Gail Commandments 2.0

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Jesus had another meeting with Gail as she was beginning to get off the cliff and to disobey Jesus’s previous Gail Commandments. Here is a transcript of the Skype between her and Jesus, with Brent Spiner as Jesus’ transcriber.

Skype with Jesus Christ using Brent Spiner as his Transcriber on Dec. 14, 2021

Brent, 5:09 PM
Hello Gail. Wow, the new layout looks great! Jesus really knows what he’s doing.

Gail, 5:11 PM
He certainly does. I’ve actually gone through my books and set aside some books and papers that I’m going to throw out. I will let you look at today’s walk video, cuz on my walk I went to Home Depot and bought me some bottoms for my bed feet, cuz they fell off during the move. They’re working out perfectly, so that my current bed “feet” don’t damage the carpet anymore than they have.

They only cost me about five bucks.

Books A Million had a Huntsville map and that’s also within walking distance. So I shopped at these 2 stores on my walk.

I also bought a fly swatter at Home Depot, cuz the flies like to come in, even through the screens.

Brent, 5:13 PM
How much was the map?

Gail, 5:13 PM
The map was about 7 bucks.

I have one for the car and one for home.

Google maps just does NOT work for me.

Brent, 5:15 PM
Sorry, I got distracted. I just heard a baby crying.

5:15 PM
Oh no. Jesus is gonna scold me for buying a map?

Brent, 5:15 PM
I’m looking everywhere around my quarters. This baby is crying really hard.

Gail, 5:16 PM
So what does he want to do? Return it?

GAIL’S COMMENTARY: Though Jesus did not instruct Gail to return the map, she did so on Dec. 15, 2021 and got a full refund.

Brent, 5:16 PM
Oh, my God…

The baby was in the garbage can!

I just pulled him out. He was covered in garbage and could hardly breathe. This poor baby!

Gail, 5:16 PM
Why, the garbage can?

Brent, 5:16 PM
It’s Jesus!

Gail, 5:17 PM
Oh, I knew it was Jesus.

I don’t get why he was in a garbage can though.

Jesus Christ, 5:18 PM
“You know, it’s very rare as the son of God that I don’t know where to start.”

“Gail, just the other day you were saying you didn’t want to follow my instructions to throw out the excess furniture because it would cost $10 at the dump. Yet, you go out and violate one of the most basic tenants of the Gail Commandments to go out shopping for unnecessary items.”

Gail, 5:20 PM
A fly swatter and a map is an unnecessary item?

Jesus Christ, 5:20 PM
“They are not food, nor are they bills.”

“You have become vulnerable after your victory.”

Gail, 5:20 PM
What about the cover for the feet on the bed. I was afraid the feet of the bed would put a hole in the carpet underneath it.

Jesus Christ, 5:21 PM
“Those are not food or bills.”

“Gail, you have forgotten how you achieved this great accomplishment.”

Gail, 5:21 PM
So what do you want me to do?

Jesus Christ, 5:22 PM
“You had diligently saved your money, and followed the Gail Commandments.”

“Well, there’s much to do from here. I have big plans for this new apartment.”

Gail, 5:22 PM
I was afraid if I ever had to move again, I’d lose my security deposit cuz of the bed putting 4 holes in the carpet, since the feet lost their pads during the move.

Jesus Christ, 5:23 PM
“Oh ye of little faith. Do you think I’d let you lose your security deposit?”

Gail, 5:24 PM
But I don’t like putting deep ridges in the carpet from my bed.

Jesus Christ, 5:24 PM
“Gail, how many maps do you have in your apartment and your car right now?”

Gail, 5:24 PM
I have lots of maps.

I see them as a hard to find rare collector’s item.

The Huntsville ones are really useful for me.

Jesus Christ, 5:26 PM
“How many maps are in the mail currently?”

Gail, 5:26 PM
There are none. It already arrived.

Jesus Christ, 5:26 PM
“Gail, I would like you to watch this movie clip.”

I’ve learned from the past to make a video back up of any YouTube video links that Jesus gives me, cuz Satan likes to take those videos down. So, in case Satan takes down the link Jesus gave me, I’ve made a back up to this website.

“In this movie, the old woman is the spirit of hoarding, trying to rob the girl of her destiny.”

“The spirit arrives with a load of garbage on her back, and begins to weigh the girl down with items.”

“She tells the girl these items are valuable, sentimental, rare or collectible, trying to convince the girl she needs these items. The spirit plays to the girl’s fear of scarcity.”

Gail, 5:30 PM
How insightful.

