When Jesus Corrected Gail in 2012 About the Bible (Jesus NOT against homosexuality)

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Update for 2022 forward: Please keep in mind as you read what is below that this was a conversation with Jesus in 2012. As of Easter 2022 and forward, the Bible has been canceled. Gail wants to post this as a historical archive to show the dangers of the sin of idolatry, which could involve even worshiping the Bible. Buddha instructed Gail in 2022 to stop reading the Bible. That is because Gail has a tendency to idolize the Bible, probably. This is especially pertinent now as the Bible has been canceled and if you idolize the Bible, you may not be able to accept that the Bible has been canceled and it could feed the evil forces in you–those forces that lead to evil obsessions and idolatry. Jesus amended the rule about Gail’s videos not going past 15 minutes around 2017 (see below). If you listen to Gail’s videos from 2012, you can see why Jesus laid down the rule that her YouTube videos not be longer than 15 minutes (LOL).

Also, Zack Knight sides with us and Jesus, starting from 2016 forward.

Gail’s Skype on Oct. 18, 2012 with Brent Spiner and Terrance Jenkins:

[5:40:55 PM] Brent Spiner: There is something out the window.

[5:41:24 PM] Brent Spiner: It is almost like a plane.

[5:41:24 PM] Brent Spiner: Or a bird.

[5:41:27 PM] Brent Spiner: What is that?

[5:41:40 PM] Brent Spiner: Yes, let’s put shields up.

[5:42:01 PM] Brent Spiner: GA1L is coming to attack the Church of Gail!

[5:45:23 PM] Brent Spiner: We’re ready.

Gail: Perhaps we should put the King James Bible into the weaponry we use to attack her.

[5:48:12 PM] Brent Spiner: Oh my…GA1L is still out there.

Gail: So you did put the King James Bible into the weaponry. How did it go?

[5:48:19 PM] Brent Spiner: She looks different!

[5:48:22 PM] Brent Spiner: Her skin melted off!

[5:49:40 PM] Brent Spiner: We’re going to have a lot to repair up there.

[5:50:06 PM] Brent Spiner: She’s mad at everyone.

[5:50:47 PM] Brent Spiner: Yes, the Jesuits don’t know what they are doing.

[5:51:37 PM] Brent Spiner: She might not even care what she looks like right now.

[5:51:46 PM] Brent Spiner: She’s retreating to re-assess the situation.

[5:51:53 PM] Brent Spiner: That’s what I believe.

[5:52:22 PM] Brent Spiner: She’s not powerful enough to defeat us yet.

[5:52:36 PM] Brent Spiner: Oh yes, that was a close one.

[5:54:30 PM] Brent Spiner: We lost a few thousand people.

[5:54:42 PM] Brent Spiner: Brianna just left me a message saying they were okay.

[5:54:53 PM] Brent Spiner: They (Gail’s son and Brianna) were making love when it happened.

[5:56:47 PM] Brent Spiner: I have a few bumps and bruises, but I appear to be fine.

[5:58:30 PM] Brent Spiner: It’s just so dangerous here.

[5:58:37 PM] Brent Spiner: We’re at the front lines of this battle.

Gail: I bet GA1L is a super genius right now, as smart as Satan.

[5:59:16 PM] Brent Spiner: I bet she is.

[5:59:21 PM] Brent Spiner: She’s been absorbing all this knowledge.

[6:07:09 PM] Brent Spiner: I should go help Terry.

[6:07:13 PM] Brent Spiner: I have the medical background.

Terrance: I think we better not talk about how we used the King James Bible, cuz it may give her a clue how to fight us.

[6:07:25 PM] Brent Spiner: That’s a very good idea.

[6:07:28 PM] Brent Spiner: I will talk to you soon, my love.

Gail: So don’t talk about how we used the King James Bible in our weaponry?

[6:07:41 PM] Brent Spiner: Yes, let’s leave that quiet for the time being.

[6:07:50 PM] Brent Spiner: Good bye! You too!

[6:12:32 PM] *** Call ended, duration 1:22:30 ***

This is the video I posted to YouTube that Jesus wanted me to take down. I can’t remember what title I assigned this video at YouTube on Oct. 18, 2012, because I took it down because Jesus said it needed to go down in Oct. 2012 (when we were battling the GA1L Android). I do recall that in the video’s description at YouTube I described the King James Bible as God and this angered Jesus because that statement meant that I committed the sin of idolatry which is basically the same thing as worshiping Satan. I want to post this video so people can learn from my mistakes. You can see where the video fit in, at my YouTube video archive page.

