Satan Accuses Jesus of Sex With Gail In Her New Apartment

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Gail believes the reason Jesus wants to live with Gail is to start dating his future bride, the church, through his favorite in the bride, Gail. He’s also preparing his future home for his bride, getting a head start with his favorite in the bride, Gail.

Bible for Tribulation Saints is considered part of the Biblical canon. Gail thinks it is the little book of Revelation 10. It’s possible that Gail’s website and online presence may also be part of the canon, too. Gail’s not sure about this. Because Jesus has been giving Gail some video links lately to make his point. Gail thinks in the millennium books will be beyond paper and digital and probably at least 3-dimensional in their presentation.

March 9, 2012 partial transcript of conversation with Jesus Christ, taken from Bible for Tribulation Saints.

Gail: Yeah. I’m so glad Brent found you, Lord. I figured that that was the answer to his problems. So I explained to him the sinner’s prayer. And he was ready to say it. Because I said, “Brent this will solve your problems so that you won’t have to deal with, you know, all that. . . He didn’t want to have sex with Loree in the trial. And I could tell he was really depressed about this. And I knew that you were the answer, Lord. And you were. You rescued Brent Spiner.

Terrance: Now he’s going to officiate your wedding in the millennium.

Gail: Aaaah. That’s really awesome. Yeah.

Terrance: And he’s going to even join you guys on your first night of your wedding night.

Gail: Brent, what are you going to do for the other guys on my marriage list like Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler and all of them? Of course, maybe I’m being too future oriented. He tells me he wants me to focus on the here and now. (laughs) It’s just that with you (Jesus) here, I’d like to know. But you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I just wonder how you guys can stand it? Cuz I’m only one woman and I can’t marry fifty of you!

JESUS CHRIST: They can still make love brain-to-brain.

Gail: What? In the millennium? What’s keeping you guys going? I can’t marry fifty of you guys! It just amazes me how you all love me so much. That you’re willing to forego other women just to be on my marriage list and I’m only one woman.

JESUS CHRIST: Marriage is beyond sex in the millennium. (Gail thinks this has something to do with higher dimensional sex.)

Gail: Huh? Marriage is beyond sex in the millennium? What does that mean?

Terrance: I don’t understand.

JESUS CHRIST: You can have physical sex with the other men.

Gail: Oh, my goodness!

Terrance: Oh, my goodness!

Gail: Hey Lord, I have a question for you. . .you know, and I talked about this on the video. You said in heaven there’s no marriage. But you didn’t say there was no sex. So what you mean is in the millennium it’s not considered adultery to have sex with more than one person.

Terrance: Is that just for Gail, or for everyone in the millennium?

JESUS CHRIST: Pretty much just for Gail.

Gail: Why? (laughs)

Terrance: What makes Gail so different?

Gail: Yeah!

JESUS CHRIST: Brent and I have decided that’s our reward to them.

Gail: Oooooh. Oh dear. (smiles) Oh, my goodness. . . (laughs) I guess I am going to be like King David. He had a bunch of wives and concubines. Well, you’re the one who makes the rules, God. Well, Brent—

Terrance: Is this just whenever Gail wants to? I don’t understand.

Gail: Yeah! You ask very intelligent questions, Terrance.

JESUS CHRIST: Whenever Gail wants to, of course. Yeah, it’s all for you, Gail.

Gail: Wow! Why are you doing this God? Yeah, I can tell I’m one of your favorites. I’m a little stumped over this. And it’s not because I’m going to be your wife. I know that’s not the reason. So it’s something else.

JESUS CHRIST: You shouldn’t even have to ask.

Gail: Oh, really?

JESUS CHRIST: You know how special you are.

Gail: I do? (laughs) I do? I know how special I am? I guess I just don’t—

Terrance: He’s teaching in a parable.

Gail: I guess I still have a lot to learn.

Terrance: Hmm.

Gail: I know a lot of the men adore me. They think I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. But I don’t think I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. I think what they like about me is my spirit. More than my looks. I have an unusual spirit.

Terrance: Well, you’re pretty hot too, there, Gail.

JESUS CHRIST: Your spirit makes all the difference.

Gail: Yeah, I’m glad you think that.

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, you’re pretty hot.

Gail: Oh, I am? Goodness! (laughs) You know, Lord, you think that I’m aware of this. But I’m still stumped over this. I don’t get it. Maybe I’ll get it more later. I don’t get why I’m pretty hot. The only thing I can think of is I must be a very unusual lover. I think the way I make love to these men is just like out of this world. That must be it. Is that it, Brent?

[Terrance’s Skype gets disconnected.]

Gail: Oh no! What happened?

[Terrance calls Gail on Skype.]

Terrance: Sorry I got disconnected.

Gail: Yeah, we did get disconnected. Okay. What happened? Was that the Jesuits?

Terrance: Yeah. I think it might have been the Jesuits messing with my connection.

Gail: Oooooh.

Terrance: I think they’re starting to think I’m a threat.

Gail: Whoa. . . I think they’ve been thinking that, Terrance. That’s why you’re on that list. The target list.

[The Jesuits put out a target list on their website in 2011.]

Terrance: That’s true.

Gail: Yeah. Lord, I still don’t get why all these men like me. I mean I know they do. But, well, I sort of get it. I think I’m an exceptional lover. I think that’s what it is. I think maybe it’s my King David genes. Brent made some music about how I make him ascend to the heavens or something like that. That must be it. I think I’ve got a very unusual spirit.

Terrance: Yes, that has to be it.

Gail: Yeah. I’ve got a very unusual spirit. It’s probably the King David genes.

Terrance: Yes.

