Jesus Told Me There is a Rapture

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I have a lot of respect for Alex Jones and admire him for his stand against corruption in government. However, his teaching that the pre-trib rapture is a deception is incorrect and could be a real problem for Jesus when the rapture happens, so I have to correct him on this false teaching. Having said that, I think Alex will be raptured and boy will he be surprised!

Jesus and I have had conversations in 2012 and he has discussed topics related to the rapture.

Feb. 14, 2012:

Gail (laughs, reading what God is saying): Ah, Lord! God, I have a question for you. . .You know, according to the Bible, the signs are for the Jews. You’re not supposed to be showing signs and wonders right now—in the church age. Is the rapture coming soon? Can you answer that one for me? When’s the rapture going to come?”

[Gail laughs, daring God to answer her.]

Gail: I don’t think He’s going to tell us. I want to know the rapture—when’s it coming, God? I want to go. . .”

JESUS CHRIST: I plead the fifth.

[Gail laughs hysterically.]

Gail: He’s not going to tell me. (laughs) He doesn’t want us to know. Because He wants us to always be ready.

JESUS CHRIST: You know I don’t rapture and tell.

Gail (bantering): Okay, God. I was pushing it. Alright. (laughs) Okay, God, I got another question for you. The question is. . .You know, I happen to know the Bible very well, and signs and wonders are for the Jews, and you’re not supposed to be doing all this in the church age. Are you getting ready to start the tribulation? It’s got to be soon. Is this like a prelude to the time of Jacob’s trouble, when you’re getting ready to deal with the Jewish nation again? Let me tell you guys in the church something. The signs and wonders died when the Apostle Paul came in. . .but when God starts dealing with. . .

JESUS CHRIST: The anti-Christ arrived today. The anti-Christ is Zack Knight.

Update: Zack came to Jesus on 9-1-2016 and right before he did, he gave his Antichrist powers to Angelina Ballerina (who is now the Antichrist reigning from hell).

Gail: Is Zack Knight 666?


Feb. 14, 2012:

JESUS CHRIST: Gail, you are more important than you know.

Gail: Yeah, I know, you’ve got me in the Bible, in Zechariah 9:15. And you’re right, I don’t think I’m very important. But apparently, you feel otherwise. I’ve always thought I’m not that important. But I love you.

JESUS CHRIST: Yup, that was you in there.

Gail: Yeah, I know. Zechariah 9:15. I’m in the Bible.

JESUS CHRIST: You will defeat the Jesuits.

Gail (astonished): How? You’ll do it, God. You say in Zechariah 9:15 that the Lord of hosts will defend them.

JESUS CHRIST: You’ll find out.

Gail: Wow. But it isn’t me, God. Don’t give me credit. It’s you. (Gail reads what Brent types of God’s words) Oh, okay. You are my instrument. That’s more like it. I certainly don’t feel like I can defeat the Jesuits. You’re the one who has to do it. I can’t do it.

JESUS CHRIST: You are my instrument.

Feb. 22, 2012:

Gail: I’m sure they did. Is the rapture going to be in the month of May? (taunting affectionate laughter) Or in the spring? Song of Solomon chapter two seems to indicate the spring. That’s what I put in my novel (Silver Skies). And you said my novel’s a prophecy. Can we know that much? (laughs) Dr. Ruckman seems to think it will be in the spring, too.

Terrance Jenkins: Oh, Jesus!

JESUS CHRIST: Now, Gail. You know I don’t rapture and tell.

Gail: Oh, okay. (laughs) Alright.

JESUS CHRIST: You are very clever, though.

Gail: Ah, he’s giving me a hint. (laughs) Alright, Lord Jesus (laughs hysterically). He’s giving me a hint. (laughs loudly) Thank you, Jesus! (more laughter) Okay, in other words, he doesn’t want to be definite about this, but, I get it. He’s worried about his followers.

Terrance Jenkins: If Jesus didn’t want us to know about this, he wouldn’t have given us the revelation (in the Bible).

Gail: Oh, yeah, yeah. Song of Solomon chapter two says that he’s coming to get his bride in the spring. If you read Song of Solomon chapter two. (laughs)

Terrance Jenkins: Oh, my goodness!

