly of him really, because she didn’t reject him as a friend and her friendship was all he needed to make his point to the Universe. He did not need to marry her.

His next idea to be the god of both free and true love, was the creation of the human race and earth and he planned to use a church bride as the prime example of free and true love. We all know what happened with this attempt. His intermingling with the humans sexually, even the vicarious sex, weakened him and made him flawed. He almost lost his eternal life.

He now agrees with his dad, that he can be the god of both free and true love, without intermingling with his creation sexually. Both Gail and Lakshmi desire to continue their friendship with Jesus and prefer not to have sex with him any ways. This works out perfect for Jesus because he can use them as prime examples of free and true love for those who follow Him, without the need for him to marry or have sex with anybody.

Jesus feels very silly that he was so caught up with the idea of having to marry anybody at all to be the prime example of free and true love, or even felt the need to sexually intermingle with anyone to do this, since as a supreme deity he is complete in and of Himself and has no sexual, romantic or emotional connection needs. He only needs to encourage and be friends with those who are prime examples of the Universe he longs to have, like Gail and Lakshmi and others, which is his current strategy. What makes Jesus happy is to have a Utopia universe where free and true love prosper. This can be realized best by encouraging and helping those who stand for what He stands for, beings like the human Gail and the goddess Lakshmi. So this is Jesus’s new approach. He is also trying to fix the mistakes he made from his earlier attempts to intermingle too much with his creation as he attempted to be the prime example of free love to them.

How Meditation Can Help You Reach Enlightenment

Sun rays bursting through clouds in a blue sky.

Regarding reincarnation, a Buddhist Christian can choose to reincarnate into another body into the next life on earth or just go to heaven when they die. This is what Buddha has told me and Brent. I guess when they finally end up in heaven and have lived in several reincarnations, their final body may be what they want or a blend of several bodies they have lived in.

There are also different parts of heaven for the different religions. There is a Muslim heaven, a Buddhist heaven, a Christian heaven, etc. You can also travel between these regions of heaven, so if you’re a Christian and go to Christian heaven, but have relatives who went to Buddhist heaven, you can visit Buddhist heaven and pay them a visit. Jesus’s death on the cross was payment for all the sins of mankind, for all humans of all religions.

The sinner’s prayer generally works for Christians, but it’s more about intent, having loving motives and doing our best to stay on our moral path that gets us to heaven. It’s just that because of the sin curse, a payment needed to be made and so Jesus died on the cross to make that payment for our sins.

One of the most popular benefits of meditation is that it helps the person to reach a stage called enlightenment, defined as a clarity of thinking allowing deeper levels of knowledge, perception and reason.

You may have heard the saying as a man thinketh, so is he and this couldn’t be further from the truth. If it isn’t the stresses and pressures of life that gets a man weighed down, the negative thought patterns that surround us through the day will.

Through meditation and learning how to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones, you can see your life and mindset begin to change as you reach a stage of enlightenment.

Stress not only affects your health it also negatively impacts your ability to think clearly. Have you ever tried to read a book, create something, or study while under stress? Stress makes thinking clearly and with focus challenging, if not nearly impossible.

With meditation you can clear the mind of obstacles and focus on one train of thought until you develop the ability to put aside stress and distractions, allowing you to focus clearly.

Deep meditation creates the fertile environment necessary to achieve greater levels of understanding of yourself, others, and the world, leading to a mental state of enlightenment.

Meditation allows you to free your mind from the debilitating forces of stress, allowing you to explore your true creative side.

Stress, anxiety, and fear cause us to continually focus on ourselves and our own issues. As you become more experienced through meditation you’ll develop the skills needed to take control of your thought processes, ascending yourself to a stage of enlightenment, truly connecting with those around you.

The English term enlightenment is the Western translation of various Buddhist terms, most notably bodhi and vimutti. The abstract noun bodhi (/ˈboʊdi/SanskritबोधिPalibodhi), means the knowledge or wisdom, or awakened intellect, of a Buddha.[web 1] The verbal root budh- means “to awaken,” and its literal meaning is closer to awakening. Although the term buddhi is also used in other Indian philosophies and traditions, its most common usage is in the context of BuddhismVimukti is the freedom from or release of the fetters and hindrances.

The term “enlightenment” was popularised in the Western world through the 19th-century translations of German-born philologist Max Müller. It has the Western connotation of general insight into transcendental truth or reality. The term is also being used to translate several other Buddhist terms and concepts, which are used to denote (initial) insight (prajna (Sanskrit), wu (Chinese), kensho and satori (Japanese));[1][2] knowledge (vidya); the “blowing out” (Nirvana) of disturbing emotions and desires; and the attainment of supreme Buddhahood (samyak sam bodhi), as exemplified by Gautama Buddha.

What exactly constituted the Buddha’s awakening is unknown. It may probably have involved the knowledge that liberation was attained by the combination of mindfulness and dhyāna, applied to the understanding of the arising and ceasing of craving. The relation between dhyana and insight is a core problem in the study of Buddhism, and is one of the fundamentals of Buddhist practice.