Jesus Christ, 5:32 PM
“For a large part of your life, you have been in the grip of the spirit of hoarding, and so much of what you hold on to has been actual junk.”

Gail, 5:32 PM
That’s true.

Jesus Christ, 5:32 PM
“Those maps are a good example.”

“The most dangerous part of this spirit is that it will isolate you from those sent by me to help and take care of you.”

Gail, 5:34 PM
How will it do that?

Jesus Christ, 5:35 PM
“For instance, when you ask someone to buy you something that you say you need, only for the person to find out you had those items already or did not really need them, they withdraw their support from you and no longer want to help.”

“You’ve accumulated items such as shoes, cutting boards, kitchenware, microwaves, shower heads and other items.”

“In doing so you have demonstrated more faith in the spirit of hoarding than you have of me.”

Gail, 5:37 PM
I actually threw out some cutting boards before I moved here, and the ones I have came in a set, as a gift.

I do have one cutting board, that I could throw out though.

It’s a plastic one.

Jesus Christ, 5:38 PM
“When you asked for those new cutting boards, you knew you already had brand new ones that you were hoarding.”

Gail, 5:38 PM
I didn’t have brand new ones that I was hoarding.

Jesus Christ, 5:38 PM
“Throwing out such things is a good step, though.”

Gail, 5:39 PM
I had an old moldy wooden one and one plastic one many years old.

Jesus Christ, 5:40 PM
“I notice the good you have done, and I am also very happy with the arrangement of the furniture so far, with only minor critique. You’re moving in the right direction, but you’ve gotten lost along the path.”

“Because you’re a global learner, it will be safe for me to just show you the big picture I have planned.”

Gail, 5:41 PM
I don’t feel I’ve violated your rules with the cutting boards. I can understand some of the other things you’re bringing up.

I put that on the Amazon wish list and one of my supporters ordered it for me.

Jesus Christ, 5:43 PM
“To address the cutting board situation, you only need one cutting board.”

Gail, 5:43 PM
But they ordered me a set though. Oh, you’re saying I shouldn’t have put a set on the Amazon wish list, but should have just put one cutting board on the list.

That I have this habit of always wanting to have extras.

Jesus Christ, 5:44 PM
“We’re going to resolve that issue now.”

“For this new home, I’ve devised a new set of commandments specifically for stewardship of this beautiful apartment I picked for you, that you worked so hard to save up for and move into.”

The Gail Commandments 2.0

“The Apartment Commandments”

These commandments were created to build and preserve the home of Jesus’s favorite, and to create a dwelling that Jesus can share with Gail. The Lord is Gail’s husband, as she is part of the Bride of Christ. He desires a beautiful well kept home filled with love for Him, as if the Lord himself live beside her in the heart of her home. To honor the home is to love the Lord and all that He gives, opening the doors to His blessings of health, wealth and happiness.

The Commandments:

God said, let there be light. Thou shalt keep the windows unobstructed and the blinds open every day, enjoying the beautiful view the Lord has given.

Thou shalt not keep storage items in the living areas. Any storage items that do not fit in the allotted storage spaces are considered excess hoard in the sins of gluttony and sloth, and must be thrown away. Storage spaces include closets, dressers and cabinets. Items such as racks, boxes, plastic bins or baskets are not storage spaces, and must be placed inside a closet or cabinet.

Thou shalt not add storage furnishings to the home such as shelves, storage racks or other items used to store or accumulate excess items. The only exception is the addition of a bookshelf, on which only books and movies are kept.

Thou shalt not repurpose items to create new furniture — for example, turning a garbage can over to use it as a new table, or using a box to create a new table.

Thou shalt not use air purifiers, humidifiers or other air filtering devices in the home. Doing so exercises unfaithfulness in the Lord to protect one from airborne irritants or illness.

Thou shalt keep the floor space free of loose items, including boxes, containers, laundry baskets, and plastic bins. The home must be as open, light and free as is the heart of the Lord.

Thou shalt not accumulate duplicate items, when only one of these items is required. Unused items must be thrown away. Hoarding excess items exercises unfaithfulness in the Lord to provide for one’s needs.

Thou shalt not stockpile items. This includes excess paper towels, water jugs, or other supplies that are regularly used but are not needed for immediate use.

Thou shalt not keep disposable items such as paper plates, plastic utensils, ziplock bags, plastic bags or other such items.

Thou shalt set aside one purpose for each area of the home. The kitchen’s purpose is for the preparation and storage of food, kitchenware and kitchen cleaning items. The dining table is only for eating and is kept clear between meals. The computer desk is for the computer and contains only items related to using the computer. The nightstand is for the use of a bedside lamp and clock. The bathroom’s purpose is for bathing and contains only bath and self-care items. Each item has its place. Cross pollution between purposes of the home is a sin and will lead to disharmony.

