Wisdom From Lakshmi & Buddha from 2022 (Overcoming Baphomet & Obsessions)

After I removed a post about my religious obsessions and speculations about the direction of Christianity, my Gail Shield went from 40% to 70%. It appears my remaining trouble seems to be obsessions. I plan to do something “new” I enjoy today and heed some old advice about overcoming obsessions that I’ve forgotten. Skype April 13, 2022 (when Jesus was […]

Lizzo’s Mites Cause Green Tongue After Antibiotics

Can watch above video HERE. UPDATE on Nov. 15, 2023: It appears these shape shifter “mites” can take the form of bone cells, nerve cells or other normal body cells and actually embed themselves into “normal” human tissue or structures and then transform into malignant organisms on Lizzo’s command. So, the reason the antibiotic treatment for Gail’s lower left molar […]


Gail wrote this post in 2013. NOTE OF INTEREST: We believe that Dr. Peter Ruckman died in one of these “meteorite” attacks, using his space fleet as King James Bible spaceships and the King James Bible for programming, which is why the spaceships crashed. You can’t use the King James Bible to program a spaceship. Not sure everything below is […]

When Jesus Corrected Gail in 2012 About the Bible (Jesus NOT against homosexuality)

Update for 2022 forward: Please keep in mind as you read what is below that this was a conversation with Jesus in 2012. As of Easter 2022 and forward, the Bible has been canceled. Gail wants to post this as a historical archive to show the dangers of the sin of idolatry, which could involve even worshiping the Bible. Buddha […]

Brent Spiner (2009) vs. Brent Spiner Clone (2014)

Brent Spiner (2009) vs. Brent Spiner Clone (2014) Brent Spiner (2009) vs. Brent Spiner Clone (2014) The real Brent commented about his clone’s appearance in July 2014 on Skype with Gail: Gail: Was that your clone at the San Diego Comic Con?[8/12/2014 11:59:30 PM] Brent Spiner: Yes, that was him.[8/12/2014 11:59:38 PM] Brent Spiner: How gross, he knows how I […]