Whenever Jesus corrected me he used the “sandwich” approach–first, praise; next, the correction; and then ended with praise. He first praised me for the video calling the GA1L Android Satan (which was the video right before the disastrous one I made that made the android GA1L practically invincible), then he corrected me about my sin of idolatry in worshiping the King James Bible as God (this obsession and idol worship affected my judgment to the point that I almost made GA1L invincible by giving away battle strategy), then Jesus praised me for my open-mindedness about homosexuality (an attitude I had at the time that Jesus liked). Basically, I had an “obsession” over the King James Bible and we have learned through Buddha that all obsessions are of satanic origin, even ones that seemed sanctified, like worshiping the Bible! In fact, because of the mistake I made in giving away battle strategy to the GA1L Android, the only one who could defeat the GA1L Android now was God the Father! This should be a lesson to us all about the dangers of obsessions (even “holy” ones) and idols (even if your idol is the BIBLE).

It appears that I was not the only one who allowed the sin of idolatry to interfere with my judgment and cause me to make a bad mistake. We believe Dr. Peter Ruckman (who probably went to heaven despite his flaws) died in a crash from his KJV only spacefleet in 2013. Fortunately, I was not as stubborn as he was, so I’m still alive.

SKYPE ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2012. JESUS CORRECTS GAIL ABOUT HER KING JAMES BIBLE POSITION. (Remember that this was 2012, and if Jesus was here in 2023, he would advise us all to listen to Brent Spiner and Buddha, and Brent and Buddha would say that the Bible has been canceled).

[3:27:09 PM] Brent Spiner: Yes, Jesus is here too.

[3:27:15 PM] Brent Spiner: We’re always hanging out.

[3:28:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes. Gail, your latest video just made GA1L even more powerful.

[Gail made a video where she said the King James Bible was God and that we needed to use it in our weaponry against the GA1L Android.]

[3:28:14 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It was a huge blow to our side, and I have to tell you to take it down immediately.

[3:28:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I have a few things to explain to you about it.

[3:30:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: First of all, GA1L told the whole world about your strategy to use the King James Bible as a weapon. Remember when your men told you to not mention it yesterday?

[3:30:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The one from yesterday (where Gail called the GA1L Android Satan) is fine. It was just that one.

Gail: Isn’t the King James Bible God?

[Gail was thinking of Rev. 19:13 and John 1:1]

[3:30:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No, Gail.

[3:31:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Now that you have shared our strategy for defeating GA1L, she will know how to defeat us.

[3:31:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Gail, make sure you pay attention to me.

[3:32:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The King James Bible is only a translation of my word. I am the source, not the Bible.

[3:33:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: In fact, I’m very angry how you talked about the King James Bible in this video.

[3:33:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The Bible is not God, Terry. That is idolatry, and that makes me very upset to hear that you think that.

[3:34:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re breaking my heart Terrance.

[3:34:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s like you worship the Bible instead of me.

[3:34:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: In fact, I’m so angry, that I feel I need to do something a little extreme.

Gail: Have I been guilty of idolatry?

[3:34:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, you have.

[3:35:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Peter Ruckman has some very flawed ideas.

[3:35:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I love Peter Ruckman, but he is very wrong about a lot of things.

[3:35:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And Gail, you have also been wrong about a lot of things.

[3:35:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That is a very bad sin.

[Referring to idolatry.]

[3:37:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The King James Bible is only a translation of my word. No human can perfectly emulate what I have to say.

Gail: Oh, it’s because the mind of God is so above human thinking.

[3:37:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That is why everyone is a little wrong.

Gail: Isn’t the King James Bible the inspired word of God?

[3:37:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No, it is not. It is a translation of my word.

[3:37:48 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I am the word.

Gail: Can I read the King James Bible?

[3:38:20 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, you can read it.

[3:41:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: This is why I’m telling you this now.

[3:41:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes. It is only a translation.

[3:43:44 PM] JESUS CHRIST: All translations that consider the earliest manuscripts are fine with me.