Gail: Yeah! I can read you the verse. I’ll read you the verse. Even though God refuses to tell me my interpretation of this is correct. Song of Solomon, chapter two. “My beloved spake and said unto me, rise up (that sounds like the rapture to me).”

JESUS CHRIST: You are very clever though. I’m coy like that.

Gail: “My beloved spake and said unto me, rise up, my love, my fair one and come away. For lo, the winter is past. The rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth. The time of the singing of birds is come.” That sounds like spring to me! “And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.” That sounds like the rapture to me, man. In the spring. Song of Solomon, chapter two.

Terrance Jenkins: In the twinkling of an eye.

Gail: That’s what I think (laughs). I tell you what, Jesus. I’m not going to make a big deal over the springtime rapture, but I personally think that’s when you’re coming. But I won’t make a big issue over it.

JESUS CHRIST: We’re cool.

Terrance Jenkins: Oh, my goodness. Jesus is giving a thumbs up.

Gail laughs.

Feb. 22, 2012:

Gail: Well, you know, I’m going to look kind of stupid though wearing that (tin foil hat) in my car. Sometimes they walk by and look at me when I’m in the car, Lord. (laughs)

JESUS CHRIST: They won’t be looking at you stupid during the rapture.

March 9, 2012:

JESUS CHRIST: I would rather you not focus so much on what is to come, and focus on your life in the here and now.

Gail: Oh!

Terrance Jenkins: It’s like not worrying about tomorrow, because today’s got so many problems already.

Gail: Yeah.

Terrance Jenkins: Jesus said that in the Bible.

Gail: Actually, that’s more the way I was in the past.

JESUS CHRIST: I don’t want you to become so wrapped up in me, the Bible and the rapture, that you forget what you’re supposed to be working on right now.

Gail: Oh! What do you want me to be working on right now, Lord?

JESUS CHRIST: Defending your men, fighting the Jesuits, and making videos telling the world about your daily life.

June 16, 2012:

[9:36:57 PM] Gail: I thought I’d be there (my job) until the rapture. I even imagined myself there and going up in the rapture.

[9:38:57 PM] Gail: What will happen to my Christian coworkers there? Will they be alright? I was really attached to some of my coworkers.

[9:39:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Your Christian coworkers will be just fine. They were good people, I was happy with how they treated you. They will be raptured for sure.

Aug. 24, 2012:

Gail: How will I destroy the Jesuit Order?

[4:18:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s going to be in an awesome way. That’s all I can tell you.

[4:18:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re like a kid on Christmas. I’ve told you this before.

[4:18:45 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s Christmas Eve and you keep shaking the presents.

Gail: Patience is not my virtue.

[4:19:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I wouldn’t have it in any other way. Our flaws make us who we are Gail.

Oct. 19, 2012:

Gail: I bet the rapture is really close.

[5:17:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Not yet.

[5:17:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: We’re closer than we were yesterday.

[5:17:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just wait till you start hearing trumpets.

Gail: Will tribulation saints be raptured towards the end of the tribulation?

Gail is referring to a second rapture here, one that takes place only for tribulation saints.

[5:18:48 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I plead the fifth.

Feb. 22, 2012:

Gail: Okay. That sounds right. I have another question for you, Lord. The tribulation saints in the future. . .what is the safest, purest way for them to hear from you? Is it from the Word, from voices? Because I’m trying, I’m thinking about them, because you’re going to change the way you deal with men in the tribulation. You’re going to be doing the signs and wonders. What is the safest, purest way for your tribulation saints to hear from you? And they’re going to want to hear from you because they’re going to be going through, you know what. It’s going to be horrible. Are they going to be looking at my website? Is that going to be available for them? Or is it going to be like an underground DVD or something? I know he’s going to want to answer this one, because he’s got to care about this.

JESUS CHRIST: They will have an underground DVD of all of your videos.

Gail: Oh, my goodness. That means my website and my videos are very important. Oh, my God, Lord, I’m not going to let you down. No wonder he’s going out of his way! God, Zack Knight told me that you are heartbroken about putting the world through the great tribulation. Now that sounds like you. Was this a case where he was telling me one of the ninety-nine percent truths to get me to believe that was you?

