Gail with Genius Emotional I.Q. Studies the Big Tech CEOs, World Leaders, Celebrities

I’m doing something just for fun. You have to take into consideration that many of these photos may be doctored or of their Jesuit clone. I find that when I go with my “first impression” and ignore my rationalizations after I have a gut reaction, that my gut reaction is right on accurate. That is where my emotional I.Q. resides, […]


14.1aa Due to the fact that these laws have not been enforced in this Section 14 previously named LAWS FOR THE BREAK UP OF THE TECH GIANTS, Empress Gail needs to get tough. For the purposes of this section, those Big Tech companies or organizations (Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Twitter, schools, universities, colleges, etc.) that have willing and knowing CONTRACTS […]

YouTube Censorship about Brent Spiner's Rape

YouTube Censorship about Brent Spiner’s Rape from Gail Chord Schuler on Vimeo. The video above ( YouTube removed on August 5, 2018 citing deceptive spamming practices. Well, YouTube, this REALLY happened and poor Brent Spiner doesn’t have a voice except through me. Here are screenshots of the appeal I sent to YouTube. Click on the screenshots below for larger views. […]

Narcissists DESPISE Agnes Wickfield, because she EXPOSES their selfishness.

DICKENS’ DAVID COPPERFIELD BBC 1974 ENDING I wanted to see what anybody had to say about Agnes Wickfield, and what I read sounded like the rantings and ravings of narcissists trying to justify their narcissism. We have a generation of women totally self-absorbed and selfish and the mere fact that unselfish, strong and caring women like Agnes Wickfield actually did […]

Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana) Audio Books (Audible)

Gail Chord Schuler’s audio books at Audible (if you order the audio book from Audible by clicking on a book cover below or on the Germany, United Kingdom or France links below, and become an Audible member for the first time, I get paid a bonus): [GERMANY, ORDER HERE]  [UNITED KINGDOM, ORDER HERE]  [FRANCE, ORDER HERE]  Bible for Tribulation Saints: […]