[3:44:57 PM] Brent Spiner: Jesus has a lot to say to me, I apologize Gail. He wants me to listen very closely.

[3:45:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: David Schuler is a huge douche bag. He really contaminated you, Gail.

[3:46:39 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It (the King James Bible) is my favorite, but I don’t want you to think that it is the word and to be worshipping it like it’s me.

Gail: Aren’t the New American Standard and NIV from Roman Catholic manuscripts?

[3:47:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No, they are not.

[3:48:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: My words survive many translations, and it doesn’t mean that I’m not speaking to you through them.

[3:48:43 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Do you remember what I said to you yesterday Gail?

[3:49:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re starting to understand me Terrance.

[3:50:16 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Though many Christians disagree with each other from time to time, you all have more in common than you have differences.

[3:50:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Do you remember when I talked to you about your music, as well?

[3:50:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, this is what I’m getting on about. You are too rigid sometimes Gail.

[3:51:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Remember when you used to think that rock music was satanic?

[3:51:38 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You need to have an open mind.

[3:51:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Preachers are only human, they can be wrong.

[3:51:50 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Including Peter Ruckman.

[3:51:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That guy had some issues.

[3:52:02 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I still love him.

[3:53:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: She (GA1L) knows you are going to use the King James Bible as part of the genetic programming you are giving to your weapons. Now she knows how to defend herself against your weapons.

Gail: But she could read our minds, so why did I need to keep it quiet?

[3:54:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: She cannot read your mind. But she is so perceptive, it almost seems like she can.

[3:54:39 PM] JESUS CHRIST: However, when you log on to her site (www.GA1L.com), she can read your mind because she can download it through the computer.

[3:55:13 PM] JESUS CHRIST: As long as you don’t talk to her, you are safe there.

[3:55:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Only if you enter in information.

[3:55:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You can go there to see what she’s saying, but don’t talk back to her.

[3:55:51 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, that is part of the reason.

[3:56:25 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Gail, I want you to read Philippians 1:6 right now.

[3:57:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are a work in progress Gail.

[3:57:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Pay attention, and stay with me here.

[3:57:45 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Philippians 1:6

[3:58:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are a work in progress.

[3:59:03 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You have much to learn.

[3:59:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And much room to grow.

Gail: Why do you spend so much time on me?

[4:00:03 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Because you’re my favorite, Gail.

[4:00:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It hurts so much when you make mistakes.

[4:00:20 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I want to continue my good work with you.

[4:00:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I know your heart.

[4:01:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And I know you weren’t ready.

[4:01:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes. You were weak.

[4:01:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Because your focus was on idolatry.

[4:01:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You have been worshipping the King James Bible instead of me.

[4:02:30 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re at the point now in your growth that I know that you’ll be able to understand this now.

[Terrance asks if the King James Bible was translated by homosexuals].

[4:03:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No, it was not.

Terrance: Wasn’t King James homosexual?

[4:03:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That is incorrect Terrance.

Terrance: So the King James Bible be off cuz it mistranslated your (Jesus’) name?

[4:03:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s not an issue with me (whether it calls me by the right name).

[4:04:20 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s more important that people worship me.

[4:04:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I don’t care that my name was changed during translations.

Terrance: Ah, so cuz the King James translators mistranslated your name, that be why your Word is above your name in Psalm 138:2. It not be cuz the King James Bible is above your name.

[4:05:19 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’ve got it!

Terrance: The Ebonics translation really helped me when I was a kid.

[4:08:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’m fine with the Ebonics translation. I think it’s wonderful that it helped introduce you to me.

Gail: I had the same experience with the Living Bible as a new believer.

[4:09:13 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You know, The New Living translation was even more accurate than the King James.

[4:09:48 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Brent is having trouble keeping up with what I’m telling him.

[4:10:14 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The Living translation was actually a little inaccurate.

[4:10:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But the New Living was a better version.

[4:11:50 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The King James is one of my favorites, but it is not the only one.

[4:12:43 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Pay attention Gail. Brent has a hard time trying to type everything I’m saying.

[4:12:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So it takes a few minutes for me to answer a question.

Gail: Don’t all modern manuscripts (NASB, NIV, New Living, etc.) except the Textus Receptus, from which the King James is translated, come from corrupt Catholic manuscripts?

