Angelina Ballerina is the Antichrist Reigning from hell. Loree McBride is her False Prophet.

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What does the Bible say about the False Prophet in the book of Revelation?

by David Jeremiah (red sections are Gail Chord Schuler)

Best Bible study I’ve heard on Zechariah 9 is by Bob Utley:

The Antichrist & False Prophet of Revelation 13 (Bible study) from Gail Chord Schuler on Vimeo.

Good Bible teaching (above video) on the Antichrist, the False Prophet and 666 by Derald Skinner (Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor) on July 7, 2013

The Coming Great Tribulation! from Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor on Vimeo.

Good Bible teaching on the tribulation (above).

Come on, Loree McBride Jesuits, your leader is not as hot as Gail Chord Schuler and Gail’s BFFs (fellow hotties out there). Gail and these ladies make Loree McBride look like TOAST. Anyone who follows Loree is as ugly as she is. In hell, Jesus will give her the ugliest body in the universe cuz it matches her soul. Jesus will give bodies in hell that reflect the soul of the person in hell. You may share her fate, if you are as vain and proud as she is! A woman is beautiful who builds up her man and admires his manliness, like Gail and these beautiful ladies. Any woman who has to build herself up by dragging down another human being or dragging down another sex is a VERY UGLY PERSON. In the end, you will lose your bodily shape and turn into a worm. Jesus told me this is so. That is your glorious future in hell. Accept Jesus so you don’t burn like a worm.

Jesus versus Satan


Satan: Hey Jesus, now that Zack Knight has executed my Antichrist Angelina Ballerina, looks like your Bible prophecy won’t be fulfilled, cuz you certainly don’t expect me to use Zack Knight as my Antichrist, do you? I can’t have an Antichrist who is on your side.

Jesus: Don’t worry, Satan. I have it all figured out.

Satan: Yeah, like how?

Jesus: Look, Satan. I allowed you to use Zack Knight as your Antichrist, and you can only use Angelina cuz Zack transferred his Antichrist powers to her. You don’t expect me to allow you to give Antichrist powers to more than one person, do you? That is not fair.

Satan: Well, as you know, I don’t give a flip about fairness. But I’d assume you’d be concerned about your Bible. (laughs) How in the world is your Bible prophecy in Daniel and Revelation going to come true, when I don’t have an evil Antichrist to do my bidding! Explain that one, super brain! I’ve always thought you are kind of stupid, you know. . .

Jesus: Look, Satan, you’re just trying to mess things up by speeding up my timetable. Well, it won’t work. It’s too late. You got your Antichrist before the tribulation started as you requested from me, and you’re stuck with him/her. It’s either Zack Knight or Angelina Ballerina!

Satan: Well things haven’t worked out too good for me, cuz your favorite, Gail, has led my Antichrist Zack Knight to believe that I suck and he’s come to your side. And now my only option for Antichrist, Angelina, is stuck in hell and Gail and her men are free to rule the earth and set up a millennium. Talk about messing up the timetable. Where in the Bible does it say your millennial reign happens before the tribulation?

Jesus: Let’s not get bogged down in technicalities, Satan. You wanted your Antichrist early and you got him. Now you’re stuck with him. Just cuz you hate my favorite, Gail, and are obsessed with saving your Jesuit Order from her. You’ll just have to work it out on your own, cuz you know I won’t be helping you.

Satan: Look, Jesus, this should concern you, cuz where in your Bible does it say your millennial reign happens and there is no tribulation? I can’t have a tribulation without an Antichrist I can use!

Jesus: After the rapture, you can use Angelina Ballerina. Zack is going up, bud, at the rapture, as you well know. Glad I was able to save him from you, wish I could save everybody from you.

Satan: Angelina’s a woman! Your Bible prophecy says the Antichrist is a man!

Jesus: Now now, Satan. You know it’s a piece of cake for you to make her a transgender man.

Satan paces and actually bites his claws in nervousness. 

Satan: Okay. You win, for now.

Two months later. . .

Satan: Hey, Jesus!

Jesus: Yeah, what’s up Satan?

Satan: You know, I’m kind of impressed with Loree McBride. She’s gathered quite a following. Let’s say you give me permission to have my False Prophet early, but I don’t want her to know that’s her role, or some people won’t follow her then. She’s glamorous and beautiful, and for folks to see her as False Prophet would ruin her celebrity image. We got a deal?