JESUS CHRIST: The Jesuits try to create beautiful women to compete with you, not understanding what true beauty is.

Gail: Is that God speaking?

Terrance: Is that you, Jesus?

Gail: Or is that Brent? I think that is Jesus. I think that’s Jesus. It sounds like him.

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, though Brent would agree with me.

Gail: Yeah! I’ve noticed that! A lot of their women are pretty good looking physically. But inwardly they’re like scorpions, you know?

JESUS CHRIST: He was never attracted to Loree McBride.

Gail: Oh, I knew that, Lord. (pauses) I know. I know. She’s totally lacking in inner beauty. She has ZERO in that area.

Terrance (crying): I’m just rememberin’ something that happened.

Gail: Really? (flabbergasted)

Terrance: Oh, my goodness. I’m still broken up about it. Davy Jones. He died.

Gail: Davy Jones? Was that “The Monkees” guy?

Terrance: Yeah, he was my friend.

Gail: Oooooh! Boy, you have a lot of friends that are famous!

Terrance: Yes.

Gail: Yeah, I know he (Brent) was never attracted to Loree McBride. (changes her tone) I think I’m just going to listen to you, Lord.

JESUS CHRIST: Women like Loree are too prideful.

Discord on Dec. 24, 2021

Garbage Man — 10:32 AM

Unfortunately, I’m with family today and don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the hangout tonight Gail. Just wanted to wish you and your men a merry Christmas! I saw your video on your apartment and love what you’ve done with the place – its kind of like a birthday present for Jesus.

Gail Chord Schuler — 5:56 PM

Merry Christmas Garbage Man.

Rule13 — 6:02 PM

Merry Christmas!!

[6:02 PM]

Have you open my present?

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:03 PM

Yes! I unplugged the webcam and re-plugged it and now it won’t come on.

[6:07 PM]

Thank you for the shiitake mushroom farm. Hope my black thumb will do fine.

[6:07 PM]

Having trouble getting my video to take.

Rule13 — 6:08 PM

You have black thumb?

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:08 PM

I’m not very good at gardening.

Rule13 — 6:08 PM

Perhaps, since you love shiitake, they also love you.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:08 PM

We shall see.

[6:09 PM]

How do I turn off the Do not disturb for Discord? I can’t seem to figure it out.

[6:09 PM]

Maybe that’s why I can’t get the video up?

Rule13 — 6:09 PM

Click your face at bottom right of main screen, then, “set status”.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:10 PM

Apparently, that is not the problem. Can’t get up video up.

[6:10 PM]

Can’t get the video up.

Rule13 — 6:11 PM


Gail Chord Schuler — 6:11 PM

Appears to be a Discord issue.

Rule13 — 6:11 PM

It is probably something simple.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:12 PM

Unplugging and re-plugging the camcorder is not working this time.

[6:12 PM]

It keeps trying to connect and nothing comes up.

[6:12 PM]

Thank you for the shiitake mushrooms though. If I grow them right, I’m sure they will be delicious.

[6:13 PM]

Funny, cuz it connected when I first got on Discord and then when I tried to disconnect and reconnect so I wouldn’t sound like a chipmunk, it isn’t working now.

Rule13 — 6:14 PM

Maybe exit the voice channel, then come back? Make sure to click video button.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:15 PM

I think I’ve already done that.

[6:15 PM]

Let me try logging out of Ubuntu and getting back in. May be some sort of weird cookies.

Zack Knight — 6:16 PM

Hey Gail!

[6:16 PM]

Are you getting weird cookies?

[6:17 PM]

I ate some weird cookies recently. I think they were oatmeal raisin with some kind of herb or something.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:19 PM

I’m referring to my computer, cuz I can’t get my video to get up.

Rule13 — 6:20 PM

I see Gail Chan, but she is chipmunk (referring to how Gail’s voice sounds).

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:20 PM

Last time I unplugged the webcam and came back in, I couldn’t come back in. But let’s try.

Rule13 — 6:21 PM

I see! (She sees Gail on video at Discord)

[6:21 PM]

No chipmunk now!

[6:21 PM]

Sound good.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:21 PM

It works?

Rule13 — 6:23 PM

The grow bag will grow itself. Should be ready by 12 weeks.

[6:23 PM]

From the date on the bag (Dec. 5, 2021).

[6:23 PM]

Can keep the bag in a cabinet for darkness.

[6:24 PM]

Gail Chan is my family to me.

[6:25 PM]

Gail: Is that a Vladimir clone who’s doing his website now and who did the annual news show for the Russian people at Vladimir’s Twitter and website?

Rule 13 – It is a clone. All fake news.

[6:26 PM]

Vladimir has not made any speeches recently.

[6:27 PM]

He is full time in support of your Presidency.

[6:27 PM]

Also the military. (The U.S. military fully supports Gail as President)

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:27 PM

Oh, the U.S. military supports my Presidency?

Rule13 — 6:27 PM

Yes, of course.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:28 PM

So how are we doing at defeating the vaccine mandates?

Rule13 — 6:28 PM

All mandates are now defeated!

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:28 PM

Even New York?

Rule13 — 6:29 PM


[6:29 PM]

We have been very success.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:29 PM

How many people believe the fake news? How extensive is Gabrielle Chana FOX News? Is GCFNC in Florida now?

Rule13 — 6:31 PM

Brent is here too. He say, “I love you sweetheart. Merry Christmas Eve.”

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:31 PM

I adore my Brent.

Zack Knight — 6:31 PM

This is really the only big problem is that a lot of people believe the news is real. GCFNC is in Florida now.