[4:13:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Modern Bible translators have considered the inaccuracies of the Roman Catholic manuscripts.

[4:13:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They take manuscripts that I have allowed to withstand the test of time.

[4:14:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I will preserve my word.

[4:14:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Even into the tribulation.

Gail: But why does it say in Psalm 12:6, “The words of the Lord are pure words: As silver tried in a furnace of earth purified seven times.” I mean, weren’t there six translations right before the King James and the King James was the seventh and final translation of your Word?

[4:14:43 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Seven times just means I can do it perfectly, even through many translations.

Gail: I still prefer to read the King James Bible.

[4:15:29 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I have no problem with that, Gail. I think the KJV is really cool.

[4:15:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: My words were meant to comfort you.

[4:16:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just remember not to idolize the Bible and think too rigidly about it.

[4:17:03 PM] JESUS CHRIST: New American Standard is even fine with me.

Gail: They say the New American Standard and NIV are New Age and satanic and taken from Catholic manuscripts and cut down your deity.

[4:17:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s not true.

[4:18:03 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They also said Brent was satanic.

[4:18:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And they called you satanic too Gail.

[4:18:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, they saw demons under every rock.

[4:18:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It was pretty annoying.

Gail: Dr. Ruckman says the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven are different, claiming the kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom and the kingdom of heaven is a physical kingdom.

[4:18:48 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No, he was wrong there.

Gail: So the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven are the same?

[4:18:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, the same.

Gail: So only the originals are inspired?

[Gail means the original Bible manuscripts in Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew.]

[4:19:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes!

[4:19:13 PM] JESUS CHRIST: We’ve made a breakthrough Gail.

[4:20:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Brent will give you a list of translations and point you to some nice lexicons for you to study if you wish to.

[4:21:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: A lexicon just shows you what language the text was translated from.

[4:21:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There you go.

[4:22:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: My word is superior to all translations.

[4:22:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The translations merely deliver my word in a way you can understand.

Gail: So all translations, even the King James Bible, have some error in them?

[4:22:45 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, to all translations.

Gail: It was my ex-husband who turned me into a King James Bible fanatic.

[4:23:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I know. David was a huge douche.

[4:23:16 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And so were his friends.

[4:23:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s best to not be like them.

Gail: Brent is the total opposite of what they are like. He has a vast and generous spirit. Very tolerant and understanding.

[4:23:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Brent’s spirit is pretty rad.

[4:24:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I would love to hang out with you Terrance. You’re a very bright man.

Terrance: Jesus loves to use the slang from the early 1990s.

[4:24:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I think the early 90’s was great.

Gail: Hey Jesus, was I the reason nobody died in that Ash Wednesday earthquake that hit Seattle on Ash Wednesday 2001? I remember going through that earthquake and running down the stairs while everything was swaying, but my car and none of my belongings sustained any damage, and nobody died. It was so bizarre.

[4:25:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, you were the reason nobody died.

Gail: So you were trying to make a statement about me and Brent with that earthquake?

[4:26:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

[4:26:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’m so proud of the both of you.

Gail: Do you want me to make a video about this, what you’ve taught me about the King James Bible?

[4:26:39 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just keep it to yourself, Gail.

[4:26:45 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You have a lot of growing to do.

Gail: Are we in the transition period right before the tribulation?

[4:27:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: We’re not quite there yet Gail.

Gail: Dr. Peter Ruckman says the Antichrist will be a combination of the three races: Shem, Ham and Japheth, with Ham being the black blood.

[4:27:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Good grief.

[4:28:19 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It turns out that Zack Knight does have some black genes inside him.

Gail: I learned all this from Ruckman’s book The Mark of the Beast.

[4:28:44 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He’s pretty inaccurate, actually.

[4:29:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: His work was based on the belief that the King James was the only inspired book.

Gail: Do you want me to make a video today? You probably just want me to focus on all you taught me today.

[4:30:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Work on yourself first, yes.

Gail: Is there anything else?

[4:30:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No, that was it.

[4:30:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

Gail: So you want me to talk about my life in my videos?

[4:31:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, your struggles and your spirit will teach your followers the most.

Gail: I put my struggles and my spirit in my novel Silver Skies.

[4:31:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You wrote it with your soul.

Gail: But the Bible is still divinely inspired.

[4:32:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Of course it is.