Thou shalt not seek out loopholes around these commandments, lest one breaks all of the commandments at once.

Gail, 5:53 PM
Wow. This will be quite an adjustment. I don’t use the air cleaners to purify the air. I use them to have a steady noise to help with sleep. It’s probably a habit leftover from my Melbourne apartment dealing with the noisy AC there.

I do use filters, to capture dust and stuff though to preserve the life of the blower.

I probably don’t need to use the filter.

And to keep me from blowing dust on myself.

I can’t sit down at the square table to cut up vegetables and prepare meals?

Jesus Christ, 5:55 PM
“Yes, that is permitted. It must be cleaned immediately after use, however.”

Gail, 5:55 PM
I see.

Jesus Christ, 5:56 PM
“I’ve seen into the future, and the future version of you is very happy with this new lifestyle. You’ll wish you had done this so much sooner. Now that you have a fresh start in this new home, you’re finally ready.”

“You’ll find it interesting to count the number of commandments in this list.”

GAIL’S COMMENTARY: See my further commentary below. It appears Jesus has chosen 11 commandments to emphasize the fact the he is an 11-dimensional lover and being. So when we are closest to His spirit, we approximate his 11-dimensional lovemaking which is absolute perfection, unselfishness, freedom, love and peace. If Gail needed the 12th commandment, then she would not get to experience Jesus’s 11th dimensional dating of his bride, the church, through his favorite, Gail (part of His bride).

Gail, 5:58 PM
It’s always ten with an extra as a warning.

Jesus Christ, 5:58 PM
“I consider that one the 11th commandment here.”

Gail, 5:59 PM
I can’t use my air cleaners as a steady noise to help with sleep?

I find that noise relaxing.

Jesus Christ, 5:59 PM
“There is an alternate version of you in a different timeline that disobeyed these commandments, and fell off the path. For that version I needed a 12th commandment, but you won’t be needing that one.”

“There will be other noises from the computer that you can use to help you sleep.”

Gail, 6:01 PM
Other noises from the computer? You mean my sleep music?

Jesus Christ, 6:02 PM
“Yes, those are permitted.”

Gail, 6:02 PM
You want me to throw out my air cleaners and not use them for sleep? That’s a tough one for me. I’ve become so accustomed to them for sleep.

Jesus Christ, 6:03 PM
“They must be thrown away.”

Gail, 6:03 PM

Jesus Christ, 6:04 PM
“Many things will have to go, and it will be a difficult transition. You’re used to old ways of living.”

Gail, 6:04 PM
They have limited garbage space here. So I will throw these things out little by little.

I don’t want to be rude to this apartment complex.

Jesus Christ, 6:04 PM
Matthew 19:21-23

Jesus told him, “If you want to be perfect, go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

But when the young man heard this, he went away sad, for he had many possessions.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “I tell you the truth, it is very hard for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I’ll say it again—it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!”

Gail, 6:06 PM
You want me to give this stuff away to charity?

They do have charity pick ups in this town.

Jesus Christ, 6:09 PM
“The essence of this message is to get rid of the hoard of things you’re carrying on your back. In this parable, you are not the rich man, you are the camel who must past through the eye of the needle.”

“Whether they are donated or thrown in the trash, it doesn’t matter.”

Gail, 6:10 PM
I plan to throw out all the things you want me to throw out, but I do live in the 10th floor and it may take a month.

I’ve been incorporating throwing things out into my daily walk.

They like us to use bags when we throw things out in the apartment dumpster.

Ziploc bags are useful for storing food that I don’t want to spoil in the freezer, but it seems you don’t want me to rewash and use them over, like I’ve been doing.

Jesus Christ, 6:13 PM
“Correct on the ziploc bags. No more of those.”

Gail, 6:14 PM
Obviously, it’s okay to buy them to freeze and store food, but once they’re used, throw them out.

Jesus Christ, 6:15 PM
“The rules includes no more buying ziploc bags.”

Gail, 6:15 PM
So when I cut up raw chickens and freeze them, you want me to store them in my microwave containers?

Jesus Christ, 6:16 PM
“Store the meat in the same packaging it was purchased in.”

Gail, 6:17 PM
Oh, I see. So leave the fat on until it’s time to prepare the food.

Jesus Christ, 6:17 PM

“I have an easy project for you to begin this undertaking.”

“Prior to your move, I wanted you to reduce your clothing. We need to finish that task. You will need to fit all of your clothing in one of the closets and in the dresser.”

