Lizzo Crushes Ugly Standards with Degrading Speech

I am going to take an article that evil Lizzo wrote and rewrite it more honestly. It’s “About Damn Time” someone spoke out about LIzzo’s unhealthy obsession with her body, which she touts as society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Lizzo sparked the conversation at a recent stop on her 2023 Special Tour.  The nobody that Satan propped to stardom turned to social media late […]

Lizzo & Satan’s MARK OF THE BEAST (Federal Reserve Bank’s Digital Currency Goes Mainstream)

This music (above) shows Lizzo and Satan’s heart. The following is taken from The Hill, published March 26, 2022. Funny, that this is not a major news item, because it SHOULD BE. It is by Justin Haskins, their opinion contributor. Whenever the White House says it is working on a plan that would transform a vital part of the U.S. […]

Antichrist Lizzo’s Totalitarian Rule Over U.S. and the World

According to Yale professor Juan José Linz there are three main types of political regimes today: democracies, totalitarian regimes and, sitting between these two, authoritarian regimes (with hybrid regimes).[26][27] Totalitarian regimes are often characterized by extreme political repression and human rights violations to a greater extent than those of authoritarian regimes, an absolute lack of democratic ideals, widespread personality cultism around the person or the group which is in power, absolute control over the economy, large-scale censorship and mass surveillance systems, limited […]

Germany, United States, Israel, United Kingdom & Ireland, Australia, Japan, Russia, China, & Canada Purchase Twitter

To protect Twitter’s finances, all the nations in our coalition, which are Germany, United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Russia, China and Canada have agreed to purchase Twitter and we will ensure it stays afloat financially. Twitter is still welcome to use advertisers and have other means of revenue, but won’t need them and won’t cater to them in […]

Julian Assange, A Star Broadcaster/Researcher at Gabrielle Chana FOX News

President Brent Spiner is not playing piece-of-shit Lizzo’s game. The Jesuits have chipped away at freedom of speech little by little over the years and it got really bad starting around 2016 forward. With the firing of Tucker Carlson at corrupt mainstream FOX in April 2023, that is the LAST STRAW. We are now taking BOLD STEPS to regain freedom […]

Optional Presidential Assistant Position Created (Possibly Filled by Donald Trump)

Tucker is not beholden to any political party, which I have always liked about him. They call him a Conservative, but he was a Democrat when I decided he was my favorite news broadcaster. Because Americans are used to having someone run for President every four years, we can use this to our advantage. Whoever runs for U.S. President in […]