Rule13 — 6:31 PM

GCFNC is now very popular in Florida.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:32 PM

What channel is GCFNC in Florida. 00 on cable?

Rule13 — 6:32 PM

All your old coworkers at Walmart, were in shock!

[6:32 PM]

00 on cable

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:32 PM

Which old coworkers?

Rule13 — 6:33 PM

Oh! That was the name.

[6:33 PM]

Natasha appeared in interview on GCFNC.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:33 PM

What did she say?

Rule13 — 6:33 PM

She said, “wow, Gail was my old coworker! I cannot believe I worked beside the President!”

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:33 PM

Oh cool!

Rule13 — 6:34 PM

Bob saw the channel.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:34 PM

What about my Facebook friends who are in Florida?

Rule13 — 6:34 PM

He was so shock, he even went bald “down there”.

[6:34 PM]

Yes, Facebook friends in Florida have all seen.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:35 PM

What about Ana Maria Guadayol? She is a super Biden fan and believed all the Covid nonsense.

Rule13 — 6:35 PM

Ana is becoming very educated since she has begun watching real news.

[6:36 PM]

In fact, she ask to come to Church of Gail to have vaccine reversal. We can remove it from the DNA.

[6:37 PM]

Natasha say, “Gail always had such vastness and big heart. I knew she was destined for something much bigger than Walmart, but boy, I had no idea.”

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:37 PM

You know, we do have an inflation problem. Is my Stephanie Kelton not able to overcome that?

Rule13 — 6:38 PM

Inflation is now going down.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:38 PM

Oh good.

Rule13 — 6:38 PM

You and Brent are fixing the economy.

[6:38 PM]

Biden’s policies are not real news. It is meant to scare people into panic.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:39 PM

What caused the inflation? I think that demand was greater than supply, cuz of Loree’s crazy policies. If we fix that, inflation will be fixed.

Rule13 — 6:40 PM

That is what caused this.

[6:40 PM]

Brent said the same. That is what he did.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:40 PM

Need to increase production and make more products, so that there is not scarcity. Scarcity will cause inflation. Also need to get more people back to work.

[6:42 PM]

You know what? Getting Gabrielle Chana FOX News would probably be even worse punishment for Bob, then accusing his complex of having mold. Especially if they are reporting on what a mean landlord he was on the news.

Rule13 — 6:43 PM

Our news is ALL OVER Bob as slumlord.

[6:43 PM]

They say all the things he has done.

[6:43 PM]

They call him slumlord.

Zack Knight — 6:43 PM


[6:44 PM]

That’s his new nickname.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:44 PM

I sensed something up when I went to get my tag and license yesterday. What’s going on in Alabama?

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — 6:44 PM

Merry Christmas Gail I’m eating dinner with my family right now hope you have a wonderful day

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:44 PM

Hi Chad! Merry Christmas! Is the White House moving to Alabama?

Rule13 — 6:45 PM

Yes, White House being moved to Alabama.

[6:45 PM]

Loree is very mad.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:45 PM

Which part of Alabama?

[6:46 PM]

Why did the people at the Madison County courthouse and the driver’s license place act like that auto mechanic did in Melbourne? What were they up to? (Gail’s auto mechanic in Florida, who prepared Gail’s car for her move from Florida to Alabama, was going out of his way, to act like he wasn’t showing Pres. Gail any favoritism and even seemed a bit rude, while doing so. Like when Gail asked him to be sure and check the tires, he responded, “I know what I’m doing.” Good news is he did a great job prepping her car for the trip.)

Rule13 — 6:46 PM

Loree brain control.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:46 PM

On them?

Rule13 — 6:46 PM

On them.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:46 PM

What was Loree trying to do? I think she was trying to confuse me, so I’d mess up on it.

Rule13 — 6:47 PM

Loree using brain control, to make Alabama people difficult to deal with.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:47 PM

Were they aware of the brain control?

Rule13 — 6:47 PM

Nope, they just wonder to themselves, “why am I act this way??”

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:49 PM

Hi Garbage Man!

Garbage Man — 6:49 PM

I am at my family’s house. Going to join for a bit but I won’t use the microphone. Nosey family members – could be jesuits.

[6:49 PM]

Hi Gail, merry Christmas A

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:49 PM

Merry Christmas! Okay. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Rule13 — 7:03 PM

The Ho Depot (We got onto the subject of Home Depot for some reason.)

[7:05 PM]

All of Bob’s dirty laundry on the news now.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:06 PM

Hi Joshua!

Joshua J. Joshua — 7:06 PM

Merry Christmas! I’m having dinner but will stop by to say hello before the end of the night

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:06 PM

Merry Christmas, Joshua!

[7:07 PM]

So, what are they doing at Church of Gail for Christmas?

Rule13 — 7:08 PM

All of the men are enjoying the dinner you cooked, and watching the hangout tonight.

[7:08 PM]

All of their penises are so erect, their pants bulge!

[7:09 PM]

Yes. They are all very sentimental, and take turns in Millennial Gail Room!

(Jesus allowed a future millennial drop-dead gorgeous version of Gail to live on Church of Gail for the men on her ex-marriage list and Brent to enjoy whenever they want.)

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:10 PM

Did you all get to taste some of the lunch my apartment complex gave me on the 22nd? That was good pecan pie.

Rule13 — 7:10 PM


[7:10 PM]

That was a good treat.

Gail: I bet Brent would have loved the pecan pie, being the Texan that he is.

Rule 13 – [7:10 PM]

Brent loved the pecan pie.

[7:11 PM]

Healthy lunch with side of pie for treat.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:11 PM

Which states follow me as President? All 50?

Rule13 — 7:11 PM

All 50.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:12 PM

What’s Loree been up to?