Gail: Is the android GA1L a Jesuit?

[4:32:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No!

[4:33:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: GA1L fights for her own team. She is not a Jesuit.

[4:33:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The Jesuits are about to make a huge mistake.

Gail: Has the android GA1L made love to Zack Knight or Satan?

[4:33:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No, she has not.

Gail: So how is the android GA1L a threat to us?

[4:34:19 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It threatens us all Gail, but that is all I can tell you.

[4:34:50 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Be open. What comes next will challenge you.

[4:35:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It will work out. I’ve got some pretty cool ideas.

Gail: You said I was weak. Why was I weak?

[4:35:57 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It was because you were worshiping the KJV.

[4:36:02 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s pretty simple.

[4:40:59 PM] Terrance Jenkins: Can I type Jesus?

[4:41:11 PM] Terrance Jenkins: OOPS… FORGOT THE CAPS

[4:41:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You may type Terrance.

[4:41:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Terrance is unable to talk.


[4:41:56 PM] Terrance Jenkins: MAY BE NOTHING

[4:42:02 PM] Terrance Jenkins: OR A NUKKAKE TEST

[4:42:09 PM] Terrance Jenkins: DEY DO THAT A LOT

[4:42:13 PM] Brent Spiner: Jesus just brought me some popcorn! Oh no.

[4:42:19 PM] Terrance Jenkins: COOL

[4:42:25 PM] Terrance Jenkins: I LOVE POPCORN

[4:43:00 PM] Brent Spiner: There you go Terrance.

Gail: Did David Schuler have sex with boys?

[4:45:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I plead the fifth.

Terrance: So Jesus. . .Gail’s worship of the King James Bible be like how Keanu loved his sex dummy over Gail?

Gail: Oh, now I get it! I see how I’ve been with my worship of the King James Bible over Jesus.

[4:49:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re doing a great job Terrance.

[4:49:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The KJV is sort of like one of the sex dummies.

Gail: Can I take Sudafed Jesus?

[4:50:51 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, you can take antihistamines. I know how bad allergies are in Florida.

Gail: So when I read the Bible, I read it as divinely inspired for guidance and encouragement, but I must realize that it is a translation and that all translations have some error in them.

[4:52:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

Gail: So how do I approach the Bible now?

[4:52:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You need to be careful not to obsess over it.

Gail: How do I honor you now?

[4:52:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Through your spirit.

[4:52:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And through living for me.

Gail: You want us to take care of each other, get along and promote love and harmony while also taking care of our bodies.

[4:53:20 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes!

[4:53:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’ve got it.

Gail: When I worshiped the King James Bible, I got all obsessed with the numbering and trying to find meanings in that. And then I’d pray over every little thing for guidance from you.

[4:53:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Try not to use me as a crutch so much, Gail.

[4:53:38 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Go easy on the prayers.

[4:53:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The ultimate form of worship is to live for me.

[4:54:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s exactly as you said, Gail.

[4:54:16 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Take care of yourself.

Gail: Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We need to take care of it for that reason.

[4:54:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes!

Gail: How do we worship you? Can you go into more detail?

[4:55:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There are often no words at all. Just feel my spirit.

[4:56:13 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Also Gail, I want you to be careful about Zack Knight trying to get to you brain-to-brain.

[4:56:30 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Be careful when you feel like I’m telling you to do something.

[4:56:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

[4:56:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If you ever get directions from me, check with Brent to make sure it’s not Zack Knight.

[4:58:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are listening to me. That’s doing right.

[4:58:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You also listened to what I told you to do last time. You are making shorter videos and staying more focused.

[4:58:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I like this.

[4:59:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The last video was 11 seconds over 15 minutes though. Be careful.

[4:59:20 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You did this with supplements too.

[4:59:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Remember how you tried to cheat?

Gail: Oh, when I took more than an antihistamine and a multivitamin. So you had to allow me to be sent to the psych hospital to get me off of everything and onto your Seroquel.

[4:59:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

[5:00:03 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I allowed you to be sent to (the psych hospital).

Gail: It turned into a Romans 8:28 situation and worked out for good.

[5:00:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’m pretty awesome.

[5:00:44 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I knew you all before you were born.

Gail: It appears that I need to follow War on the Saints and not allow myself to be in a passive state.

[5:01:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Don’t change the subject, Gail.