JESUS CHRIST: Yes. It will be heartbreaking.

Gail: What should I advise the tribulation saints about?

JESUS CHRIST: He was taking what he knows about me to impersonate me. Yes.

Gail: How should I advise your future tribulation saints to listen to you, God? Because they’re going to want to hear from you, because they’re going to be going through the most horrible time! (pauses) I’m sure, Terrance, you know about the great tribulation. How it’s going to be. The days are going to be shortened because the suffering’s going to be so great.

JESUS CHRIST: I want them to learn from your story.

Gail: Oooooh.

JESUS CHRIST: They will have examples of you and your men.

Gail: Yeah! We’re kind of like going through it on a mini-scale.

Terrance Jenkins: Yes, we have small tribulation.

JESUS CHRIST: And everything you have gone through and are going through.

Gail: Oooooooh. So this is what you mean by “Feed my sheep”. You knew Zack Knight was going to trick me and that you were going to use this as a lesson for your future tribulation saints.

JESUS CHRIST: So that is why I want you to keep sharing your life through your videos.

Gail: Oooooooh. It’s to help your sheep in the tribulation! Oh, Lord Jesus, I feel so bad for them. I’m so glad I don’t have to go there. But it just makes me cry just thinking about what they’re going to go through, Lord Jesus. It just makes me cry. I feel so bad for them, Lord Jesus. I know you got to fulfill your prophecy. But I know the Bible and I know it’s going to be a terrible, terrible time. I’m so honored that I can do something to help them out. (to Terrance) Oh, it’s going to be terrible, Terrance. Do you know a lot about the tribulation?

Terrance Jenkins: Yes, yes. It’s going to be horrible for women that are birthing babies at that time.

Gail: It’s going to be terrible.

JESUS CHRIST: You’re like Ezekiel.

NOTE: Good message about Ezekiel –

Gail: Oh, I am? What was Ezekiel like? I should know. I have to admit, Lord, I— I’m trying to figure out how I could be like Ezekiel. (chuckles) You mean I’m not like David? I guess I’m like him, too. I need to start reading Ezekiel. I’m curious now.

JESUS CHRIST: Suffering on his side. . .

Gail: Oooooooh.

JESUS CHRIST: Eating the special bread. . .

Gail: Lord, I don’t know if I’m going to have time, but do you want me to write another book? I was thinking of writing a book about the tribulation and what I think the saints are going to be going through.

JESUS CHRIST: You are experiencing what they will be experiencing in the tribulation.

NOTE: The Antichrist and the False Prophet are totally obsessed with me and block me from getting any large amount of money. I only have enough for food and bills. I and my men also suffer as they unleash all their 21st century evil occult science on us.

Gail: Oh, I am? God, it seems like it.

JESUS CHRIST: I want you to focus your time and energy on your videos, and focus on your life.

Gail: Okay. Zack Knight told me not to submit anything to Amazon Kindle, because the devil has Amazon Kindle. Was he correct about that? (pauses) I don’t have time to write a book anyways.

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, through your videos. That part about Amazon is bull, though. 

I have captured my conversations (above) with Jesus in Bible for Tribulation Saints. It’s the size of a Bible. Due to the fact that I wrote this to capture in print my conversations with Jesus, this book I believe has been added to the canon of Scripture. There are minor spelling and typographical errors in the text, but then the Bible in the original languages also had these. These errors don’t take away from the theological understanding of the book. So, if you read Bible for Tribulation Saints, it’s obvious that Jesus believes in a pre-tribulation rapture. There is also plenty of evidence in the current Bible that the rapture is pre-tribulation. Jesus also told me that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints are going through and that he wants me to tell the world my life story. But when I asked him if the tribulation is near, he said “Not quite, but we’re closer than we were yesterday.” As Bible for Tribulation Saints is designed for the tribulation saints, it deals with a lot of Bible prophecy topics.

Jesus also said I am in Zechariah 9:15 and that I am the King David woman, the sling stones woman, in that passage. Jesus also told me that Brent Spiner and I would defeat the Jesuits and I think it may be tied in to this Zechariah 9:15. My birthday was 9-15-57 and my genetic profile is 50% King David/60% Catherine the Great. Bible scholars are divided on how to interpret Zechariah 9:15. I personally believe it depicts both the Second Coming of Christ and an event that will occur pre-rapture involving me and my men. Some verses in Scripture have multiple interpretations and all are correct.

