Class Action Lawsuit Avalanche Against PIECE OF SHIT LIZZO

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PERFECTPENIS inserted into this post, will give any Lizzo Jesuits reading it a spasm. The purpose for this post is to get the true news out and encourage Gail supporters to launch an avalanche of class action lawsuits against Lizzo and her Jesuits. If you feel you want to be part of a class action lawsuit against Lizzo, contact my men at

It appears Lizzo is claiming Trump is going to court for garbage. Trump is in the U.S. President’s Cabinet and this may be fake news. Nevertheless, I’m tired of Lizzo’s SHIT.

We start a public case against Lizzo for terrorism murder, and all my supporters launch a class action lawsuit against her for damages. The case will be tried publicly on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. If Brent doesn’t want to do this, we will respect his wishes. But Lizzo is a piece of shit and she’s so obsessed with me, we need to find something to keep her busy.

When we win the case, it is aired on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. The rest of the news networks must air the case with the possible exception of Alabama, and if they don’t, we go after them for being accomplices to murder and terrorism.

And we take them to court next. The purpose for doing this is to totally wreck Lizzo and the Jesuits public relations and give them the EXPOSURE THEY DESERVE.

I’m in the mood the punish fake news and, as far as I’m concerned, they are a bunch of cowardly murderers, because they aid and abet murderers.

Even if we are in a war, a lot of this war revolves around impressions and Lizzo’s “impressions” need to GO TO HELL.

Everybody needs to see clearly that she is a PIECE OF SHIT.

If anyone dares to give Lizzo an Emmy or an Academy Award or a Grammy or any “respectable” award, they will get added to the class action lawsuit as accomplices to murder.

I predict this case will go on until we defeat Lizzo, but we need to keep her busy defending herself, so that she has less time to conduct war against us.

Just slam the bitch with one lawsuit and criminal charge after another. She seems to love going legal, so we will give her a taste of her own medicine.

Of course, Lizzo Jesuits will claim they don’t recognize our courts or our laws, then we will air the case any ways and let the public see all the evidence and let the public decide on the verdict, using voter jurors (see Sect. 29 to 31 of this Conspiracy Law document). Even if they throw out the case, we will MAKE IT CONTINUE and just keep it going until we defeat the bitch in war.

If this is a dumb idea, you can drop it, but Lizzo has too much free time on her hand. We need to keep her busy.

Even more fun, if Hollywood sides with Lizzo, we will take on everyone in Hollywood that gives piece of shit Lizzo any respectability. This is to show our disdain for the “establishment” that thinks it’s respectable to be a criminal.

We will sue and bring criminal charges against Paramount, Amazon, Google, and the whole group. Even the ENTIRE PLANET, IF WE HAVE TO. We ain’t a bunch of cowards.

PERFECTPENIS. You might say, this is a lost cause. Not necessarily. The purpose is to give the bitches and bastards plenty of bad press and to KEEP THEM BUSY, so they have less time to devote to war against us.

When they throw out the case and say they don’t recognize our laws, we will keep the cases going on any ways and air them on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. We will present all the evidence and force all the networks to air the evidence or they get added to the lawsuits.

Our law is the supreme law of the land and they can go to hell, if they don’t like it.

Here is my law, which is the supreme law of the land:

So the automatons launch war and we will do the legal stuff to give piece of shit LIzzo an AVALANCHE OF BAD PRESS.

This goes for anyone who is like her, like David Schuler or Vivian or whoever took down my video for Erich.

PERFECTPENIS. Consult with our military leaders over how we can use this to military advantage. I think they will agree with me that Lizzo has far too much free time on her hands. At least, we can keep her busy!

Every time she throws out a case, we’ll come at her from another angle. She will get one subpoena after another and it will all be aired on the news networks. Those that refuse to air it, will also get subpoenaed. Her crimes are as high as Mount Everest, we won’t have ANY TROUBLE coming up with charges.

Basically, we are going to legally HARASS Lizzo and keep her busy.

She can throw out the cases, but then they get aired on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and we will say that Lizzo is lying, because the case is ON and she just refuses to show up for court, which means she’s GUILTY BY DEFAULT. If she shows up in court, we will use automatons as lawyers and in the courtroom, because of her brain control. We will create automatons to represent all the victims and everyone involved.

She likes to legally HARASS us, we need to give her a taste of her OWN MEDICINE.

If she claims fat discrimination, we will say fatsos and skinnies get treated alike in our just courts of law.

By the time we’re done with Lizzo, she will be the most unpopular person on planet earth and all the humans will be protesting her.

We’re going to make it as hard as hell for her to be an effective Antichrist.

Get as many class action lawsuits going as you can. The blacks can start one against Lizzo for making the blacks look bad. The gays will start one for gay discrimination. By the time we’re done, we could have hundreds of class action lawsuits against Lizzo and all her Jesuit cohorts.

If we have to, we’ll make automatons to help us keep these cases going FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER, ad infinitum, until we defeat the BITCH AND HER COHORTS ONCE AND FOR ALL.

The purpose is to keep her busy and give her bad press LIKE HELL.

If she wants to claim fat discrimination. we’ll say a criminal is a criminal and fatsos will be treated no differently than the skinnies.

If she objects to being called a fatso, we’ll just spit on her and say “overruled”, CONTINUE the legal proceedings.

If she claims she’s the Antichrist and is above all our laws. We will say someone who claims to be the Antichrist gets no special privileges. The LAW IS THE LAW and JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.

Ideas for class action lawsuits: All those raped can start a class action lawsuit. All those polluted can start a class action lawsuit (against environmental laws). All those discriminated against (blacks, Jews, gays, etc.) can start a class action lawsuit. All those murdered, their families members can start a class action lawsuit. All those brain controlled can start a class action lawsuit for war crimes, etc. This is such a bitch, we won’t have ANY TROUBLE COMING UP WITH LAWSUITS. Harass the LEGAL HELL OUT OF THE PIECE OF SHIT.

She’ll have so many subpoenas to deal with, she won’t have time to do war. If she dares ignore them, WE SLAUGHTER HER REPUTATION IN THE PRESS and we start suing the press, if they don’t report on our lawsuits.

The mites Lizzo puts in her bombs and chemtrails will be considered a WAR CRIME and will be treated legally AS SUCH.

By the time we’re done with her, if anyone sees her on the street, they’ll shoot her just for spite, even if it doesn’t kill her.

If she claims we’re at war and so she doesn’t need to respect our laws, we then say, “to hell with her war.” If she’s in our country, she’s TRIED whether she likes it or not. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. At least, we can establish if her war is JUST.

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