Angelina Ballerina is the Antichrist Reigning from hell. Loree McBride is her False Prophet.

What does the Bible say about the False Prophet in the book of Revelation? by David Jeremiah (red sections are Gail Chord Schuler) Best Bible study I’ve heard on Zechariah 9 is by Bob Utley: The Antichrist & False Prophet of Revelation 13 (Bible study) from Gail Chord Schuler on Vimeo. Good Bible teaching (above video) on the Antichrist, the […]

Loree McBride Biography: The Deep State's Genocidal LEADER

UPDATE: Loree McBride got right in Jan. 2022 and is no longer the Antichrist or the Jesuit leader. Because Gail has written a biography about Loree McBride that gives voters information about who she is and how she tries to influence elections to support genocide, it is mandatory for all voters in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations to watch and/or […]

Gabrielle Chana Independent Party MANDATORY membership to vote/hold public office in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations

10.0[a1a] Here is her party’s platform, taken from the US. Centrist Party platform and an addition she made in June 2019: To protect, support and further justice and liberty in concert with national and societal needs. While needs and societies change, governance and its administrative responsibility does not. It is the job of governance to meet the needs of the […]


3.0(a) We will create mini-Seroquakke bombs designed to encase rather than explode their targets. They will be like sling stones. Once they hit their target they will encase it like a mini-Seroquakke with a microwave oven inside the mini-Seroquakke and then they will be programmed (with their captive or captives) to fly to Satan’s ocean and go deep into the […]

Transcript of American NBC March 1 & 2, 2018 Vladimir Putin Interview with Megyn Kelly with Gail Commentary.

GAIL’S TRANSCRIPTION OF VLADIMIR PUTIN MARCH 2, 2018 AMERICAN NBC KALININGRAD, RUSSIA INTERVIEW WITH MEGYN KELLY, WITH TRANSLATOR FROM VLADIMIR PUTIN’S OFFICIAL PRESIDENTIAL WEBSITE IN RED. Gail did not transcribe the March 1, 2018 interview from audio (PART ONE) which seemed to have a very heavy Vladimir clone presence, with the clone looking goofy, shallow and definitely not Presidential. It is better […]


This law was created on March 7, 2018, with an update regarding the use of unhealthy elements in attacks on the population and the elimination of United States style Common Core from all educational programs and education about the lie of “white privilege” on March 8, 2018. Here are links to all of the latest updates to Conspiracy Law. 14.0a […]

Re-election for U.S. President NOW, Gun Laws, Media Laws

I read my new laws (below) and have published them at my website. See also Sect. 25 & 26 of this document: I am asserting myself as the Empress as we have an emergency with free speech and other matters right now. I have put a lot of prayer into these new laws. Here are all my Conspiracy […]

God's Northridge 1994 Earthquake Condemns Loree McBride's Power Grab (Gun Control Agenda)

Is Loree McBride more just than God? This question is the crux of this trial, where Loree McBride alleges she is justified to have interfered with the love between Brent Spiner and me (Gail Chord Schuler), when she drug raped him in Sept. 1992. Brent Spiner has a clone. Brent and I have had a relationship since 1990. Loree McBride […]