Jesus: Well, Satan. Here you are again trying to start the tribulation early and you think this will work out to your advantage. Why are you in such a hurry?

Satan: I can’t have Gail and Zack Knight destroying my Jesuit Order! What kind of a tribulation can I have without my Jesuits?

Jesus (pauses to consider): Okay, Satan. You can use Loree McBride as your False Prophet and I won’t tell Gail or her men that she’s your False Prophet.

Satan slinks away, a big smile on his face.

A year later. . .

Satan: Hey, Jesus! You told Gail that Loree is my False Prophet! Loree’s lost half of her following cuz Gail made a video and told the world that Loree is the False Prophet. I’m going to make an appearance to Gail and really mess her up. 

Jesus: You do THAT, Satan and I’ll beat you up. Gail figured this out on her own. I said nothing about Loree being False Prophet to anybody!

Satan: But Gail says you spoke to her in prayer and revealed this to her.

Jesus: Actually, Gail prayed to me for wisdom and I used her own brain to figure it out. She directly asked me if Loree McBride was the False Prophet. But Gail didn’t hear any voices or messages in her mind about this. She just figured it out on her own. I may have led her brain cell conversations in the right direction, cuz she prayed and asked for wisdom.

Satan: That’s not fair! You told her! Now I can directly deal with her. 

Jesus: Like I said, Satan, you do that and I beat you up. You chose Loree as your False Prophet and you’re stuck with her now. 

Satan: She’s really upset that she’s the False Prophet. It doesn’t quite fit in with her self-image of herself. Don’t you think you’re pretty wicked to deceive Loree like this?

Jesus: You’re the one who’s deceived her, Satan. You went to her and told her you would give her immortality if she would obey you in everything, but you neglected to tell her that you made her the False Prophet, cuz you knew that’s the only way you could give her immortality. You’ve been a liar from the beginning. First, you get her cooperation by promising her immortality, a lie. Then you allow her to experience the powers of being the False Prophet without telling her that she must fulfill that role in the future tribulation in order to have immortality now. What a trickster and liar you are! Now Gail has figured this all out and you’re stuck!

Satan: How can I use Loree McBride in the tribulation as the False Prophet when she doesn’t want to be the False Prophet of the tribulation? It goes against her image as the glamorous rapist. 

Jesus: I guess you’ll have to work that out between you and Loree. No matter what you decide, my Bible prophecy will be fulfilled exactly as how Gail figured it out. I’m pretty bad ass to create Gail, don’t you think? Such a smart woman. She even outsmarted you, Satan. (laughs) Don’t worry, Satan. All Loree has to do is continue to be the social justice warrior she is now to fulfill the role of False Prophet in the future tribulation. She’ll make your Alexander the Great Antichrist up to date. The deep thinkers will go up at the rapture and you’ll be left with a lot of suckers to do your bidding. Have fun, Satan! I’ll see you, Loree McBride, Angelina Ballerina (excuse me Alexander the Great) and all your crew at the final battle. But first, you’ll have to endure Gail’s defeat of your Jesuit Order, cuz, you see, I intend to get as many people as I can before you unleash your Antichrist and False Prophet again on earth after the rapture during the trib. And you’ll just have to play out the tribulation without your Jesuit Order. I planned it that way, that’s why Gail and Alexander the Great are both in Zechariah 9 and I made sure that Gail was born on Zechariah 9:15, excuse me, I mean 9-15-57. 

Satan: But, Jesus! Without my Jesuit Order, the earth will have peace and tranquility. I can’t have this! I need a messed up earth before I start my tribulation. I can’t allow you to take out my False Prophet before the tribulation. Then why in the world did I use my Antichrist and False Prophet early, if you allow them to be defeated before the tribulation?

Jesus: Goodbye, Satan. Don’t worry, destroying the Jesuit Order, won’t bring perfect peace and tranquility. But it will greatly improve a lot of things. I want to give the world every chance to find me before I rapture folks out and allow you to unleash your circus of horrors in your last ditch stand against me. You can resurrect both Loree McBride as False Prophet and Angelina Ballerina as Antichrist after the rapture, Satan. A deal is a deal.

