Lizzo’s BRAIN CONTROL ASSISTANTS, TOXIC Metal Mites (In Auto Exhaust & Cigarette Smoke)

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My current I.Q. is at least 10,000. So that helps me figure things out. However, Lizzo’s brain control has been a problem, so I make sure to go out and explore new places all the time, so she can’t put her obsessions onto me with brain control. Buddha advised me to explore new places to overcome my tendency toward obsessions.

I believe the mites are set up to have the opposite charge to Lizzo’s signals coming in with the mites acting as magnets and amplifiers to any incoming signals from Lizzo or her Jesuits.

Lizzo might be smart enough to figure out that she needs to change the charge to any signals coming into the body, to keep us confused. The mite seems to be programmed to have the opposite charge to whatever signals Lizzo is using, so that it can act as a magnet and amplifier to her signals.

I have noticed that Lizzo’s brain control is always worse when I have a mite infection, so she definitely uses the mites to enhance her brain control.

She uses signals like a mini-torch light that sharpens all the edges around us.

We need to UNDO what she has done to the edges of paper, plastic and metal around us to make us cut ourselves.

Lizzo’s mites also like to eat metal. That’s why I never wear my watch, because it always itches there. I also believe that’s why I have lots of bone loss near the gold crown areas of my mouth. They have metal as part of their make-up in order to act as conductors to Lizzo’s signals.

I just heard brain to brain that these mites poop bacteria. No wonder my tongue feels so awful.

It seems the mites are programmed to set up secondary bacterial infections wherever they infect. What a lovely invention by bitch Lizzo.

The left side of the tongue, on the side of the root canal is VERY SWOLLEN.

It might be helpful if Zack’s perfect antibiotic semen was in all my food as well, because then it would be absorbed into my bloodstream.

I suspect these mite-produced bacteria eat regular antibiotics, which means taking antibiotics would worsen the infection.

It seems Lizzo thought of EVERYTHING.

She has this thing set up so that the infection never heals, because I know mites are attracted to inflamed tissue. It is also an attempt to sabotage dental treatment that could in any way inflame tissue, which is just about all dental treatment.

I hear brain to brain that part of the mite poop is ACID. Like I said, what a lovely infection. I suspect I’m not the only one dealing with this. This should be a major headline on the news and anyone who doesn’t report it should be part of a class action lawsuit. Lizzo needs her butt sued off over this and needs major exposure. She also needs to be charged with major war crimes.

This is using biological and chemical warfare on innocents in the population, experimenting with them like they are guinea pigs.

Apparently, the under side of the tongue is where I got my novocaine injection and it got a bit inflamed, so Lizzo thinks she can blame the dentist for the infection. But if we can prove that mites are in there and that they are the cause of my current infection, the blame lies 100% at HER DOOR AND SHE NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED.

Do these mites eat novocaine?

If not the novocaine, perhaps one of the ingredients in the novocaine is their food, like epinephrine or some other additive. Which reminds me, I forgot to tell the dentist not to add epinephrine to the novocaine, I hate that stuff.

How much you wanna bet she will say the dentist injected me with bacteria? I wouldn’t put it past her.

But if we can prove that the mites poop bacteria, the blame lies solely WITH HER.

And she needs to be EXPOSED for this, for being so sneaky and dirty.

She seems to be a master at setting people up so they take the blame for HER CRIMES.

I’m pretty sure Lizzo is putting mites in auto exhaust and cigarette smoke. We need to investigate this and add it onto the many charges we bring against her. This, on top of her chem trails and bombs (disguised to look like clouds, but some of these clouds look VERY WEIRD). She is thorough. I’ll say that for her.

Then the question is, if she’s doing this, are the cigarette manufacturers and gasoline producers in compliance with her? And, if so, the charges and the class action lawsuits will just get bigger.

This means all cigarette smokers and users of cars (or anyone who uses gasoline) can start a class action lawsuit.

Yeah, the cigarette manufacturers might say that everyone knows smoking is not healthy, but, they don’t need to MAKE IT WORSE. Not only that, by doing this, SECOND HAND SMOKE affects those who don’t smoke. So all those who breathe in second-hand smoke or breathe in gasoline exhaust, which is just about everyone, can start a class action lawsuit!!

Further, anyone who willingly and knowingly assists Lizzo in her efforts to put mites into our bodies, directly or INDIRECTLY, gets the death penalty after we SUE THEIR BUTTS OFF.

She might say, how can mites survive the heat in auto exhaust and cigarette smoke? Well, I’ve figured out these mites are made of METAL. That’s why they EAT METAL and why I can’t wear a watch or my metal hair barrette if it gets too close to my head because of the itching I get when I do that. The reason Lizzo made the mites out of METAL is because they also act as conductors and amplifiers of her satellite brain control electrical signals enhancing her ability to do brain control. Making the mites metallic as well as biological makes it so that metal mites can survive heat and act as conductors and amplifiers to her electrical brain control signals. Have you noticed that our bodies seem really zappy lately? It seems the electricity in our bodies is pretty high. So, if you have a metal mite infection, it’s a piece of cake for Lizzo to send electricity to your body through her brain control signals. I have also noticed the bone loss in my mouth is worse near the gold crowns, because the mites are attracted to any metals, WHICH THEY EAT. It appears the mites also eat BONE.

I’m not imagining things in regard to my watch and barrette. My skin actually turns RED underneath the watch. That’s why I keep the watch in my fanny pack’s clear view pocket, because it if I wear metal on my skin, it itches and TURNS RED. These mites EAT METAL, because they’re made out of metal.

Also, if the mites are made of metal, they could create their own shield and possibly block our scanner’s ability to scan them.

Lizzo thought she came up with a foolproof way to evade our scanners and cause her microscopic agents to remain in our bodies. But I’m starting to figure some things out.

Another reason she may have made the mites metal is to put the blame for them on our automatons (who are made out of metal). Lizzo is a master at the blame game.

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