George Lucas Head of Star Wars Franchise, The Rest Renamed Star DUMP — Hollywood REVAMPED

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I play this to celebrate George Lucas returning to the helm of Star Wars! It will be a GREAT IMPROVEMENT.
George Lucas practices some Buddhism and Buddha is on our team, so I’ve included this as well.

Because Lizzo has joined the Star Wars Franchise, specifically “The Mandalorian”, Disney, along with any studios that sponsor anything piece of shit Lizzo is in, will be sued as part of a class action lawsuit for sponsoring terrorism and evil.

We will definitely win this lawsuit. I, personally, have lots of respect for the founder of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas. As part of winning this lawsuit, we will split the Star Wars Franchise and anything that Lucas approves of will remain in the Star Wars Franchise. So all the original movies and many of the sequels will retain the name Star Wars. Anything Lucas does not approve of, will have the name Star Dump in place of Star Wars describing the movie or production. Star Dump must be infused into all the descriptions of any productions that are part of the former Star Wars franchise that Lucas does not approve of. As a result of winning our class action lawsuit, if any of the rejected productions dare to use the name Star Wars, we will sue them for copyright infringement, along with a tidal wave of charges against them.

Lucas is free to remake any movies he doesn’t like and to revise them however he wishes, too. To assist the aging Lucas, we will create several automatons of him to help with this.

We will use the same procedure for any other Hollywood productions that support Lizzo or Satan and that had some good movies or productions as part of the franchise. For example, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek, will retain their original names and any rejected sequels that support Lizzo will be renamed something abhorrent to describe how vile they have become. I thought a good title for any rejected sequels might be Star Puke. We would force this new name on all rejected productions as part of winning our class action lawsuit. A Gene Roddenberry automaton will be at the helm of the new and better Star Trek franchise. I had a lot of respect for Gene Roddenberry, who I considered courageous and a visionary. Roddenberry is free to totally revamp Star Trek and make it however the hell he likes, including removing any episodes he doesn’t like from Star Trek or Star Trek: The Next Generation and renaming them Star Puke.

As a writer, I think Hollywood has really gone downhill and this is a way to show my disdain for current Hollywood, which consistently turns out GARBAGE. The Jesuit takeover of Hollywood has RUINED THE ARTS. This is an ABOMINATION. So I plan to FIX THAT.

Of course, the pieces of shit Jesuits will continue their vile productions, and we will sue them for copyright infringement if they dare claim to be part of the original franchise, which they have polluted. This, on top of other criminal charges and lawsuits. Any money they make from their productions will be seized and used to pay the victims of their many crimes as well as to pay damages to George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, etc. for copyright infringement, defamation, etc.

My husband Brent Spiner, who is a writer and actor, can feel free to do the same for any other Hollywood productions Jesuits have infiltrated and RUINED. He can make automaton producer/directors and work from there, using similar tactics like I’ve described in this post.

The Award ceremonies also need to be taken over, and the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the Emmys, etc. will retain their original names and will only air on Gabrielle Chana FOX News or an approved network. If the Jesuit Academy Awards, Emmys, etc. dare make their presence known, we will bomb them during the ceremonies and rename the ceremonies something like Asshole Awards in place of Academy Awards, Empty Awards in place of Emmy Awards, Gross Awards in place of Grammy Awards, etc. Any news station that airs it using the word Academy, or Emmy or Grammy, when it is run by the Jesuits, will be bombed and an appropriate name given to the award ceremony that was bombed. The news MUST report it as it’s reported on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, or they, too, will suffer the same fate as the organization bombed, or at least we will sue their butts off.

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