The Lifelong Dreams Of My Heart

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I had a wonderful movie date with him today and we watched a movie together.

This is the movie we watched.

When I was a young lady, I had a lot of dreams and I loved the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. I still think the music of my youth is unbeatable in many ways and I don’t apologize for my musical tastes, even if they’re corny and old-fashioned. This music pretty much reflects who I am deep down inside and to my utter amazement, I am currently married to the man of my dreams–Brent Spiner. Check out the music below.

I am not just saying that Brent Spiner is the man of my dreams. It is REALLY TRUE, to my UTTER AMAZEMENT.

As a young lady, I never dreamed about any god as a lover. To me, that would have been a sacrilege. On the other hand, I don’t find attractive any being who gloats in their imperfection. I don’t think any of us should be proud of being IMPERFECT or sinful. We should long to be perfect and good, but not obsess about it, either. Neither should we obsess about how unfair it is that we aren’t perfect and good, like how Satan obsesses about it.

The perfect and good standard is out there and it’s good it is.

Would we want a universe filled with cruelty, unfairness, injustice and intolerance? If we fail to meet that standard, it should make us long for it, but not obsess over how we fail to meet it.

I just need someone I feel “at home” with for a lover and soulmate and who has the same longings for a loving and beautiful universe as I do, and Brent is that guy!! Not some perfect god (because I don’t need power and clout) or some imperfect god who gloats in their imperfection (because I don’t need to prove anything).

Brent Spiner is the man of my dreams and he’s my husband. Though I am asexual leaning, I am a full romantic (most of the time), especially with BRENT.

As a result of Jesuits and Satan not leaving me alone, and being married to a Jesuit agent (David Schuler) from 1985 to 2001, my youthful dreams got contaminated and I started straying away from my true inner core. This music (below) reflects a lot of my true inner core, who I REALLY AM DEEP DOWN INSIDE.

By the way, I saw a beautiful rainbow on June 2, 2024, the day before my dental appointment where I’d end up getting a molar extracted. It seems a fitting photo for this page. I had made up my mind that day to get the tooth extracted, because it needed to be done, so I could stay alive for Brent and true love and write my story in the Gail Series.

Can watch the music video HERE.

Here are the songs you will hear:

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” 1945 from Carousel (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful” 1957 from Cinderella (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“Out of my Dreams” 1943 from Oklahoma (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“Only Make Believe” 1936 & 1951 from Showboat (Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“Ol’ Man River” 1927 from Showboat (Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“Some Enchanted Evening” 1949 from South Pacific (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“Bali Ha’i” 1949 from South Pacific (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“Hello, Young Lovers” 1951 from The King and I (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“I Have Dreamed” 1951 from The King and I (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“Till There Was You” 1957 from The Music Man (Meredith Wilson)
“Climb Every Mountain” 1959 from The Sound of Music (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
“I Dreamed A Dream” 1980 from Les Miserables’ (Claude-Michel Schonberg, Herbert Kretzmer)
“Somewhere” 1957 from West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim)
“The Impossible Dream” 1965 from Man of La Mancha (Mitch Leigh, Joe Darion)
“Que Sera Sera” (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) 1956 from The Man Who Knew Too Much (Alfred Hitchcock film) (Jay Livingston, Ray Evans)

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