As a pre-millennial believer in the rapture I wrote Silver Skies with a main character fighting for gun rights and fighting the New World Order. So not all believers who believe in a pre-trib rapture will kiss the butt of an evil government. I had the book end with the rapture which I now feel is a weak ending and I plan to rewrite that ending to put my main character into the tribulation, mainly to strengthen the story. I just have Jesus make an exception to his rule that all Christians who go up at the rapture can never return to earth to help out tribulation saints, though I personally don’t believe that raptured Christians will be in the tribulation.

I have a lot of respect for you Alex Jones, but according to Jesus himself (who has spoken to me one on one), you are a bit off. Now I have a question to ask you. . .what if you are wrong and there IS a rapture? And people believe like you do and millions disappear. How are they going to explain the disappearance of millions of Christians from the earth? Let’s say the rapture just happened and all these Christians are missing, then a guy shows up and claims he is Jesus Christ and is here to set up his millennium. And what if that guy is the ANTICHRIST! That’s the danger of believing like you do. Right now, you’re not doing too much harm. But if the rapture happens and the Antichrist shows up and says he’s Jesus, you’re doing a lot of harm then. So millions of Christians disappear and then the Antichrist shows up and claims to be Jesus. So he’d just say that Christ’s Second Coming just happened and he’s here to set up his kingdom! So if YOU ARE WRONG, it will be disastrous for those left behind who believed like you did. Though, personal opinion, I think you will be raptured, cuz your heart seems to be in the right place. But not all who believe like you may get raptured, some of them might feel really self-righteous and are thinking they can earn their own salvation without trusting in the blood of Christ and think they’re better than others cuz they are more right than others and their self-righteousness may damn them.

Just cuz I believe in the rapture does not lull me to sleep. Jesus did say that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will be going through. He wants me to share my story and obey the Gail Commandments. I personally believe that I and my men will be used by Jesus to defeat the Jesuit Order and when that happens the earth will get a bit of a rest. Jesus is very burdened about putting the world through the tribulation. It is described as the worst period in human history, so your comparisons of the past to the tribulation are not quite accurate. After the world gets a bit of a rest, after the defeat of the Jesuits, then the rapture happens and then sometime after the rapture the tribulation starts.

Just cuz I believe this does not mean I believe Christians will not suffer or that some Christians will not be martyrs. In fact, I and my men have already lost some of our dear Christian friends as martyrs (Robin Williams, my stepdad, Jim Carrey and many others). The Bible does not promise that only those in the tribulation are martyred. In fact, the Bible states that all those that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer.

The world will know when the tribulation starts because it will start when the Antichrist signs a peace treaty with Israel. Here are some good messages about the pre-tribulation rapture from Bible teachers I respect.

Regarding some who say in Matt. 24:29 says AFTER the tribulation of those days just means that when Jesus Christ returns at his Second Coming (which will be visible to EVERYONE) the SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION IS OVER. The Second Coming is not considered part of the tribulation. It is the event that is the BEGINNING of the new age AFTER the tribulation.

I personally believe that 2 Thess. 2:3 is referring to apostasy (falling away from the faith) AND the rapture. Many times passages in Scriptures have multiple interpretations, like in Job 41 leviathan is both a crocodile AND Satan. I asked Jesus about this and Jesus said that both the King James Bible (leviathan or Satan) and the New Living Translation (crocodile) are correct, because Satan can transform into a crocodile, into another form. And here is a preacher who believes that 2 Thess. 2:3 is referring to a falling away from the faith AND the rapture.

The Coming Great Tribulation! from Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor on Vimeo.

You mentioned something about the other dimensions, and here is a preacher who believes in a pre-trib rapture and also discusses the other dimensions.

However, even though I don’t believe we are in the tribulation yet, I do believe that the Antichrist and the False Prophet have already arrived. Ex-Antichrist Zack Knight and I executed the Antichrist, but the Antichrist is currently working on earth through the False Prophet Loree McBride. Read the following link for more info.

Harry Ironside revelation-of-Christ

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