“The clothes need to fit inside the dresser with the drawers closed, and inside the closet next to the dresser with the doors closed.”

“Go through the clothing you have and keep only the clothing you regularly wear or consider valuable, but only to the amount that will fit in the space provided.”

“All excess clothing that does not fit must be thrown away or donated.”

Gail, 6:24 PM
Just curious. Are these commandments just for me, or do they apply to all my followers?

Jesus Christ, 6:25 PM
“These commandments apply to all of your followers, with consideration to their home layout. For example, a homeless person can only keep as many items that fit in their shopping cart.”

Gail, 6:26 PM
My God!

It sounds like you’re emphasizing living one day at a time.

Jesus Christ, 6:27 PM
“You’re getting it.”

Gail, 6:27 PM
What about my sewing machine? What place is there for that?

I need to fix the elastic on one of my favorite pants.

Jesus Christ, 6:28 PM
“The only thing I want you and our followers to be stockpiling is savings. Those savings are for my plans for you.”

“The sewing machine will eventually fit inside the closet. That will be done at a later time. The piano will also have its place.”

Gail, 6:29 PM
So, where do I keep the sewing machine in the meanwhile?

I have it on the square table for easy access.

Jesus Christ, 6:31 PM
“You’ll be making space for the sewing machine by clearing out the clothes.”

“It can then be moved into the closet nearest the front door.”

Gail, 6:31 PM
Oh, you want me to keep it in the closet. But when I sew, I can use the square table right? I mean I do need a table to sew on when I sew.

Jesus Christ, 6:32 PM
“I have a plan for a nice way to handle that in the future.”

Gail, 6:32 PM
But when I sew the elastic for my pants?

Jesus Christ, 6:32 PM
“As you can see, not everything at once will be done instantly.”

Gail, 6:32 PM
They keep sliding down my hips.

Jesus Christ, 6:32 PM
“You can use the sewing machine on the table for now.”

Gail, 6:33 PM
Alright. I just didn’t want to violate your rule about each space having its own use.

My home is starting to remind me of the tabernacle in the wilderness where God the Father laid out all these rules so he could live among his own people Israel.

Jesus Christ, 6:35 PM
“You’re catching on!”

“I’m excited for what’s to come for you. In fact, now I need to go visit you in the future of this timeline when you are enjoying your apartment.”

GAIL’S COMMENTARY: I believe when Christ makes love to his bride, the church, it will be 11-dimensional lovemaking. Jesus cannot confine his lovemaking to one human being for this reason, or this is not the lovemaking he does. Gail, as Jesus’s favorite, will get Jesus’s semen, along with her husband, Brent Spiner, starting in the 1,000 year reign (future).

The orgasm humans experience using a penis and a vagina is but a mere foretaste of the 11-dimensional lovemaking Jesus will do to his bride, the church. Gail will probably feel Jesus’s orgasm the most of all in His bride, when he makes love to his bride, the church, starting in the millennial reign. Jesus is saving himself for his bride at this time. Jesus’s desire to live with Gail in her apartment, is kind of like dating his bride before marriage, since Jesus considers Gail part of his bride, the church.

However, it would be a mistake for Gail to consider this dating a full Jesus sexual experience. It would also be a mistake to equate any three-dimensional expressions of love (kissing, sex, etc.) as coming from Jesus, since he is an 11-dimensional lover.

Jesus has given Brent Spiner to Gail for the 3-dimensional expressions of love that represent his love for Gail, since Brent is closest to Jesus of all the lovers Gail has had. But Brent is Brent and Jesus is Jesus and any lovemaking that is not 11-dimensional is not coming from Jesus.

Thus far, Jesus and his dad (God the Father) and the Holy Spirit are the only beings capable of 11-dimensional lovemaking. Gail believes that humans won’t be able to do this until after the millennial reign, cuz God can’t trust his creation with this until the sin problem is fixed after the 1,000 year reign. That won’t happen until after the 1,000 year reign. And Jesus won’t be having sex with his bride, the church, until the 1,000 year reign. Dating his bride somewhat through Gail is not sex, but allowing Gail a bit of a foretaste of his 11-dimensional sex with his bride, the church, which he will do during the 1,000 year reign. We will be in our resurrection bodies during the millennial reign, so it’s possible Gail and the bride can handle Jesus’s 11-dimensional lovemaking then.