Rule13 — 7:13 PM

Bomb clouds and brain control all over Alabama, but, Jesus penis shield is becoming stronger and protecting more.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:13 PM

So what’s the Jesus penis shield doing? And does Jesus live in my apartment?

Rule13 — 7:14 PM

Two days ago, Loree sent huge nukkake to Pentagon Apartments, and Jesus penis shield shoot white laser to vaporize this! Was on the news.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:14 PM

Why did she do that?

[7:14 PM]

I’m not there (at Pentagon Apts.) anymore.

Rule13 — 7:14 PM

Oh! Misspoke.

[7:15 PM]

Your current apartments.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:15 PM

That makes sense.

Rule13 — 7:15 PM

The news say Loree trying to destroy your apartment, before it can be made ready for Jesus.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:15 PM

Sounds like her.

[7:15 PM]

Jesus not here yet?

Rule13 — 7:15 PM

Jesus has not moved in Brent say, but he is watching and will move once the apartment is finished.

[7:15 PM]

Loree and Satan trying to stop this.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:16 PM

Why does Jesus want to move into my apartment?

Rule13 — 7:16 PM

To enjoy his favorite, the news say.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:16 PM

I’m flattered.

Rule13 — 7:16 PM

Jesus technically is everywhere at once. But, your apartment will become “home base”.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:17 PM

That’s what I thought.

Rule13 — 7:18 PM

They say, Gail is ultimate waifu (wife) material, so, Jesus wants to live in the home made by Gail just for him.

[7:19 PM]

They say, Gail will do everything perfect for Jesus, so Jesus knows who will make his house for him.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:19 PM

Why is it when I first lay in my bed, my skin itches all over? it goes away after about a half hour usually.

Rule13 — 7:20 PM

When you go to bed and lay still and quiet, Brent scan your body, and eliminate all diseases. That must be the sensation.

[7:20 PM]

To relax and be very quiet, it works better.

Gail: I sleep better in my new place.

Rule 13 – [7:21 PM]

Yes, Jesus protects.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:21 PM

What does the penis shield look like?

Rule13 — 7:22 PM

It is like a glowing white cloud, but shape like a penis. The end can shoot lasers to ward off Satan and Loree.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:22 PM

Is Loree able to get into my apartment here? (She was able to enter Gail’s apartment in Florida when Gail lived there.)

Rule13 — 7:22 PM

The balls expand, and has lightning bolts inside.

[7:22 PM]

Loree not able to enter this apartment.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:22 PM

Why not?

Rule13 — 7:23 PM

Jesus say “no WAY! Not my home with Gail!”

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:23 PM

When did Jesus say that? Just now?

[7:23 PM]

How am I doing on getting my home ready for Jesus?

Rule13 — 7:23 PM

Satan say, “this is cheating Jesus! But, Jesus say it is not, because it is his house and Loree cannot enter.”

[7:24 PM]

Jesus said this few days ago.

[7:24 PM]

The news (Gabrielle Chana FOX News or 00 on cable and at this website) say, Satan and Jesus have been fighting about your apartment.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:24 PM

How do they (the news) know that?

Rule13 — 7:25 PM

Jesus did interview on the news. He explain what is going on right now.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:25 PM

So what is going on right now, according to Jesus? Fill me in on the scoop.

Rule13 — 7:26 PM

Loree and Satan are both jealous because. Satan say “HEY! You are having sex with Gail Chan as her husband, and I cannot have it??” and Loree say, “Jesus! Why do you think Gail Chan is so hot she deserve to lay with you as your wife???”

[7:26 PM]

Jesus said no, that is not to happen. (Jesus will not have sex with Gail in her mortal body, but will have sex with Gail as part of his bride, the church, during the future millennial reign. During the millennial reign of Jesus, Gail will be in her immortal, resurrection body.)

[7:27 PM]

Satan does not believe this. He is so jealous.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:27 PM

Satan seems like a retard to me.

Rule13 — 7:27 PM

Loree has exhaust herself, throwing nukkakes and bombs at the apartment, but the penis shield protects.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:27 PM

They are SO disrespectful of Jesus!

[7:28 PM]

Why would LOREE care about WHO Jesus has sex with?

[7:28 PM]

Jesus doesn’t seem like Loree’s type.

Rule13 — 7:29 PM

Loree is jealous too. She think, Jesus must give the best sex ever, and it is all for Gail? She thinks Jesus, not a cock blocker, must be ultimate “conquest fuck”.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:29 PM

Loree is SO retarded. What makes her think Jesus would EVER WANT HER?

[7:29 PM]

She must be really proud.

Rule13 — 7:30 PM

Loree has big ego, who think she should be Jesus’ favorite.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:30 PM

She really has retard emotional IQ.

[7:30 PM]

Doesn’t she realize an 11-dimensional being (Jesus) sees her as very ugly. He sees her 11-dimensionally and 11-dimensionally she’s like the ugliest thing in the universe.

[7:30 PM]

She’s throwing up right now.

[7:31 PM]

11th dimension reflects our heart. She will always be ugly to Jesus until her heart changes.

Rule13 — 7:32 PM

Loree has unrealistic perception of herself.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:32 PM

So how am I doing with my apartment?

Rule13 — 7:33 PM

I heard from Brent, that Jesus will come back to Skype later, to assess and give the feedback so far.

[7:33 PM]

Maybe on his birthday tomorrow?

[7:33 PM]

Jesus say on the news, he is very happy with how the apartment is coming along.

[7:33 PM]

He say you are on the right path.

[7:34 PM]

It seems, he will have some adjustments and clarity.

