HISTORY: Satan Almost Destroyed Planet Earth (Dec. 4, 2020). He’s STILL TRYING!

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UPDATE on Nov. 12, 2022: I have added a transcript of our time with Satan at the Supreme Court on Dec. 4, 2020.

Gail summoned the Dark Lord Satan from hell to appear in the Supreme Court and answer for his crimes in her Dec. 4, 2020 Friday Live Stream Gail Hangout with her Patreon Supporters. Things didn’t go to plan when all hell broke loose. Gail saved her supporters and all of humanity using her lightning bolt powers.

For the unabridged version of the above Dec. 4, 2020 meeting, listen to the following 3-part audio in order.

UPDATE (April 30, 2021): Gail’s emotional I.Q. is probably about 2,000 to 3,000 right now and way above Satan’s emotional I.Q., who is in the 800 range. But we should not take Satan’s lightly. His regular I.Q. is probably about 50,000. However, with Gail’s emotional I.Q. as high as it is, she can anticipate a lot of Satan’s moves and has figured out all sorts of things in relation to the Antichrist.

UPDATE (June 19, 2021): Brent Spiner informed Gail that Brent and Gail’s IQ and emotional IQ is above 9,000. That Loree McBride’s IQ is 300. Satan’s IQ is 450 and he has an emotional IQ of about 500. In 2021, Brent and Gail’s IQs really shot up.


After you read the pdf file above, then visit this post Jesus Works on Gail’s Negative Self-Image (Jan. 6, 2021) to see how Jesus dealt with the crucible that He put Gail into.

Satan retaliated against Gail on Jan. 27, 2021 using Loree’s cum star. Satan’s goal was to kill Zack Knight, even if he had to destroy all of earth to do so. But the Gail Shield saved Gail’s men, along with their bravery and quick thinking. The Gail Shield started killing off Jesuits on the cum star and Loree had to retreat to keep her Jesuits alive, so she did not succeed in killing Zack Knight and the few survivors (all the top men on Gail’s ex-marriage list) who made it.

Satan’s goal is to kill Zack Knight, so he can resurrect Angelina Ballerina from hell as his acting Antichrist NOW. Right now, Zack is the official Antichrist and is on Jesus’ side, which Satan is not too happy about! But Zack transferred his powers to Angelina in 2016 cuz he got stuck in a semen bubble. So Satan’s stuck with Angelina as his Antichrist and only Zack, when he had Antichrist powers in Jan. 6, 2017, could kill her because only if Zack gets his Antichrist powers back, can we kill the acting Antichrist (by causing the acting Antichrist to lose their powers). Satan is only allowed one Antichrist and he chose Zack Knight in 2012.

The mistake we made when we defeated Angelina, is we should have made it top priority to execute any remaining Jesuits who did not side with Zack Knight, so that Zack could keep his Antichrist powers and Satan would be stuck with Zack as his Antichrist until the rapture. We tried to win them over, but if’s pretty obvious that this new crew of Jesuits are not interested in true love, but love their lust and greed and trying to win them over is like trying to reason with a psychopath. THEY ALL MUST BE EXECUTED. IF NOT, THEY WILL DESTROY PLANET EARTH. Taking them to court is a waste of time, since Satan’s on their side and court is just a game with them. It just gives Satan more time to destroy planet earth (his eventual goal) and replace earth with his own back-up earth, probably hiding somewhere in the universe right now. The cum star is designed to house all Satan’s followers after he blows up planet earth and is designed to be a temporary earth until Satan’s new earth is put into place. These are Satan’s plans! Apparently, because I’m the U.S. President and ordering the execution of all of Satan’s followers we will foul up his plans to replace earth with a satanic version of earth.

As long as there are Jesuits alive who still follow Satan, they are all now considered back-up Antichrists and Satan can use one of them as the acting Antichrist, since Zack transferred his powers to Angelina and then Angelina transferred her powers to all the evil Jesuits who followed her, making them all back-up Antichrists, which is why my lightning bolt powers work on all them. My lightning bolt powers only work on the Antichrist! As long as Satan is able to have an acting Antichrist, he can use that Antichrist to create monstrosities like the cum star, which he plans to use to destroy the entire planet earth! The cum star is designed to be replacement earth after Satan destroys planet earth (his goal, since he feels this is the only way to take out Zack Knight).

Gail is certain the Antichrist for the tribulation will be Angelina Ballerina. Loree has the ability to listen right away to anything that Gail says on her camera to her Patreon supporters and has probably done a read on Gail and determined Gail’s emotional I.Q. is about 2,000 to 3,000 and so Gail’s right that Satan has been lying to Loree, so Loree has had a fight with Satan. However, Loree feels stuck with Satan and won’t defect to Jesus’ side. Satan will find a way to keep Loree on his side because he knows Loree has committed massive war crimes and she feels stuck with Satan or we will destroy her (if she gets out from under Satan’s protection). I could forgive her unconditionally, if she ever honored true love, but Loree feels incapable of this, so she won’t leave Satan. Satan has to oppose true love because that’s why Jesus has rejected Satan as a gay lover (the reason why Lucifer/Satan rebelled against God) and Satan’s trying to prove that true love is impossible for God’s creation and so Satan deserves to rule and to be Jesus’ lover.

Satan’s lied to Loree and told her that when he kills one of her clones that they don’t die and stay in hell, but that he’s able to resurrect them in a new clone body cuz he says all the Loree clones have Antichrist powers. This isn’t quite true. Only one Loree clone at a time can have Antichrist powers. So those Loree clones that Satan kills cuz he takes their Antichrist powers from them, go to hell permanently and are not resurrected in a new clone body as Satan’s been telling Loree. Loree’s pissed at Satan right now, but won’t defect to Jesus’ side cuz she feels she can never be good enough for Jesus, so she’ll stay with Satan and we must destroy her and all her followers or else Satan plans to destroy earth and replace it with his own horrific version of earth (using the cum star that he and Loree created together).

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