Satan: But I don’t want to use them. I need somebody better!

Jesus: Signing out. A deal is a deal.

Harry Ironside revelation-of-Christ


The Antichrist’s False Prophet (Loree McBride) is ACTIVE on earth and behind the George Soros Parkland, FL shooting conspiracy.


With the arrival of the second beast, an unholy trinity is completed. Just as the true God exists as a trinity, so does the counterfeit god. The two trinities compare with each other as follows:

Because Angelina’s False Prophet (Loree McBride) has a following, Angelina has regained her Antichrist powers and is reigning on earth as the Antichrist who resides in hell. Big question. Can Angelina be resurrected from hell as the Antichrist? This can only happen if Zack Knight dies AND loses his following. Even if they killed Zack Knight, it would not be enough to allow Satan to resurrect Angelina from hell, as long as Zack has a following on earth, because then Zack would just be reigning from heaven, just as Angelina is currently reigning from  hell. When Angelina loses her Antichrist powers, then Loree, her False Prophet, will also lose her False Prophet powers. Gail’s lightning bolts work on both the Antichrist and the Antichrist’s False Prophet. Angelina retains her Antichrist powers as long as Loree McBride has a following. Once Loree loses her following, we will then be able to execute the False Prophet, who will lose Loree’s ability to not die. Once this happens, both the Antichrist and False Prophet will temporarily lose their immortality UNTIL THE RAPTURE, because Zack will have regained his Antichrist powers. This is because when the rapture happens, all of Zack’s following will also be raptured and there will no longer be Zack Knight Jesuits on earth and Angelina will regain her following and also be able to reinstate Loree McBride as her False Prophet and at this time Satan can resurrect Angelina from hell as the Antichrist. My guess is that he will resurrect her after the rapture as a transgender man, cuz if he resurrects her as Angelina, everybody left behind will know Gail’s story and won’t fall for her as Antichrist. Because Satan has chosen Loree McBride as his False Prophet, enabling him to give Loree Angelina’s Antichrist powers, he is stuck with his choice. It’s part of his deal with Jesus, where he is allowed to choose an Antichrist (Zack Knight/Angelina Ballerina) and a False Prophet (Loree McBride). Because the Antichrist and False Prophet have immortality until the final battle, Jesus cannot allow Satan to just switch Antichrists/False Prophets at a drop of a hat. Satan only gets this privilege ONE TIME. Once Satan chooses an Antichrist and a False Prophet, he’s stuck with that decision. He chose Zack Knight and only because Zack Knight willingly gave his Antichrist powers to Angelina in Aug. 2016, is the reason Angelina has Antichrist powers now. Jesus did say that Angelina is 1,000 times the Antichrist that Zack Knight is. This is a big hint that Angelina (transgender man) will be the Antichrist of the tribulation, because after the final battle, the Antichrist (Angelina Ballerina transgender man) along with Loree McBride (transgender man False Prophet) will be thrown into the lake of fire 1,000 years in advance of Satan and those judged at the Great White Throne (see Revelation 19 & 20).

Silver Skies Antichrist

What Angelina as a transgender man might look like. According to Zack: “Angelina’s dad was a lovely Jesuit Janitor Ballerina. A real rags to riches story. His meager penis raped a woman who would give birth to one of the top Jesuit agents… who of course usurped the Antichrist.” Once Satan chooses his Antichrist he can’t change Antichrists at the drop of a hat, because this Antichrist has supernatural immortality powers, that Satan can only do once (once for the Antichrist, once for the False Prophet). Jesus will allow Satan to have ONE Antichrist, One False Prophet. Satan can use Angelina, cuz Zack transferred his Antichrist powers to her. Satan’s stuck with Angelina. To make up for her humble origins, Satan may transform her into Alexander the Great, possibly making Angelina some sort of transhuman when he resurrects her as a transgender man Antichrist in the tribulation. As a transgender man she is uncannily similar to Alexander the Great. Read Zechariah 9 about Alexander the Great and Gail is the sling stones woman of Zechariah 9:15, where she will be used to usher in a temporary type of millennial reign before the tribulation. Did Satan plan an Alexander the Great Antichrist in advance? Possibly, but it may have been one of several options. But Jesus, knowing the future, just predicted which one of Satan’s many options Satan would end up with, and that’s why Alexander the Great has such a prominent role in Zechariah 9, cuz I’m in Zechariah 9. Because Gail led Zack to Jesus, Satan has to go with a backup plan, which Jesus knew he would go with, and this results in an Alexander the Great Antichrist (see Zechariah 9, where Gail is the sling stones woman star in Zechariah 9:15). So the Antichrist will be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina of ROMAN origins (from the ROMAN Catholic Church) and also possibly Alexander the Great (with his genes infused into a transgender man Angelina Ballerina). 