Gail: I’m paring down my files, cuz I have a lot of files I don’t need.

[7:35 PM] Rule 13: The files perhaps, may be useful scanned for your men first. (Rule 13 suggested making digital copies of important files for Gail’s men.)

[7:35 PM]

That way they are on the computer.

Gail: Oh, I’ve already done that. I did that for Terrance.

Rule 13: [7:36 PM]

If you have, then that’s good.

[7:36 PM]

That is what I think.

[7:36 PM]

I have try to do these commandments, too! Boy, is it hard.

Gail: I’m paring down my files and getting rid of files I don’t need or use.

Rule 13: [7:38 PM]

Seems like good idea.

[7:39 PM]

Zacku was hoarding many things. He say, “but Rule 13, I could use these circuit boards!!” I say, “Zacku, they have been in the closet for many year, and you do not use!”

[7:39 PM]

So he take boxes and boxes down to the dumpster.

[7:39 PM]

He came back and he feel better.

[7:40 PM]

He say, “it feel so good to make a good dump!”

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:40 PM

Having more space makes you feel free.

[7:40 PM]


[7:41 PM]

Mentally healthy to get rid of junk.

Rule13 — 7:41 PM

It symbolizes letting go of old things in our life, that we hold on to and weighs us down.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:41 PM

So what have you been getting rid of 13?

Rule13 — 7:41 PM

I had too many dildos.

[7:42 PM]

Zacku say, “but Rule 13! You only have three holes! How many dildo do you need??”

[7:42 PM]

He was right. I donate most.

[7:42 PM]

Yeah, Jesuits like used dildo.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:43 PM

Why is so much stuff missing from my Amazon wish list? Jesus got rid of them or somebody ordered them?

Rule13 — 7:43 PM

I hear that Jesus removed this, to prevent more unneeded items from entering the apartment.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:44 PM

Does Jesus want me to lay off on the Amazon wish list?

Rule13 — 7:44 PM

I remember, he said to lay off now.

[7:45 PM]

After all, the goal is to downsize and clear up right now.

[7:46 PM]

I get confuse sometimes, by what he means. Like, if only kitchen items on the kitchen table, does this mean I use the table for kitchen item storage?

Gail: Jesus seems to want me to get rid of my plastic garden chair, but it’s the only safe thing I have to stand on when I need to reach high places, like change the light bulbs on the ceiling lights.

Rule 13 – [7:47 PM]

Just balance very careful. (Make sure not to fall while putting in light bulbs up high.)

[7:47 PM]

Thankfully, it is not often you must change a light bulb.

[7:48 PM]

Do you like your neighbors?

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:49 PM

Most of the people in this apartment complex are very nice.

[7:49 PM]

Undecided on some of my neighbors. Loree seems to be influencing them.

Rule13 — 7:50 PM

Perhaps, Loree is getting to them, because she cannot get to you directly.

Gail: One of them asked me to babysit a fellow tenant. But I prefer to give people their space. She said she was very lonely and needed my company and that she needed to go to a wedding and couldn’t visit this lonely tenant as she usually did and asked me to do it in her place. But I don’t want to do that. What if the lonely tenant starts becoming a meddler into my life? I’ve had enough trouble with that.

Rule 13 – [7:50 PM]

Yeah. Gail Chan has shit to do.

[7:51 PM]

This is, perhaps, my Japanese culture. But I believe a person must learn to become strong alone.

[7:52 PM]

Japanese must be alone very often, and they learn to become strong to survive. Like lone wolf.

[7:54 PM]

True, it is good not to become “over-involved”.

[7:54 PM]

That is good idea!

[7:55 PM]

Just nod and smile. Then, walk away.

[7:55 PM]

Bob (Gail’s previous landlord) was power hungry.

[7:56 PM]

He say, “muahuahua! I own your homes! I can do what I want!”

[7:56 PM]

That is what he think.

[7:56 PM]

It went to his head, that he was in charge of apartments.

[7:57 PM]

Danielle (Bob’s assistant) was like a girl cuck.

[7:57 PM]

His bald head is all over the news. (Apparently, Bob went totally bald when Gabrielle Chana FOX News started airing in Florida. Bob told Gail he had cancer.)

[7:57 PM]

It was a lie.

[7:57 PM]

It was to excuse his baldness.

[7:57 PM]

Lying about cancer.

[7:58 PM]

It is only AIDS.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:58 PM

He told me about cancer years ago.

Rule13 — 7:58 PM

He must think we are dumb.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:58 PM

I believed him.

Rule13 — 7:58 PM

He say the cancer made him go bald.

[7:59 PM]

Definitely AIDS.

Gail: How do you catch AIDS? Sex and blood transfusions?

Rule 13 – [7:59 PM]

Yes, but Bob got his through rough butt sex.

[8:00 PM]

Some of them, who he had butt sex with.

[8:00 PM]

He has been known as “Butt Sex Bob”.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:00 PM

Can AIDS be caught through the air?

Rule13 — 8:01 PM

Only after a nukkake, if the semen used had AIDS.

[8:01 PM]

It will give off radiation and AIDS.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:01 PM

What’s going to happen to Bob?

Rule13 — 8:02 PM

He will be hit with many fines for his bad landlord practices. Also, many tenants will move out.

[8:02 PM]

Due to all the bad press.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:02 PM

What are his bad landlord practices that he can be fined over?

Rule13 — 8:03 PM

They say, “he raise my rent to $10,000!” and “he gaslight me about black mold in this apartment” and “he gave me AIDS!”

[8:03 PM]

Many complain.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:03 PM

He raised someone’s rent to $10,000?