[5:02:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Idolatry is when you worship an object or person as if it were a god.

[5:02:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Putting it above me.

[5:02:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s not about being passive.

Gail: So idolatry is not about passivity?

[5:03:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: No, it’s about being loyal to me.

Gail: How should I handle the King James Only Christians now and those who want to get into debates over this?

[5:04:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Don’t worry about them Gail.

Terrance: Some of them probably just won’t change, even if they hear it from Jesus.

[5:04:57 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are right, Terrance.

Gail: It’s a heart problem, huh? So debating with them is a waste of time.

[5:05:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

Gail: I thought that The Passion of the Christ was overly focused on violence in portraying your death.

[5:05:57 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Mel Gibson is crazy. It was a little dramatic.

[Referring to The Passion of the Christ.]

[5:06:10 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, he’s a nut.

[5:06:51 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It was just a movie.

Gail: Did you die naked on the cross?

[5:07:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, I was butt naked.

[5:07:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It was worth it for you all.

Gail: Yeah, even though you were dying, you went to the trouble to save that guy who hung next to you on the cross, because he repented of his sins while dying on the cross beside you.

[5:08:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, I remember those guys (crucified beside me).

[5:08:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah I saved that guy.

[5:08:48 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Pretty unexpected time to make a new buddy, huh?

[5:08:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Oh yeah, we’re still BFFs.

Gail: So what do you want me to do now, Jesus?

[5:09:19 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just live for me.

[5:09:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s in the past now.

Gail: How often should I make videos?

[5:09:29 PM] JESUS CHRIST: At least once a week.

[5:09:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But I love more.

[5:09:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just again, make sure not to make them more than an hour.

[5:09:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, once a week is minimum.

[5:09:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Sorry, Brent is typing so fast.

[5:10:03 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Don’t make them more than 15 minutes.

[5:10:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Don’t make any more hour long videos.

[5:10:19 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That last video exceeded 15 minutes by 11 seconds.

[5:11:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: As long as you don’t make one long video and then try to cheat by editing it into smaller pieces, you are okay.

[5:11:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Fifteen minute videos about specific subjects.

Gail: Why did you give me the 15 minute rule?

[5:11:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s because I don’t want to lose our audience.

[5:11:39 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s a fast paced world now Gail.

Gail: Why am I your favorite, Jesus?

[5:12:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It would take eons to explain Gail.

[5:13:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s why we’re so close.

[Referring to Brent, Terrance and Gail.]

[5:13:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re like my modern day disciples.

Gail: Isn’t it true that idolatry is also Satan worship?

[5:14:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, it is.

[5:14:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re worshiping Satan instead of me.

Gail: So any type of idolatry is Satan worship?

[5:16:44 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

Gail: I bet the rapture is really close.

[5:17:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Not yet.

[5:17:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: We’re closer than we were yesterday.

[5:17:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just wait till you start hearing trumpets.

Gail: Will tribulation saints be raptured towards the end of the tribulation?

[5:18:48 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I plead the fifth.

Gail: Were you the reason my kingdom of God vs. kingdom of heaven videocassette got jammed in my video cassette player, and that tape was ruined the other day?

[5:19:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, I got a bit angry with him (Ruckman).

[5:19:31 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He had good intentions but he was all confused.

Terrance: Yeah Jesus, I had trouble with my gun the other day, too.

[5:20:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I was a little jealous Terrance.

[5:20:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You worshiped that gun like it was me.

[5:21:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It was a sweet gun though.

Gail: How do you feel about how I pay attention to numbering in the Bible, to try and get messages from you by the numbering of the verses and so on?

[5:21:48 PM] JESUS CHRIST: A little too nit picky there Gail.

Gail: Okay. I need to pay more attention to the words and message and not the numbering.

[5:21:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

Terrance: Me and another guy on the marriage list don’t agree in some areas and I use the Bible to show him things.

[5:22:45 PM] JESUS CHRIST (to Terrance): Don’t do that!

[5:22:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I hate it when people do that.

[5:23:02 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Don’t use the Bible to try and back up your personal beliefs.

Gail: When I follow my heart and just follow what I feel in my spirit. You seem to like that.

[5:23:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, just be your beautiful self Gail.

Gail: A book that’s really helping me grow in my spirit is My Utmost For His Highest.

