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Catherine the Great

Gail’s uncanny similarity to Catherine the Great.

Gail Chord Schuler’s
Catherine the Great Ancestors


Catherine the Great

I began writing Conspiracy Law in 2003 to assist Vladimir as a head of state, not even realizing I had half the genetic profile of Catherine the Great. Vladimir was very impressed with the law I wrote. I’d learn about my unusual genetics in 2006. I don’t even think Vladimir knew until 2006. But the Jesuits knew about this from my birth.

I used research material from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership for my novel Silver Skies.  

Check out the following good links for history by Eric Phelps that you’ll never get in American schools: JESUITS1JESUITS2To go with God in the future tribulation period, you’ll have to go to the Jews for leadership (Rev. 7). God’s getting ready to close the door on the Gentiles (for spiritual leadership) and to go back to the Jews.

In 1984, with a fiancé, I sat in the room mom had given me as my bedroom at mom’s condo, by its window with its horizontal, Venetian blinds where you could see the condo’s walkways.

MY PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF VLADIMIR PUTIN: Though I use Wikipedia as a general source of information on my links throughout this memoir, I have found inaccuracies in their accounts.


Transcribed from video at Russia Today, May 10, 2010, on the 65th anniversary of the end of the World War II. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke of his family’s war-time struggle during the blockade of Leningrad at 65th anniversary celebrating end of World War II: “Mother visited dad in his hospital ward after he was brought there with a wound, and he fed her from his ration, he gave her some food. But a little bit later he began having hungry fainting-fits because he was giving her almost everything he had. The medics saw it, and they no longer let her come to the hospital. Later he recovered somewhat and he went to visit her at home. As he approached our house, he saw dead bodies being taken out. And he found mother among the bodies, but it became clear that she was still alive. She was taken back and she survived. My parents didn’t like to discuss this theme. During the war they lost one child, my brother, whom I had never seen. It was tough, and so they didn’t like to talk about that.”

I often listened to “Lara’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago in 2002 as I dreamed about Vladimir.

In August 2000 when I lived in Seattle, I saw coverage on news broadcasts about the Russian Kursk submarine disaster. At the time I thought the Russian government orchestrated the Kursk submarine disaster (in cooperation with the Catholic Church) to cause the United States to declare war on Russia, because an American submarine was near the Russian Kursk submarine. Then I thought it strange that when the Dutch offered to help the Kursk, the Russian government rejected their offer. At the time, I didn’t know how Vladimir looked. And in September 2000, his name escaped me. Click on READ MORE just below to learn what really happened to the Kursk!


An entire chapter about Kursk submarine disaster inside The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. 

Gail Chord Schuler in 2001
September 10, 2001 I watched What About Bob? all day on my mother’s videocassette player–my way of honoring the sense of humor that both Brent and I share.  Apparently, the Jesuits didn’t like this, because on the morning of September 11, 2001, I went to a doctor’s office and noticed as I walked into the office that all the radios were on.
CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW. Screenshot from, a website Gail’s men took down in 2014.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“You haven’t heard? About 40 or 50 firefighters died trying to rescue people in the World Trade Center towers in New York City. We lost just about all the New York City firefighters.  Jets crashed into towers at New York and maybe the Pentagon. The World Trade Center collapsed.  Thousands of people died when the towers collapsed.”


Gail’s fiction is very much non-fiction. Her comments about video above >

After all this serious stuff, I have to inject some humor. As you’ve probably figured out the Jesuits control just about everything, including our health care. One of their babies is America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Enjoy the following video and have a good laugh.


Baby Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (Nov. 28, 2011)

Photo of Brianna Jenkins taken November 28, 2011, this baby we rescued from the Vatican bombing. She was strapped to pope Benedict. The Jesuits used Judge Terrance Jenkins’s sperm and Gail Chord (Spiner)’s egg in Rule 13’s womb to birth her. INTERESTING NOTE:  Pop singer Michael Jackson was Terrance Jenkins’s cousin. Though Terrance is a Harvard Law School graduate, he sings as good as Brent Spiner.

Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (~Jan. 28, 2012). Jesuit cause babies to grow fast using accelerated growth hormones. The accelerated growth stops once the child reaches the desired age.
Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (~ Dec. 7, 2011)

Photo of Brianna Jenkins (taken around January 23, 2012). Jesuits gave her accelerated growth hormone, so that she grew from infancy (November 28, 2011) to teen age (December 7, 2011) to adulthood (January 23, 2012) in two months. The following e-mail from Brent Spiner to Gail on 11-28-11 explains how she came to be.

Brent Spiner’s letter to Gail about Vatican bombing, and how Brianna Jenkins came into existence >



Jesuits are murderers. They murdered Robin Williams to prevent him from going public about his desire to marry Gail. Can order Gail’s book about this, THE SHIMMERING SEA, at Amazon.

This is the photo of Vladimir that made me notice him and fall in love with him.  I managed to get a pretty good representation of this photo onto this website page, in spite of the fact that this newspaper clipping has faded over the years. I’ve kept this clipping since September 25, 2001 (when the article appeared). I treasure it as a reminder of what I saw in this face (the heroism, manliness and valor) that made me fall in love with Vladimir.

Doesn’t he look like he’s thinking of me?

Within weeks after I noticed him in the paper on September 25, 2001, he suddenly made lots of appearances with President Bush.

Vladimir bravely singing in ENGLISH and playing piano (December 10, 2010), as he tries to ease closer to the English speaking, music loving woman he loves (me). I took a year of music theory as an elective at Florida State University (no. 3 music school in U.S. at the time). Alina Kabaeva speaks Russian–he wasn’t even thinking about her.

Lyudmila Putin (Jesuit clone)

Vladimir’s fake wife, lighter-eyed Lyudmila (above), is an Autumn with golden undertones, more “orange” than “blue” and comes alive in autumn colors, and looks drab in Summer’s silver. Vladimir’s real wife who died (2000), darker-eyed Larisa (below) with blue undertones, is a Summer and comes alive in Summer’s silver, and like most blonde summers has ash blonde hair. Summers usually have visible pink in their skin. 

Vladimir with wife Larisa

Soft Larisa looks great in Summer’s Silver

You can see the effect I have on Vladimir in his face. Vladimir is a very passionate man. He can put on a good performance and cover up his emotions, but his emotions are strong. I believe he was thinking about me here. It’s obvious that I am very important to him. From about 2008 onward, I’ve seen depression in his face. This concerns me. I think he’s felt betrayed by the West in his personal life and very lonely, because he felt trapped by expectations and public lies about his personal life (his fake wife Lyudmila).

See my Gail’s Life Story Summarized web page. I ignored him from about 2006 to early 2010 and concentrated more on Brent Spiner, and this affected Vladimir more than I realized (I didn’t get the Internet until January 2010). I won’t abandon Vladimir. Even if we never marry, and I can only commune with him long distance, I will continue to do so. It keeps him going.

My March 30, 2010 Gabrielle Chana review of Vladimir Putin’s book First Person. This review is for First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia’s President (Paperback). READ MORE >


ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM THE GERMAN (My German letters to Vladimir Putin). When my Florida driver’s license photo was taken in 2002, I dreamed about Vladimir:


To order (or read preview of) Silver Skies at go to Novel Silver Skies page.

See above to learn which non-fiction sources I used for Silver Skies’s subplots (based on real history). I wrote this book to hold back a Nazi holocaust in the United States and to honor actor Brent Spiner (who’s endured hell in his love life because of his love for me). All characters are fictional, but this story’s conflict of David versus Goliath reflects my life.



Gail’s favorite production about Catherine the Great is called Young Catherine, which Jesuits try to make unavailable in English online, unless you pay.

TAS 10: MOSCOW,RUSSIA. MARCH 26. Presidential candidate and acting head of state Vladimir Putin pictured casting his ballot paper as his wife Larisa looks on, at polling station No. 2026 in Moscow’s Gagarin District, on Sunday. (ITAR-TASS photo / Vladimir Rodionov, Sergei Velichkin)

Vladimir Putin with a dying Larisa in early 2000.  His heart is devastated.