What a transgender man Loree McBride as False Prophet may look like. The False Prophet will be a clone (with fallen angel DNA) or transhuman like Loree McBride.

We know we are unable to execute Loree McBride. This is because Loree as the False Prophet, also cannot be killed. Both the Antichrist and the False Prophet need to fulfill Biblical prophecy, so neither can be killed until the final battle. You may say, but Angelina has DIED. Yes, she has, and that’s because when Angelina lost all  her following on Jan. 6, 2017, Zack Knight regained his Antichrist powers and was able to execute Angelina. Satan has instructed Loree to get a huge following (which is why Loree is making millions of clones like crazy), hoping to kill Zack Knight and take out all his following, which would then enable Satan to resurrect Angelina from hell. But this most likely won’t happen until after the rapture. We cannot defeat Loree McBride (False Prophet) until Zack Knight regains his Antichrist powers, and this won’t happen until Loree loses her following. When Loree loses her following, we will then be able to execute her, but we must ensure that she loses her following FOR GOOD until the rapture, or Satan can use one of her clones to come back to power again as the False Prophet. After Zack executed Angelina, Satan, knowing about our Seroquakke plans to cage Angelina into the semen ocean in deep space, decided to go with a clone for his False Prophet, so that if we launch a Seroquakke on Loree, he just executes her and replaces her with her clone. So executing or caging Loree is not the answer, we have to destroy her following. Angelina is not a clone, so Satan can’t make a clone of her as the Antichrist, that would be a violation of Jesus’ rules.

The second beast is the False Prophet (Loree McBride transgender man) whose task it is to point people to the Antichrist (Angelina Ballerina transgender man), just as the Holy Spirit points people toward Jesus Christ. Revelation 19:20 links the False Prophet with the Antichrist; they work together and ultimately will perish together. In Revelation 13:11 we are told he looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. Satan causes his False Prophet to appear like a meek and gentle lamb when in reality he has the heart of a destroyer. Jesus Himself said to beware of false prophets who “come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves” (Matthew 7:15). This False Prophet is the epitome of every false prophet who has ever lived.

The Antichrist and the False Prophet are paired significantly: The former’s focus is politics (Angelina Ballerina) while the latter’s emphasis is religion (Loree McBride SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR). In the Tribulation, with the absence of true religion, a false religion will be necessary to solidify the political power of the Antichrist. Wherever you have a vacuum of true religion, political power will marry itself to false religion to give itself a mark of acceptability. Even Communism has a religion called atheism or materialism. It grieves me when I hear someone say, “one religion is as good as another,” for I know that all that person has seen is false religion.

So during the Great Tribulation, Satan will use religion to unite the world under the leadership of the Antichrist (Angelina Ballerina transgender man).