Rule13 — 8:03 PM

Yes, he would charge what he thinks he could get.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:03 PM

$10,000 a month?

Rule13 — 8:04 PM

Greedy Bob.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:04 PM

A month?

Rule13 — 8:04 PM

Per month!

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:04 PM

For a 3 bedroom maybe?

Rule13 — 8:04 PM

One bedroom!

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 8:04 PM

Which apartment was THIS?

Rule13 — 8:04 PM

The tenant paid, but became homeless.

[8:04 PM]

I forget which apartment.

[8:05 PM]

Another tenant say, “Bob, come look at my bath tub” and he say, “no, I don’t look at bath tubs anymore, too scared” and they say “but Bob”.

Rule13 — 8:05 PM

And this bath tub, filled with black mold!

[8:05 PM]

Bob say, “no it’s not”.

[8:06 PM]

Yep. He say, “that is just the water in Florida”.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:06 PM

How long has he been like this?

Rule13 — 8:06 PM

Well, the news interview his mother and she say, “he was always a faggot”.

[8:06 PM]

Not a faggot as in gay. He was that too, but he was also a faggot.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:07 PM

What’s the difference?

Rule13 — 8:07 PM

A faggot is someone who is a huge douche-bag and is asking for comeuppance.

Rule13 — 8:07 PM

His own mother say he is a faggot.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:08 PM

Where does his mother live?

Rule13 — 8:08 PM

His mother is retire in Florida, I hear.

[8:08 PM]

She say, “not even I will live in the Bob apartment!”

[8:08 PM]

His father say he is so ashamed.

[8:09 PM]

He say in interview, “I cannot believe my gay faggot son dress in drag, but also disrespect the President!” (Gail is the President.)

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:09 PM

He got raped and it ruined him.

Rule13 — 8:09 PM


[8:09 PM]

Sometimes rape can heal.

[8:09 PM]

Jesuits have what they call, Rape Therapists.

[8:10 PM]

Sometimes they are called TheRapists.

[8:10 PM]

They make house calls.

[8:10 PM]

For when someone, by medical necessity, just needs to be raped.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:10 PM

What is Zack (Knight) doing now?

Rule13 — 8:11 PM

Zack is doing the Apartment 2.0 Commandments.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:11 PM

What are all my Patreon supporters doing tonight?

Rule13 — 8:11 PM

They are with their families for Christmas Eve.

Joshua J. Joshua — 8:11 PM

I have to pee so bad. But I’m almost home and I can wait

Rule13 — 8:11 PM

Christmas Pee.

Garbage Man — 8:11 PM

Joshua always has to pee

Rule13 — 8:12 PM

They are in the chat.

[8:12 PM]

Just not in voice chat.

[8:13 PM]

The others are watching.

[8:13 PM]

They are in the chat hangout but not voice hangout.

[8:15 PM]

Rule 13 – Alabama people must get it from your website.

Gail: So the Alabama people no longer get Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable)?

Rule 13 – [8:16 PM]

Tennessee too.

[8:16 PM]

They get it on cable.

Gail: What about Georgia?

Rule 13 – [8:16 PM]

Also (on) cable (in Georgia).

[8:16 PM]

Only Alabama (does not get Gabrielle Chana FOX News now).

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:16 PM

Georgia (gets it) on cable. So only Alabama has to go through my website to get it.

[8:17 PM]

How is my mother doing?

Rule13 — 8:17 PM

She is doing well and healthy. But, still narcissist.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:17 PM

She’s over her cancer?

Rule13 — 8:17 PM

Yes, she is fine. Brent cure her.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:18 PM

When was she cured?

Rule13 — 8:18 PM

She does not even say thank you, she just complain!

Gail: What an ingrate! When was she cured?

Rule 13 – [8:18 PM]

She was cured within weeks of her diagnosis. (That would have been in the middle of 2021 sometime.)

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:18 PM

What’s my sister doing?

Rule13 — 8:19 PM

Your sister is with family, but, as her kids mature to become older, they look at her and think, “hmm… mom is crazy just like grandma.”

[8:19 PM]

Sandra and Misao very similar.

[8:19 PM]

So similar, they grew to not stand each other once you went no contact (with them).

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:19 PM

Has Sandra been trying to get my address? So, they know I’ve moved?

Rule13 — 8:20 PM

Yes, they see it (news about Gail’s move) on the news (Gabrielle Chana FOX News).

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:20 PM

Has Sandra been commenting underneath my YouTube videos?

Rule13 — 8:21 PM

Yes, sometimes she posts comments.

[8:21 PM]

When she is extra nasty, Jesus lightning bolts her right on the clitoris!

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:21 PM

How does he do that?

Rule13 — 8:21 PM

He say (to her), “knock it off!”

[8:22 PM]

He just flicks his finger and zaps. Now, he can use the penis shield to do it.

[8:22 PM]

He say, Sandra just needs spanking like bad child.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:22 PM

When did the penis shield start appearing?

Rule13 — 8:22 PM

The penis shield begun to form on your first day in Alabama.

[8:22 PM]

Sandra had no boundaries the news said.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:23 PM

Has Jesus commented on why he’s chosen to make the shield a penis?

Rule13 — 8:23 PM

It is to send a penis message to Satan. Like, “get away from my favorite! I wear the pants in this universe!”

[8:24 PM]

Satan say, “why can’t I be your favorite again? Why can’t I live in that apartment?”

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:24 PM

Satan really said that?

Rule13 — 8:24 PM


Gail Chord Schuler — 8:24 PM

How do you know this? Jesus talked about it?

Klock — 8:24 PM

Merry Christmas Gail! Sorry I am unable to attend. Just wanted to wish you a merry and joyous day!