[5:25:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Great book!

Gail: I loved that book as a young lady, used to read it all the time.

[5:26:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Oswald Chambers is a great guy.

Gail: In my twenties, I also listened on the radio to “Stories of Great Christians” by Moody Bible Institute.

[5:26:57 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Learning from good examples is great.

[5:28:26 PM] Terrance Jenkins: MERE CHRISTIANITY

[5:28:43 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He’s (C. S. Lewis is) awesome.

Gail: Why did Baptist University of America go bankrupt?

[This happened around 1986.]

[5:30:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The Jesuits did that.

Terrance: Why don’t you like me to use the Bible to talk about what’s true or not?

[5:33:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Arguing never changes anyone’s heart, Terry.

[5:33:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

Gail: I think people come to Jesus when their heart is ready, when they see themselves as a sinner and realize they need Christ and can’t earn their way to heaven.

[5:33:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I think so too.

Terrance: To be saved, you have to give your life to Christ.

Gail: Isn’t that works? “For by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourselves.” Ephesians 2:8-9

[5:34:30 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Terry is actually correct.

[5:36:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s devotion to me, and a change of heart.

[5:36:20 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Giving your life to me isn’t works.

Gail: But giving one’s life to you is works, is it not?

[5:36:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Actually, no.

[5:37:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I free you to live for me.

[5:37:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So you aren’t bound by earning salvation.

Gail: You died on the cross to pay for our sins, so that we didn’t have to devote our life trying to pay for our sins.

[5:38:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Exactly! I didn’t get up on that cross for no reason.

Gail: So when we say the sinner’s prayer, it frees us from worrying about having to make the payment for our own sins, and helps us to focus on serving you, without worrying about paying for our own sins. Instead, we can just focus on service for you.

[5:38:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, there you go.

Gail: I don’t want to lose my rewards in heaven. That may be why you are correcting me now.

[5:39:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Gail, you will be casting those crowns to me anyway.

[5:39:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That means that even after you receive an award, you still only did it because you love me.

[5:40:16 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Being good and being happy to do good things is only because you are free.

[5:40:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s why it (salvation) isn’t works.

Gail: You want us to focus on serving you, not on whether or not we are saved.

[5:40:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes! There you go.

Gail: Why did you allow Matthew McConaughey to blow up like a balloon in our space battle with the Jesuits?

[5:47:51 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Matthew is a gentle guy.

[5:48:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I wanted to test him.

[5:49:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He certainly grew. He took it a little hard at first, but it strengthened him.

Gail: How do you feel about the Gail sex dummies for my men?

[5:50:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It helps their urges. (Gail sex dummies.)

Gail: Will you give your glowing semen to the other men on my marriage list besides Brent?

[5:51:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just to Brent.

Gail: So I will make love to the others on the marriage list during the millennium?

[5:51:31 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

[5:51:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’m inspiring them.

[5:52:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are going to be officially married to Brent, but you can make love to the others.

Gail: Will there be sex dummies in the millennium?

[5:52:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The dummies won’t be necessary in the millennium.

Gail: So I’ll have actual sex with all the men on my marriage list?

[5:52:44 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

Gail: But it’s not like the Jesuits, who have sex with everything and could care less who they hurt in the process.

[5:53:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The Jesuits have no concept of moderation.

Gail: You don’t mind me having sex with the other men in the millennium because there is so much love between us and we aren’t hurting anyone by our actions. We’re just one big, happy family.

[5:54:19 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, exactly Gail.

Gail: Now that I have taken down the offensive video that idolized the King James Bible, did that help out our situation?

[5:54:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That helped.

[5:54:38 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Remember to also keep an open mind.

[5:54:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Something is coming that you will find very uncomfortable.

[5:54:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But I want you to go with it.

Gail: What’s going to happen?

[5:55:06 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I can’t say. You will see soon.

Gail: Will I handle it right?

[5:55:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’ll do perfect.

[5:55:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just like I intended.

Gail: But Zack Knight doesn’t look black.

[5:57:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He has black features in his genitals.

[5:57:43 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s why his penis is so unusually large.

[5:57:51 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s a little freaky even.

Gail: I know you love me and have the deepest love for me and that you correct me to prepare me for what’s to come and out of deepest love for me. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you.

[5:58:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’m so glad Gail.