(Some Bible scholars believe the Antichrist will be Alexander the Great. Not sure if this is so, but Angelina Ballerina transgender man looks just like Alexander the Great. Bible seems to indicate the Antichrist will be of Roman origin. Well, Angelina comes from the ROMAN Catholic Church as a Jesuit. Satan chose his Antichrist as Zack Knight and Zack came to Jesus in 2016. But Zack handed over his Antichrist powers to Angelina Ballerina. Looks like Satan is stuck with Angelina or Zack Knight. Zack got his Antichrist powers back temporarily in Jan. 2017 after Angelina went to hell. But when the False Prophet got a FOLLOWING around March 2017 and afterwards, Satan declared that his False Prophet is Loree McBride and that Loree McBride is Angelina’s proxy on earth. So once Loree got a following, Angelina now is the Antichrist reigning from hell. The False Prophet, like the Antichrist, cannot be killed and it appears my lightning bolt powers work on BOTH. It appears the way to take out Loree McBride, the False Prophet, is to remove her following. If she does not have a following, then the Antichrist powers go back to Zack Knight! This is why Loree McBride is so obsessed with making a ton of clones. She knows she gets her supernatural False Prophet powers by having a FOLLOWING. We have to destroy ALL her clones to defeat her or destroy/transform her following somehow so that Loree loses her following. So the way to defeat Satan until the rapture, is to remove the False Prophet’s following. Without a following, Angelina cannot reign as Antichrist from hell and Zack Knight gets his Antichrist powers back. SO THE KEY TO DEFEATING ANGELINA BALLERINA/LOREE MCBRIDE is to destroy Loree’s following! Once that happens, Zack Knight becomes the Antichrist. We have to take out Loree’s following so that Zack Knight gets his Antichrist powers back. We have to take out Loree’s following to the point that she can NEVER GET IT BACK until AFTER THE RAPTURE. Once Zack gets his Antichrist powers back, we will be able to execute Loree McBride and she will go to hell, and Angelina will not be the Antichrist, it will be Zack Knight, that is, until Zack is raptured and then Angelina will become Antichrist after Zack is raptured. You see Satan chose his Antichrist in 2012 as Zack Knight, then Zack defected to Jesus’ side. Zack gave his Antichrist powers to Angelina and that’s how Satan can also use Angelina as Antichrist. Satan is stuck with Angelina or Zack as his Antichrist. As long as Angelina has a following, she can use her False Prophet (Loree McBride) as Angelina’s proxy on earth. Get rid of Angelina’s following (which she has through her False Prophet Loree McBride) and Angelina LOSES HER ANTICHRIST POWERS, which means Loree McBride loses her FALSE PROPHET powers. Is there any way to convince these losers that it does not pay to serve Satan? 

This is why Loree still flaunts the PINK, because PINK is Angelina’s color. I wonder if the Antichrist in the tribulation will like pink, too. That should be interesting. The Bible says he is above the love of women. He might be gay. I think he will be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina. Angelina is the Antichrist reigning from hell, using Loree McBride as her proxy. It’s possible that Satan is able to even protect Angelina from much of hell’s fire, to keep her on his side and that now that she has her Antichrist powers back, those fires don’t hurt too bad. Satan can use Angelina as his Antichrist reigning from hell, cuz Loree (Angelina’s FALSE PROPHET) has a FOLLOWING. These are all Angelina Ballerina Jesuits actually, not Loree McBride Jesuits. That’s why Loree won’t abandon the PINK. Loree knows she gets her power from Angelina.
Loree loses her following, then Angelina can’t reign as Antichrist from hell. When that happens, Loree can be executed and Zack will be the Antichrist till the rapture. Boy will that give Satan a HEADACHE. But it will give us a temporary peace and tranquility on earth until the rapture, when all us Jesus followers will get raptured out and then Angelina gets her Antichrist powers back.
Woe be to the earth after the rapture. Angelina is a bitch.

(In Daniel 2:41, it describes the kingdom of the tribulation beast – Antichrist and False Prophet’s kingdom – as a mixture of clay and iron, indicating that we will have transhumans – clones?? – in this kingdom. Clones come from fallen angel DNA.)

The False Prophet will have the power to perform great miracles. Imagine the astonishment of all on earth as great streaks of fire (Loree McBride loves her FIRE) blaze across the sky. Perhaps it will be a part of a gigantic celebration for the Antichrist. This spectacular show may be to center attention on Jerusalem, where the image of the beast will be exhibited.

David Jeremiah
Escape the Coming Night

The False Prophet, the second beast of Revelation 13, will be the religious leader who will point people toward the Antichrist. He will be like many false prophets of our own day—dispensing what people want to hear instead of the truth they need to hear (boy does THIS sound like Loree McBride). And he will attract large crowds–false prophets usually do. But in a day of trouble like the Great Tribulation, the lamb-like preacher the people listen to will suddenly begin to manifest the deeds of a ravenous wolf.


