Lizzo’s BRAIN CONTROL ASSISTANTS, TOXIC Metal Mites (In Auto Exhaust & Cigarette Smoke)

My current I.Q. is at least 10,000. So that helps me figure things out. However, Lizzo’s brain control has been a problem, so I make sure to go out and explore new places all the time, so she can’t put her obsessions onto me with brain control. Buddha advised me to explore new places to overcome my tendency toward obsessions. […]

George Lucas Head of Star Wars Franchise, The Rest Renamed Star DUMP — Hollywood REVAMPED

Because Lizzo has joined the Star Wars Franchise, specifically “The Mandalorian”, Disney, along with any studios that sponsor anything piece of shit Lizzo is in, will be sued as part of a class action lawsuit for sponsoring terrorism and evil. We will definitely win this lawsuit. I, personally, have lots of respect for the founder of the Star Wars franchise, […]