How to find Heaven and God through Jesus Christ

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“Dear Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I admit that I’m a sinner and that the blood you shed on that cross paid for my sins. Thank you for dying for me and shedding your blood to pay for my sins. I accept your death on the cross as the way to God, as the way to heaven. Please save me now. I accept the payment you made for my sins on the cross and thank you for doing this for me. Please save me now. Thank you, for rising again from the dead, to show that you are God and that You have the power to save me from my sins, so that I can go to heaven when I die. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.”

If you have said this prayer and meant it, please read the following section:

This prayer may help bring the Holy Spirit into your life, which will help guide you on your path.

Because God the Father has cancelled the Bible, the prophecies in the Bible will no longer be fulfilled. The Bible is to be viewed as a history book. You can read it to get wisdom about how to deal with your life’s problems, but remember that all future prophecies will not be fulfilled. There will be no rapture, no millennial reign of Christ and no tribulation (though Jesus did say that I and my men were going through what the tribulation saints would be going through). I am very steeped in evangelical Christian doctrine and have had to make a lot of adjustments in my approach to my faith, since God cancelled the Bible.

When Jesus died on the cross he paid for the sins of mankind, meaning that it is now possible for humans to go to heaven when they died, as long as they stay on their path and have good intentions in their attempt to live a life that honors true love. By following Jesus, it means you want to honor true love in your life, because this is what Jesus stands for. His death on the cross made it so that despite our sin nature, which we inherited from our parents, as a result of Adam and Eve’s fall, that we can go to heaven when we die. A payment needed to be made for humans (Jesus Christ’s pet project), because we have all fallen short of God’s standards.

Just view the Bible as a valuable history book that has true stories from which you can learn valuable historical and spiritual lessons. Do not take the prophecies seriously though, because they have been cancelled as of April 2022.

Jesus is very loving and vast and likes variety, so choose your path and make sure it honors true love and you will be following Jesus. Jesus is very much like his dad and is just as vast.

Though Jesus made the payment for the sins of mankind, this does not mean you have to necessarily be a Jesus follower to get to heaven. It just means if he didn’t make the payment, there would probably be less humans in heaven. All those who have good intentions and are doing their best to honor love I believe will go to heaven regardless of which path they take.

Jesus is best friends with Buddha, so you can follow and honor Jesus taking several paths. There are an infinite number of deities out there and several of them now live on Church of Gail. We have Buddha, Lakshmi (who is Hindu) and others. Each deity sponsors a particular religion or way of approaching the light, truth and love paths in the Universe.

Though deities can have flaws, usually they don’t go to sins, but it can happen. There are some evil deities in the Universe like Shakpona and Kali. Those who want to follow my dear friend Jesus, will need to honor true love in their life, because he is the deity that is for true love. I suggest those that want to follow Jesus, follow me at my website and follow me as I chart a new spiritual path while Jesus re-brands himself after God cancelled his Bible prophecies.

Jesus’s dad instructed Jesus to base his new religion off of the Gail Commandments. So, to follow Jesus, do them. Jesus will be jumping off from this and we shall see where He goes.

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Meditation can also be helpful. Like I say, follow me as I chart a new path while Jesus re-brands himself.

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