The False Prophet will have the power to counterfeit the miracles of God, such as calling down fire (Loree McBride loves her fire) from heaven. Calling down fire from heaven was associated with the power of God in the Old Testament (Genesis 19:24; Leviticus 10:1-2; 1 Kings 18:38; and in Revelation 11:3-6). Whatever God does, Satan is the master counterfeiter. Since God often revealed Himself by fire, the False Prophet uses fire to validate his own works.


The False Prophet deceives the people into building an image which can be used as a focal point for worship of the Antichrist. I believe this image will be set up in the city of Jerusalem as a counterfeit to the temple of God. We aren’t told what the image will be, but I believe it will be a large structure, not just an effigy on a coin or some similar symbol. I believe it will become a gathering place for those coming to worship the Beast.

The False Prophet’s powers are not slight—he actually is able to make the image speak. Satan cannot give life; i.e., the image doesn’t come alive. It only appears to be alive as a result of being able to speak. Some say it is ventriloquism; others say it will be a computer chip which speaks much as our cars and computers talk to us today. However he does it, the False Prophet makes the image seem to be alive. I can imagine people gathering at this location every day to hear what the image has to say. The media will carry the content of the image’s speeches each day in the news; it will become a focal point of every person’s day. I believe this image is that “abomination of desolation” Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:15. When this image is set up in Jerusalem (funny that Loree McBride is so focused on Israel and creating Jew clones), the disciples of Jesus will know that the Great Tribulation is about to begin. He then goes on to say that the disciples should flee Jerusalem because things are about to get much worse than they ever have before. The image of the Beast is a signal for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.


The mark which the Beast causes everyone to receive on their hand or their forehead is yet another attempt at counterfeiting. Remember that in Revelation 7:3 the Lord caused a mark to be put on the foreheads of the 144,000 Jewish evangelists (see also Revelation 14:1). What God does, Satan imitates by way of counterfeiting.

The mark (Greek charagma) refers to the Roman use of a seal or mark connected with the emperor which conveyed official sanction. So the Beast will use a charagma to identify those who are loyal to him. Those without the mark will be deemed traitors and boycotted (Loree McBride loves her boycotts, see David Hogg with Laura Ingraham) by the commercial system the Beast controls. Those without the mark will die from exposure or starvation or illness as a result of not being able to purchase what they need. I vaguely remember the days of rationing during World War II when money wasn’t enough to buy certain items. You had to have a government issued ration card because of the scarcity of some items. While that rationing was only temporary to help our country’s war effort, under the Beast’s reign it will be permanent. All the money in the world won’t be enough to buy bread if you don’t have the mark of the Beast.

We tend to think that only those without the mark will suffer—but those with the mark will suffer as well (see Revelation 14:9-11). People will face a choice: Reject the mark and suffer at the hands of the Beast; accept the mark and suffer at the hands of God. The choice will be to decide which is worse—to suffer the temporary wrath of the Beast but receive the eternal favor of God, or receive the temporary favor of the Beast and suffer the eternal wrath of God.

The most complex issue regarding the Beast and his mark is found in verse 18 where we are told that the number of the Beast is 666. Many fanciful observations have been made about this number. For instance, it first appears in the Bible in verse “18” which is 6+6+6. Goliath was six cubits tall, his spear’s head weighed six shekels, and he had six pieces of armor. Nebuchadnezzar’s statue in Daniel was 60 cubits tall, six cubits wide, and six musical instruments summoned the worshipers. These and similar observations are just that—observations. They tell us nothing about the meaning of the number of the Beast. No one knows exactly what 666 means.

What is portrayed is a tremendous union in which capital and labor are both subject to the control and direction of one man. Anyone who is outside that vast combination will be ruthlessly boycotted (kind of like how Loree McBride is boycotting those who don’t support her, using David Hogg to boycott Laura Ingraham at FOX News); no one will work for him or employ him; no one will purchase his produce or sell goods to him; trade and commerce will close their doors to him. Bankruptcy and starvation face such a man.

(Loree McBride is obsessed with money. That’s why she’s created a race of greedy Jew clones, so as the False Prophet she will be obsessed with economics, forcing all to take the Antichrist’s mark or they starve. Like the False Prophet, she is obsessed with control, money, economics. Also many Bible scholars believe the False Prophet will be Jewish, and Loree is obsessed with Jews. As the False Prophet, she will be a transgender man Loree McBride Jew CLONE.)

