Gail with Genius Emotional I.Q. Studies the Big Tech CEOs, World Leaders, Celebrities

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I’m doing something just for fun. You have to take into consideration that many of these photos may be doctored or of their Jesuit clone. I find that when I go with my “first impression” and ignore my rationalizations after I have a gut reaction, that my gut reaction is right on accurate. That is where my emotional I.Q. resides, which Jesus tells me is very high genius.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

CEO Tim Cook photos

First impression: Cold, brutal, calculating, evil, arrogant.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones Photos

First impression: very conscientious, honest, courageous, manly, forgiving, generous, expressive, intelligent

Alex Jones’s ex-wife Kelly

Kelly Jones photos

First impression: Weak personality, coward, people pleaser with morals decided based on popularity not conviction, emotionally insecure, low emotional I.Q. – tends to approve of those who are approved of by the establishment because she is too insecure to stand on her own principles, feeling that she needs those around her to form her principles because she has very low self-esteem and does not trust her own judgment. For this reason, her view of the world is shaped by those she perceives to be the power players, because she respects power players because she has no self-confidence. Believe she is a co-dependent personality. Alex needs a strong woman, because he is a pioneer and goes against the grain.

Anjali Sud, Vimeo CEO

Anjali Sud Vimeo CEO

First impression: arrogant, intelligent, cold, narcissist

Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner photos

First impression: Two distinct personalities in these photos. We are dealing with a real Brent Spiner and a clone. The real Brent Spiner is deep, thoughtful, introverted, intelligent, manly, courageous, idealistic, big hearted. The clone is shallow, extroverted, vain, conceited, a sociopath, greedy.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump photos

First impression: independent, visionary, courageous, discerning, high emotional I.Q., suffers from slight vanity but is able to overcome it and be impartial, generous and forgiving, down to earth and practical

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey CEO

First impression: Appear to see two personalities in these photos, which indicates a real Jack and a clone. The Jack clone: Sociopath, greedy, ambitious, cold, calculating, intelligent. The real Jack: thoughtful, deep, nice and caring person, fair and sincere, intelligent

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

First impression: Opportunist, cold, intelligent, arrogant, psychotic, sociopath

David Hogg

David Hogg photos

First impression: narcissist, immature, arrogant, self-centered, sociopath, egotistical

the blond woman, Loree McBride

Loree McBride photos

First impression: vain, egotistical, psychopath, brutal, vengeful, cruel, evil

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg CEO photos

First impression: vain, egotistical, shallow, intelligent, manipulative, narcissist, can be nice, but only if it does not hurt his finances, seems to lack any true moral conviction

Melania Trump

Melania Trump photos

First impression: Very nice person, generous, courageous, strong, very smart, fair, objective

UPDATE 2021: I was dead wrong on this one! She may have manipulated some of these photos though.

Sunder Pichia Google CEO

Sunder Pichia Google CEO photos

First impression: calculating, intelligent, cold, manipulative, aggressive, intolerant

T. J. Kirk, Amazing Atheist

T.J. Kirk Photos

First impression: nice person, forgiving, generous, inferiority complex, whatever causes him to feel inferior makes him angry at God, not a true atheist, it’s more of a label to describe his anger at God for making him feel inferior. Needs to learn self-acceptance and to believe that God knows what he’s doing. His anger at God mars his ability to read others accurately, causing him to dis-proportionally favor those who seem to share his anger and dis-proportionally disfavor those who love God.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin photos

First impression: Two distinct personalities here. We are dealing with a clone and the real Vladimir. The clone is evil, ambitious, cold, calculating, dishonest, a sex pervert. The real Vladimir is deep, thoughtful, manly, courageous, brilliant, and a no nonsense leader.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

YouTube CEO Photos
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

First impression: Seem to see two personalities here. So I think we are dealing with a real Susan and a clone. The clone is cold, evil, cruel, bigoted, arrogant, calculating. The real Susan is warm, fair, intelligent, and generous.

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly photos

First impression: cold, calculating, narcissist, sociopath, intelligent, cruel, competitive

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders photos

First impression: Seem to detect two distinct personalities here, the real Bernie and a clone. The clone is shallow, ambitious, greedy, dishonest, cold and cruel. The real Bernie is humble, dedicated, sincere, idealistic and passionate.

John McCain

John McCain photos

First impression: Evil, cold, cruel, arrogant, intolerant, charismatic, sociopath, ambitious, power lover. Ironic, cuz I voted for him as President in 2008. Maybe I should have gone with my “gut”. I can rationalize away my first impression and start believing lies.

Shepard Smith

Shepard Smith photos

First impression: Nice, but very biased and incapable of good judgment. Low emotional I.Q. Seems to have a grudge that influences his judgment. A bit arrogant, feeling that those who disagree with his views are inferior to him. Tends to see things in all black and white, incapable to understanding reality for this reason. Not as smart as he thinks he is. Biggest problem is he gets carried away with his views and likes to compartmentalize people, probably to accommodate low intelligence. He honestly believes that his views are right, though, so he’s not a hypocrite.

Bill O’Reilly

Bill O'Reilly photos

First impression: Smart, balanced, a bit arrogant but can step back and check it, high emotional I.Q., respects courage and integrity and tries to be this way himself. Warm to those he respects. If he respects you he is loyal to you. If not, he can run you over.

Erich Schmidt, Google executive

Eric Schmidt Google Executive

First impression: A HUGE bigot, arrogant, sociopath, liar, criminal, narcissist