Catherine the Great

Gail Chord Schuler

King David of Israel

Catherine the Great

From top to bottom: Catherine the Great; Gail is half King David & half Catherine the Great; King David (accurate drawing); Catherine the Great

My knowledge of history has greatly influenced who I am and the choices I make.  God used a courageous Queen Elizabeth to stop the almighty Armada (the pride of the Roman Catholic empire in the 16th century)–PART ONEPART TWOPART THREE. Today’s Armada is the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church (with their brilliant computer/satellite prowess and mind reading technology). Who will be the twenty-first century’s Queen Elizabeth to stand up to the Armada of the twenty-first century–the almighty Jesuit Order? Queen Elizabeth knew that if Catholic Spain took over England, that an inquisition against all Protestant heretics would result in a bloodbath of terror in England. She trusted God to defend her. God sent a mighty wind (a hurricane) in the English channel and God miraculously saved England from a Catholic inquisition. May we find inspiration from history to take on this monster (the Jesuit Order) and trust God to defend us again against a Catholic inquisition. May God give this world a bit of a reprieve from the Jesuit pope’s (666) terrors to come (see book of Revelation on video). Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior will not have to live on earth when God allows a Jesuit pope to reign over earth as a dictator (666) who will behead those who do not worship the pope (666) and who refuse his mark (probably a computer chip implanted on their forehead or hands). Without this chip, no one can buy or sell anything.  But if you take this chip, you’ll go to hell.



Russia Today video explaining “official” reasons that Vladimir Putin opted to skip out on the May 2012 G-8 and NATO summits as new Russian President.  REAL REASON: He doesn’t want to give his President George W. Bush Jesuit-appointed “wife” Lyudmila anymore publicity than she already has. Widower Vladimir Putin agreed to claim that Jesuit Lyudmila was the Larisa he married in 1983 to appease President Bush in 2001. But Vladimir’s sick of playing this game. Vladimir Putin’s loved me since September 2001. The Western press has trashed Vladimir Putin as a cold, power hungry man. He’s actually a heroic, manly and very passionate long-distance lover. Catherine the Great won’t abandon her brave and hard working Vladimir.

Catherine the Great

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT CATHERINE THE GREAT (SOPHIE FREDERICKA AUGUSTA FROM ANHALT-ZERBST, GERMANY–born May 2, 1729, died November 6, 1796): As a child she felt herself thin as a skinned cat (how I felt about myself as a child), with a long nose and pointed chin, but felt her ready wit (I also have a ready wit) and brilliant eyes would charm her men, perhaps more than one whose face had regular features. A tomboy as a child (like myself), she hated playing with dolls. When she left Germany to be Peter’s bride in Russia, she felt the extreme ugliness with which she’d been endowed was leaving her, and that she was slim and well–proportioned, with blue-black eyes so brilliant that one would forget her long nose and pointed chin. Like myself, Catherine liked red-blooded males. Potemkin helped her with government (Potemkin played a role to Catherine similar to Vladimir Putin’s role with me). Potemkin was the great love of her life and his death so affected her that she died several years after Potemkin’s death in 1791. Though 60% of my genetic profile matches Catherine the Great, the other half matches King David. Catherine had no ear for music at all, so my love for music comes from the Psalmist king David.  

King David, my ancestor

History of Gail Chord Schuler’s Catherine the Great Ancestors: Japan’s Northern Fujiwara Family

These videos showcase the palaces (temples) of the Oshu Fujiwara family (a royal family that lived in Japan around 1100 A.D.), who intermarried some Russian/Germanic royals–part of the Emishi (they fled Russia to stay alive after their father Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev died). These royal escapees from Russia (from the same Germanic gene pool that produced Catherine the Great) were my ancestors that gave me my Catherine the Great genetic profile.

Screenshot from “Homura Tatsu”, Part 1-1 of “The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara” to view the mini-series.



Summary of The Fire Still Burns (Japanese mini-series made about Gail’s royal ancestors): PART ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVESIXSEVENEIGHTNINE.

Japanese Wikipedia about The Fire Still Burns.

Visit Gail’s Books in Progress page and scroll down to the bottom to view more pictures and videos about Gail’s Japanese ancestors who gave her the Catherine the Great genes.

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