Fred A. Talford

We can say that numbers in the Bible do have significance. Just as we have seen in earlier lessons that the number “seven” is associated with the completion or perfection of God’s acts, so the number “six” is associated with man (created on the sixth day, must work for six out of seven days, etc.). To triple that number (666) could simply be a way to indicate the Beast is the ultimate in human ingenuity—the best man can be apart from God. It is interesting that six will always fall short of seven. Man will always, even at his best, fall short of the perfection of God. Whatever the number 666 means, and however the mark of the Beast will be configured and applied to humans during the Great Tribulation, it will mean at least this: The evidence of man’s attempt to glorify, even deify himself, as a final act of rebellion against God. Man’s kingdom, instead of God’s kingdom, will dominate the Great Tribulation.

I read a story once about Johann Sebastian Bach, the great German composer. He apparently was a very sound sleeper and difficult to wake up. His children discovered that the best way to waken him was to go to the piano and play a few measures of some composition but leave off the very last note or chord. Their father would instantly arise and go to the piano and strike the final chord. The one thing he could not tolerate was the incompleteness of a piece of music. It had to be brought to its proper conclusion. The great preacher, Donald Grey Barnhouse, from whom I heard that story, said he tried it in his own home. Playing “Silent Night” on the piano, he stopped just shy of the final note—then listened. Upstairs he heard his son trying to find that last note on his harmonica. Another of his children was singing the last line and adding the final note. Someone else called out, “Did you do that on purpose?”

“Six,” especially “666,” reminds us that something is missing—the end of the story has not yet been told. A man whose mark is “666” will arise on the world stage for a few short moments in the future and then be judged. Like a song without a final note, the Antichrist cannot bring history to its final closure. Only the true God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, can do that. He is a “Perfect Seven,” as are all who find refuge in Him for eternity.


  1. With lines, match the members of the divine Trinity with the members of the unholy, Satanic trinity that tries to counterfeit the work of God:
Divine TrinitySatanic Trinity
God the FatherThe False Prophet
God the SonSatan
God the Holy SpiritThe Antichrist
  1. How is the Antichrist coming back to life after being mortally wounded a counterfeit miracle similar to a divine miracle? (Revelation 13:3)
  2. Read Daniel 3:1-30.
    1. What did Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon set up in “the plain of Dura”? (verse 1)
    2. What became the law in Babylon concerning the image? (Verses 4-6)
    3. How did the people of Babylon respond to the law? (Verse 7)
    4. How did the three Hebrew young men Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego respond to the law? (Verse 12)
    5. How does this story so far parallel that of Revelation 13:11-14?
    6. With what punishment did Nebuchadnezzar threaten the three, and how did they respond? (Verses 15-18)
    7. What was the result of their punishment? (Verses 25-27)
    8. How will believers during the Tribulation likely face a similar option as did the three in Babylon? (Revelation 13:15-17)
    9. What have you already learned in this study about believers during the Tribulation? Does God rescue them as He did the three in Babylon? (Revelation 6:9)
    10. How do you respond to the idea of being threatened for your faith? What would it take for you to resist submission to an ungodly edict?
  3. What did Paul do on a regular basis in his ministry? (2 Corinthians 12:12)
    1. What does the phrase “of an apostle” mean? What were the signs supposed to validate?
    2. How successful had some false apostles been at gaining authority among the churches? (2 Corinthians 11:13-15) Who was behind their false authority?
    3. Why is it not impossible to find people in awe of the False Prophet’s power during the Tribulation? (Revelation 13:13)
    4. How does James 1:16 serve as a timeless warning when it comes to displays of power?

Did You Know?

The idea that a government could assign a “mark” to the entire world’s people should not come as a surprise. For decades, Americans have not been able to make large purchases or investments without a Social Security number. And some legislators want to require that every American be required to purchase health insurance. A new technology known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFIC) is already being used to monitor the flow of goods and services, track farm animals, track passports, and monitor cars on toll roads. The technology consists of a tiny silicon chip that can be attached or implanted that responds to radio frequencies. They are so tiny that they have been attached to ants to study their movement. RFID chips are gaining increasing use in modern cultures for tracking commerce and allowing or disallowing activities.

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