Do NOT use Vimeo to post Alex Jones videos. They won't allow it.

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Here is what I got from Vimeo:

Hello Gail Chord Schuler,

A Vimeo moderator marked your account for review for the following reason:

Vimeo does not allow you to upload material that you did not create yourself.

You need to take the following action as soon as possible:

Please remove any and all videos you did not create yourself from your Vimeo account. Videos can be deleted from their Settings page.

After 1 week, we will review your account again to make sure this action has been taken. If not, your videos and/or your account may be removed by a Vimeo moderator.

For more information on our content and community policies, please visit

If you have questions or believe you received this warning in error, please respond to this message and a Vimeo Community Manager will get back to you.


Upload only videos you created yourself.

  • You must own or hold all necessary rights (copyrights, etc.) to your video.
  • “So-and-so gave me permission” does not mean you created it.
  • You can upload videos that you appear in or helped create (as director, DP, editor, musician, motion graphics artist, actor, etc.) as long as you have the necessary permissions from the copyright holders.
  • Please add your role in the video description to avoid deletion.
  • Exception! Vimeo PRO and Vimeo Business members can upload videos they did not create as long as they hold the necessary rights and permissions.

I am not paying for the PRO or Business plan. I think $84.00 a year for the Plus plan is enough. Here is my response:

Dear Vimeo:

I mainly subscribed to your channel as a YouTube back up, and YouTube allows me to use Alex Jones’s content because Alex gives everyone permission to post his videos everywhere. I paid $84.00 for your services and because you won’t allow me to post someone else’s content under the Plus plan, I was wondering if I could get a refund. When I signed up for Vimeo years ago, I only planned to post several times a year and as you do not allow your creators to post someone else’s content, even with their permission, I will have to use other video services for how I planned to use Vimeo when I paid for the Plus plan. I spent most of this day, having to revamp several pages at my website and at my patron’s page because of this notice I got from you, because I had Vimeo embedded at these pages. I was not aware of your policy regarding posting other people’s content, even if I got permission, so I really don’t need your services anymore, except for a couple posts a year. I have removed the videos which I feel violate your guidelines (a total of TEN). This was a lot of work for some Draconian guidelines about using someone else’s work, even if you have their permission and encouragement to do so!
Gail Chord Schuler

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