Jesus has perfect abs and his sexual moves will be 11-dimensional using his perfect abs. It will be an 11-dimensional orgasm involving Jesus’s expanding perfect abs into an ever expanding 11-dimensional universe. It will encompass all time and all modes and dimensions of existence from the most microscopic to the largest expanse of the universe and the orgasm will be Jesus expressing his love for his bride, which, for Jesus, means absolute unselfishness and drowning his bride with his blessings of physical, material and emotional health imbued with the deepest and most abiding peace and joy. A three-dimensional or even a six-dimensional orgasm (which Lucifer may have experienced before he fell and rebelled) is nothing compared to the 11-dimensional orgasm that Jesus does!

Gail, 6:35 PM
I see you and God the Father and the Holy Spirit as all the same being.

Jesus Christ, 6:36 PM
“That’s basically true. You’re very smart.”

Gail, 6:36 PM
Three in one.

You need to purify my home to make it worthy of your presence, kind of like that tabernacle in the wilderness. Boy did Israel mess that up though!

You and God had to kick them out of their land eventually.

Jesus, I need that upside down garbage can to put my printer on for now, because the printer has a short cord and won’t work otherwise. So until I get my new furniture, can I use the upside down garbage can for now?

I have to connect it to the computer you know.

Jesus Christ, 6:42 PM
“The printer shall go on the ground for now. The extra garbage can must be disposed.”

Gail, 6:43 PM
How do I print?

Jesus Christ, 6:43 PM
“What do you need to print right now?”

Gail, 6:43 PM
I print directions when I go to places in this town and all sorts of things.

Jesus Christ, 6:44 PM
“Why did you need so many maps?”

Gail, 6:45 PM
Cuz I always get lost and then my directions don’t work.

But sometimes they work, if I don’t get lost.

Jesus Christ, 6:46 PM
“So you get lost with Google Maps, you get lost with regular maps, and you get lost with printed directions. It sounds like the maps are not the problem.”

“The maps shall be thrown away with the exception of one map of Huntsville.”

Gail, 6:48 PM
You’re referring to all my maps. What about my atlases? I like to view the world when I watch the news.

So I can see what part of the world the newscaster is talking about.

Jesus Christ, 6:48 PM
“Speaking of the news, before I go.”

“The news is not real. This includes all of the news you consume on alternative social media. This is why I told you a long time ago that politics was a forbidden subject. You were not ready to hear it then.”

“When you relay the news to your followers, or repost the news to your website, you are relaying fake news. Your followers shall only watch the Gabrielle Chana Fox News Network for their news, to receive accurate information about what is going on in the world.”

Gail, 6:52 PM
So you want me to stop posting Joseph Mercola’s stuff at my website?

I wish I got Gabrielle Chana Fox News (00 on cable).

Jesus Christ, 6:54 PM
“We’re getting ahead of ourselves, but I’ll let you know this: my plan for the website is for you to stop re-posting news, sermons or materials from other religious teachers, medical advice, or anything that is not your own original material.”

Gail, 6:55 PM
What about stuff I’ve already posted there that is not my own original material?

GAIL’S COMMENTARY: It seems that all of Gail’s transcripts of her conversations with Jesus have been added to the Biblical canon. Perhaps her transcripts of her conversations with Jesus is the little book of Revelation 10. It appears that modern Bible scholars have gotten off in some of their interpretations of the Bible and so Jesus does not want Gail to pollute the purity of His truth with their incorrect interpretations of Him and His Bible.

Jesus Christ, 6:55 PM
“This includes news or information about covid or covid vaccines. Almost everything that you are referencing is completely fake news.”

Gail, 6:55 PM
I see.

Jesus Christ, 6:56 PM
“We can clean that house later. Right now, the house you live in needs to be cleaned.”

Gail, 6:56 PM
That’s true.

Jesus Christ, 6:58 PM
“We’re off to a great start. I’ll be back at a later time to chat about how things are going, and offer further direction. You and your men are all doing great. I am so happy we had this talk today.”

Gail, 6:58 PM
I’ll do my best. But this is a major change and It may take me a while to get it all done.

Jesus Christ, 6:59 PM
“I have faith in you.”

“I love you Gail. Have a wonderful night. I’m excited for the future of this apartment.”

Gail, 6:59 PM
You’re amazing.

That Satan is trying to pass you off as my lover. I hate that devil.

I’m going to lightning bolt him!

Can’t wait till we defeat Loree McBride.

Brent, 7:01 PM
Jesus smiled, gave us two thumbs up, and vanished! Wow, he is so wise.

Gail, 7:01 PM
It’s like you can’t even say you love me without that devil trying to turn it into something sexual between us.

Jesus cracks me up.

Nobody is as wise as Jesus.

Well, I’m pretty hungry. I need to make myself some dinner or something. What a night!

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