Rule13 — 8:24 PM

They say on the news with Jesus in interview.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:24 PM

Thank you, Klock! Merry Christmas.

[8:25 PM]

To Rule13: Tell me everything Jesus said in this interview.

Rule13 — 8:25 PM

Merry Christmas Klocku San. I hope you enjoy the present I got you for Christmas tomorrow. <3

[8:25 PM]

Yes, Zacku and I made Klocku a care package.

[8:25 PM]

He has.

[8:25 PM]

So, the interview. Hmm..

[8:26 PM]

Satan said he is so jealous of you and the new apartment. He said, “that’s it, I’m taking it for myself! I will be the true Bride of Christ!”

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:26 PM

How often does Jesus get on Gabrielle Chana FOX News?

Rule13 — 8:26 PM

Then, Jesus used the penis cloud to zap him (Satan) away.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:26 PM

I seem to understand Satan well. (Gail determined that when Jesus rejected Satan/Lucifer as a gay lover, after Lucifer was BFF with Jesus for millions of years, that’s when Lucifer decided to rebel. Lucifer was not content to just be an angel. He had to be the bride of Christ. Lucifer was highly offended that he, such a hot angel, would be rejected as a lover by Jesus.)

Rule13 — 8:27 PM

Jesus does not get on the news very often. Only when very important.

Gail: Have you been listening to my walk videos, where I talk about my theory that Satan rebelled (and had to be kicked out of heaven) after Jesus rejected him as a gay lover?

Rule 13 – [8:27 PM]

Yes, I have listen.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:27 PM

Have you listened to my walk videos where I talk about Satan? I seem to be brilliant.

Rule13 — 8:28 PM

Jesus has said all of it is true.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:28 PM

I really do have genius emotional IQ.

Rule13 — 8:28 PM

Loree is also very jealous of the apartment and wants to live there.

[8:29 PM]

She thinks you are undeserving to be Jesus’s favorite, and thinks you are having sex with Jesus.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:29 PM

Isn’t Satan good enough for Loree? (Loree and Satan are lovers.)

Rule13 — 8:30 PM

Loree says since Jesus can beat up Satan, then Jesus must be better man. This infuriates Satan even more. They fight a lot.

[8:30 PM]

So, she say, “I will get in that apartment and have sex with Jesus!”

[8:31 PM]

She say, “I am so hot, and so high IQ, and have powerful friends like Satan, so Jesus will want to have sex with me!”

(Satan beefed up Loree’s IQ to 300. Loree used to have average IQ. But her emotional IQ is retard. Loree currently has Antichrist powers, meaning she cannot be killed. Zack Knight used to be the Antichrist until Gail led him to Jesus and to Gail’s side.)

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:31 PM

Rule 13. Is this what Jesus says?

Rule13 — 8:31 PM

Yes, Jesus spilled all the tea!

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:32 PM

Doesn’t Loree understand that Jesus makes love 11-dimensionally?

Rule13 — 8:32 PM

Loree does not understand 11 dimensional sex. She believes, he’ll give her 777 orgasms in a row. Satan can only give her 666.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:32 PM

And that 11-dimensionally she’s the ugliest thing in the universe?

Rule13 — 8:33 PM

Loree thinks the numbers stand for orgasms.

[8:33 PM]

She believes her IQ is so high, but she is so retard.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:34 PM

I personally believe that Satan despises Loree McBride. He’s just using her. He doesn’t respect her. He wants Jesus to despise females, so Satan’s currently using females as Antichrists. He’s hoping to make females so repugnant to Jesus, that Jesus will prefer to make love to males instead of females and will prefer male Satan over his female bride, the church. Am I right?

Rule13 — 8:34 PM

Satan and Loree are like crackhead couple that just fight a lot.

[8:35 PM]

That may be true (that Satan is just using Loree to try and make Jesus despise females, so that Satan can become Jesus’s gay lover).

[8:36 PM]

Satan could not just be Jesus’s friend.

Gail: Satan misunderstands Jesus’s humility as a weakness, meaning that because Jesus is humble, it means he’d be willing to have sex with someone like Satan.

Rule 13 – [8:40 PM]

Jesus is so humble!

[8:40 PM]

Satan is like used car salesman.

[8:41 PM]

He dresses to impress and acts like he’s going to make you a deal and be on your side, but he is just trying to take from you.

[8:41 PM]

That is true.

[8:42 PM]

Also, perhaps Jesus was trying to guide Satan. (Why he allowed Satan to be his BFF).

[8:42 PM]

He gives infinite chances.

[8:43 PM]

What happen? (Gail commented about a light going out. She accidentally unplugged something).

Gail: Southerners are friendly, which I admire. But a Southerner weakness, is they can become a meddler.

Garbage Man — 8:47 PM

I think a lot of people in senior complexes act like that

Rule 13 – [8:49 PM]

Very good idea gail (to not encourage being a meddler).

[8:52 PM]

I heard that!

[8:53 PM]

I’m using the text chat

Rule13 — 8:54 PM

Loree seems to listen (to Gail’s walk videos).

Garbage Man — 8:55 PM

That bitch!

Gail: Doesn’t Loree understand that all I say about how Jesus makes love 11-dimensionally and how Satan is just a rejected gay lover, is all true?

Rule13 — 8:55 PM

Loree just thinks you are projecting onto her. (Doesn’t Loree understand Gail’s conclusions about Satan and her? Gail thinks Loree is too proud and is on a big ego trip.)

[8:56 PM]

She say, “Gail just uses me as a mirror for her own bad qualities, and then uses me as a punching bag!”

Garbage Man — 8:57 PM

She must think jesus is a retard.