In the Western world, the concept of (spiritual) enlightenment has taken on a romantic meaning. It has become synonymous with self-realization and the true self and false self, being regarded as a substantial essence being covered over by social conditioning.[3][page needed][4][5][6][page needed]

Some great meditation music that helps remove negative blockages and erase subconscious negative patterns.

I am writing down some enlightenment I obtained during meditation to help me as I write my book series Gail: The Complete Series. It comes to me as knowledge that I seem to absorb during meditation. It is not a voice, words or thoughts. I just seem to absorb knowledge and gain clarity or understanding about certain aspects of the multiverses or the universe.

I did quite a bit of meditating on Aug. 29, 2022. Here is some enlightenment I got:

Jesus and God the Father are both the universe or multiverses themselves. However, God the Father pretty much leaves Jesus’s pet project, which is this particular universe which contains earth, alone, and lets Jesus run it on His own. So God is not dealing directly with Jesus’s pet project, the earth and the universe that earth is in. God only interferes when He senses the moral laws in his universe have been violated by Jesus himself and He needs to interfere to correct that. This is what happened during the Battle of the Gods, when God cancelled the Bible.

God the Father has sensed Gail’s sincere regrets or repentance for any disrespect (even if only briefly) Gail may have shown him and appreciates it and deeply forgives her. He appreciates the love Gail feels for Him and for Jesus.

Satan and his followers are like a cancer in Jesus’s body (which is the Universe or multiverses themselves). Jesus attempts to partition off that cancer so that it does not affect the rest of his body but it does affect his body and causes him pain. When his followers do the Gail Commandments, meditate and follow the moral laws in the Universe, we act like chemotherapy on that cancer. When we follow the moral laws of the Universe we are like chemotherapy on the cancer in Jesus’s body. But when we violate the moral laws of the Universe or go against them, we feed the cancer and strengthen it, which is why Satan likes to get us to go into negative emotions or to do things or have attitudes that go against the moral laws in the Universe. Satan gets stronger whenever any of us violates a moral law in the Universe or adopts Satan’s mindset or negative emotions. This is why Satan likes to get us upset, to worry and to get riled up over things, because this strengthens him.

Despite the cancers in Jesus’s body (Jesus’s body is the universe itself), Jesus is currently experiencing deep joy and is at peace, knowing that our future is glorious. We do not need to worry, for this reason.

No voices, messages or thoughts that come to our minds are coming from Jesus. If we receive any voices, messages or thoughts, they are coming from demonic sources. He is not dealing with us anymore in this manner. Enlightenment during meditation is just knowledge that we absorb during meditation. It just happens “sometimes” during meditation without any thoughts, words or messages.

Jesus will, on occasion, deal with Satan directly to help Gail. But he won’t be dealing with Gail directly anymore. But he does care when Satan gets too out of hand and will on occasion deal with Satan directly for this reason.

Jesus has a special regard and deep love for the human Gail and the goddess Lakshmi. He also has a special regard for those who love and support Gail, like Gail’s men. These are parts of his body (the multiverses) that he enjoys very much and he will, on occasion, send “feelers” to these parts of his body to indicate his pleasure and may choose to give enlightenment to either of us, when we meditate. These “feelers” only happen during meditation and usually come in the form of enlightenment. They are not limited to Gail and Lakshmi though. He will on occasion do this for others of his favorites, like Buddha, Brent or one of Gail’s men. Satan likes to interfere with these “feelers” and immediately starts talking to Gail with messages or thoughts, which Jesus will never be doing for Gail. This makes Jesus very angry, when Satan does this.

Because Satan had complete disregard for Jesus as his BFF, even if Satan gets right, Jesus does not plan to reinstate the BFF relationship he had with Lucifer before Lucifer turned to evil. What God the Father chooses to do with the special relationship He had with Lucifer before Satan became bad, is up to God the Father. But Jesus himself has no plans to be BFF with Lucifer ever again, simply because he does not trust Lucifer with this type of closeness. Apparently, Satan has so badly abused the special relationship Jesus had with him that Jesus does not want to risk repeating that mistake again.

Jesus considers himself to have a special relationship, kind of like the BFF he had with Lucifer before Lucifer became bad, with both Gail and the goddess Lakshmi. He feels he can trust both of us not to abuse a BFF relationship, like Satan did. This is just a special relationship. It is not marriage or sex in any manner, but more like a BFF relationship. Though Jesus has no need for an emotional connection with any part of his body, he does enjoy certain parts of his body more than others and this is how he feels about Gail and Lakshmi. But he gets in moods where he may want to visit other parts of his body, so others do not need to feel neglected and Gail and Lakshmi are very generous and don’t want Jesus all to themselves.

Even though Jesus is asexual and aromantic in a supreme deity sense, he could marry, just to set an example. However, his special relationships with his favorites suffice for him, and he is full of deep joy over these relationships. For this reason, Jesus has chosen not to marry.

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