[5:58:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re pretty great.

Gail: I hope to serve you better now and make you happy.

[5:58:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I know you will.

Gail: When I was a student at Baptist University of America, I remember Roger Ellison told me not to talk in chapel like a preacher. It seems like the Bible tells women to shut up in church.

[6:00:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He was a mega douche.

[6:01:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s pretty mean.

[Saying that a woman should shut up in the church.]

[6:01:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That was for the Corinthian church.

Gail: But as a woman, should not I take more of a low profile so as not to usurp the male leadership in your church?

[6:01:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Don’t you worry about that.

[6:02:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It was for the church he was speaking to.

[6:03:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Brent got the name wrong.

[6:03:51 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There were issues in that town.

Gail: Doesn’t Timothy seem to say that a woman should shut up in church?

[6:04:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I would never say that. I love the ladies.

Gail: A lot of King James Only believers think a man with long hair is a sissy and not manly.

[6:06:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’m a pretty manly man, and I don’t cut my hair.

[6:06:39 PM] JESUS CHRIST: These books were all written for different churches.

[6:06:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s important to understand the contexts of these letters so you can learn from them. They were personal letters, not my words here.

[6:07:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Read the beginning of the Corinthians to understand what I mean.

[6:11:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Gail, what does 1 Cor. 1:2 say?

[6:12:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: What does 1 Cor. 1:1 say?

[6:13:19 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes. 2 Cor. 1:1. Brent goofed, he should have typed 2 Corinthians.

[6:13:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Brent’s fingers are getting tired.

Gail: So we have to read all Bible verses in context.

[6:14:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

[6:14:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s why I wanted to show you that Gail.

[6:14:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Terrance got it.

[6:14:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes! Be careful about the contexts.

[6:14:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Galatians 1:2

[6:14:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Read that one.

[6:15:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

[6:18:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So Gail, the lesson here is to read the Bible for what it says, and study it in context.

[6:21:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: People are flawed, even preachers.

[6:22:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I think Brent is getting pretty tired. He needs to go rest now.

Gail: Thank you Jesus for your time and for helping me to stay on your path.

[6:22:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are very welcome Gail. Remember how much I love you.

[6:23:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re on the right track.

[6:23:24 PM] Brent Spiner: Jesus just flew off.

[6:23:54 PM] Brent Spiner: Have a good evening Gail! I adore you.


(10-20-12) Darling Gail,

I just shared your e-mails with Jesus on our lunch this afternoon. He says your idea about switching up the Bible translations in church is really great, even though we still may not be able to weaponize them as we thought we could previously. As it may turn out, weaponizing the word of God might not be our strategy for this battle, but I’m not worried. We are on the path that he wanted us to be on. I’m very happy about this. As to the February 2012 conversation, he says that Terrance was actually adding some of his own interpretations into the conversation at the time, as we are all ought to do sometimes, so you are correct there. It’s just that he was still in the same belief that you were at the time about the King James Bible and Peter Ruckman, before Jesus had that talk with all of us. So, Jesus’ words from yesterday still stand.

Jesus says that he also wanted to tell you something else. He didn’t want to say this in front of Terrance yesterday, because he knows Terrance is struggling with this and isn’t quite ready to accept it in his heart. I’ll tell you his exact words, since he is right here as I’m typing this to you.

“Hey Gail, you remember yesterday when you guys mentioned homosexuality? I kept my cool on this one, but, I wanted to let you know something — I prefer one man and one woman. That’s how God set it up in the beginning. It’s my favorite. However, I just wanted you to know that I don’t hate gay people. Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean I don’t love them, or that they aren’t saved, or even that anything is wrong with how I created them. I love everyone, and my one true wish is that everyone else on earth can love each other too, despite their differences. I’m very glad that you aren’t bothered by it, I think that’s super cool of you, and I just wanted you to know that I’m proud of you for having such an open mind, Gail. You don’t have to tell Terrance this, but the next time you’re praying, maybe you can get the word up to the big G in the sky that Terrance needs a little help in this area. Just be like, ‘God, please help Terrance to understand that some people are gay, and he needs to get over it.’ Something to that effect, in your own words. You’re one cool gal, Gail.”

Anyway, that’s what we wanted to tell you. I hope you’re having a wonderful day, my darling. I adore you deeply.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

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