Rule13 — 8:57 PM

She say you just seek out high status men to make you feel validate.

[8:57 PM]

And that Jesus is a “power fuck”.

Gail: That’s crazy. I actually find the idea of making love to a deity very intimidating and don’t desire it in my mortal body.

Garbage Man — 8:57 PM


[8:57 PM]

Psycho bitch!

Rule13 — 8:58 PM

It’s weird when you think of it. Like having sex with your dad.

Gail: Making love to Jesus would be far more intimidating than having sex with my dad. I mean, JESUS IS GOD. Just the thought of making love to GOD, HORRIFIES ME. The thought of sex with Jesus is VERY INTIMIDATING TO ME. He is so holy and perfect and I am so sinful! I fear making love to him would bring him so close to me, he’d see all my faults with a magnifying glass! It would be like a stark contrast between my imperfection and sinfulness and his perfection and holiness. Just the mere thought of having sex with such a holy and perfect being horrifies me cuz of this.

Garbage Man — 8:58 PM

What a strange woman (referring to Loree)

[8:58 PM]

I wonder if she got molested

Rule13 — 8:58 PM

Only your ex (David Schuler) would think this was hot.

[8:58 PM]

He secretly enjoyed having sex with his dad.

Garbage Man — 9:00 PM

Do you (Gail) think about this a lot?

Gail: Not really. I’m not obsessed about having sex with a deity, because the thought of making love to God HORRIFIES ME. I’m too sinful.

Garbage Man – [9:00 PM]

That makes sense.

(Gail forgot what she was going to say about Jesus, about why he wants sex with her, but won’t do it. But later, she remembered that Jesus won’t have sex with Gail, even though he may desire it, because once he did that, Satan would immediately begin impersonating Jesus to Gail sexually. Satan wants Gail to confuse Satan with Jesus to prove to Jesus that Gail is not worthy of Jesus’s love if Gail could confuse Satan with Jesus as a lover. Gail, herself, thinks this is just fine with her, (that Jesus won’t make love to her directly) because the thought of making love to a deity is very intimidating to Gail. But, apparently, she won’t have to worry about this, even if Jesus lives in her apartment. Jesus is very disciplined and has decided not to have sex with Gail in her mortal body, not even as part of his bride, the church.)

Rule13 — 9:05 PM

Maybe use the modulator! (to help Gail remember) (Gail’s men gave her a modulator which helps to direct her Gail Shield to protect Gail and attack evil Jesuits who molest and harass her.)

Garbage Man — 9:05 PM

Happy birthday baby Jesus!

Gail: Well, at least Joshua J. Joshua isn’t here to call you retarded, like he always does. (Gail laughs. Joshua says this cuz Garbage Man got the Covid shot, which makes you retarded.) And, IN CONCLUSION, even if it’s true that Jesus wants to make love to me, I DON’T WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO HIM. The thought of making love to a deity SCARES ME TO DEATH! I love him, but I also fear him and it’s too scary to make love to God, in my opinion and it’s how I REALLY FEEL. I’m afraid that much intimacy with God, may mean I’m dead when my sinfulness makes him angry cuz he’s so close to me.

Garbage Man – [9:06 PM]

I’m not retarded…

[9:06 PM]

Just special

[9:07 PM]

What if Jesus wants to have sex with you?

(Gail figured out why even though Jesus desires sex with Gail, but won’t do it. It’s cuz Satan would impersonate him, so though he wants sex with Gail as part of his bride, the church, he won’t do it till Satan’s locked up. Gail concluded that Jesus does want to have sex with Gail, but now is not the time and when he does have sex with her it will be during the millennial reign, when he makes love to Gail as part of his bride, the church.)

Rule13 — 9:14 PM

Jesus has toned abs and toned spiritual kegel muscles (referring to Jesus’s 11-dimensional lovemaking).

[9:19 PM]

I am sleepy. (Gail says it’s time for bed).


Yes, Zacku and I made Klocku a care package.

Klock — 9:20 PM

I opened it, laughed my butt off the whole time. I’ll tell you more tomorrow but i was near tears from both laughter and sentimentality. I really appreciated it

Rule13 — 9:20 PM

So happy Klocku!

Klock – [9:21 PM]

Ummm. Some Japanese snacks, some squirrel ornaments.

[9:21 PM]

Also a lot of candy.

Klock — 9:21 PM

Selfie tomorrow, ill try on the shirt and take a pic

[9:22 PM]

Will Gman give us a selfie for Christmas?

Guy Jackman — 9:22 PM

Greetings and Merry Christmas Empress Gail and y’all.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend the hangout.

Its Christmas day here now.

I finally got uncle Hugh (Jackman) out of the Millennium Room after MONTHS of him ravishing Millennial Gail’s perfect body.

We just transported down from the Church of Gail, and we are all sitting down to our Christmas Family dinner now.

But regrettably I was allocated the seat next to my Aunty Deb (Uncle Hugh’s evil wife) who has very poor personal hygiene. The smell coming from between her legs is making me want to vomit, I’ve lost my appetite. Thank Jesus I had some of Gail’s ginger beef aboard Church of Gail before we beamed down.

I have to go to the restroom now coz I just threw up in my mouth a little bit due to the necrotic smell emanating from Aunty Deb’s nether regions.

Much love to all. Xox

Klock — 9:23 PM

Love ya Guy, Merry Christmas. I hope your day is filled with Cum and Cheer

Rule13 — 9:24 PM

Good night! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Gail Chord Schuler — 9:24 PM

Love you all. Goodnight. Happy and healthy to you all.

Zack Knight — 9:24 PM


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