Optional Presidential Assistant Position Created (Possibly Filled by Donald Trump)

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Tucker is not beholden to any political party, which I have always liked about him. They call him a Conservative, but he was a Democrat when I decided he was my favorite news broadcaster.

Because Americans are used to having someone run for President every four years, we can use this to our advantage. Whoever runs for U.S. President in the mainstream fake news (all news outlets except Gabrielle Chana FOX News) will be running for the position of Presidential Assistant. This means they will be an assistant to President Brent Spiner. The position will not be as powerful as Vice President (the position Gail Chord Schuler holds), but basically they will assist the President in his duties and be loyal to the President and make appearances in the mainstream news that help further the goals of the President and that don’t cause problems for the enforcement of true Presidential policies, like what Joe Biden has been doing.

Antichrist Lizzo is aware that if the Presidential Assistant (the fake news U.S. President) appears to have policies opposite or opposed to that of the real President, it can cause confusion in the American public. This confusion can be used to undermine the President in the enforcement of his policies, because of the confusion and misinformation created.

This position is optional and will only be filled if we feel that the person who wins the mainstream news U.S. Presidential election is someone who will support President Brent Spiner as the true U.S. President.

Because we’d like to lessen the confusion caused by a fake news President who has policies opposite that of the real President, if we can fill the position of fake news President (i.e. Presidential Assistant) with someone who will work with President Brent and not try to undermine him, it will help us greatly in lessening the confusion for the public and make for more streamlined enforcement of true Presidential policies.

For instance, at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we could have ordered Trump to not play the COVID game and spared a lot of people from becoming retarded with the COVID shots and so forth.

Part of the problem is that basically the mainstream news controls the fake news President, because they call the shots for the election and for many other things. They report on the election outcome and decide who’s the winner, regardless of the true vote. Then they just lie about the vote and get their candidate in.

Tucker Carlson’s firing from FOX News could be a blessing in disguise. Tucker Carlson was fired from FOX News, despite having the highest rated news show in all of broadcasting history, for simply supporting Gail. He is very loyal to us.

Tucker has been working at Gabrielle Chana FOX News for years and is a star broadcaster there still. He seems interested in sponsoring some of the fake news Presidential debates. What these U.S. “Presidential” candidates are vying for, is really the position of Presidential assistant. This position will be filled depending on who wins the election in the mainstream news. If a scumbag wins, that position will remain vacant.

Lizzo will want some scumbag to win the election in the mainstream news, because only a scumbag would side with Lizzo. Joe Biden and his administration are all scumbags. Furthermore, Joe Biden is a bona fide RETARD.

It would be helpful for us to have someone who supports us and our policies in the position of Presidential Assistant (mainstream or fake news U.S. President). Donald Trump has supported Gail risking his life in the past and is in our Cabinet. If he wins the fake news U.S. President position, he will get the position of Presidential Assistant. It would make for a lot less confusion in the public about what our true government policies are and what people need to do to honor the true government.

To help those who support us to win the Presidential Assistant position, we will work with Tucker Carlson, who is a Press Secretary.

We will make a young automaton of Rupert Murdoch (because Murdoch is 92) and of my great uncle Howard Hughes, who will be sympathetic to President Brent Spiner and will head up Gabrielle Chana FOX News to compete with the mainstream news networks. Our goal is to ease in Gabrielle Chana FOX News into the mainstream cable, satellite and other networks. Murdoch would know how to do it.

We are already making inroads into Hollywood. The Walmart Movie Studio has been recreated and many Hollywood producers, directors and executives are leaving Hollywood to join it, so that quality movies and productions can be made again. Rupert Murdoch and Howard Hughes will head this up as well. He’s had experience with Twentieth Century FOX. My great uncle Howard Hughes is good at this stuff as well.

A Tucker Carlson automaton will be the CEO of Gabrielle Chana FOX News, very similar to the job that Suzanne Scott (who had Tucker fired) currently holds at mainstream FOX. We can make an automaton of Tucker to do this, so that the real Tucker will not be overworked and can do the job he does best, which is as a broadcasting star. The Tucker automaton can be custom designed to have FOX News executive skills, but also be sympathetic to truthful, balanced and courageous reporting.

In order to break into the mainstream news reporting, we may need to play along with fake news a bit, to weasel our way in. Tucker would be great at maneuvering this. Once we get our foot in the door, we then can host some fake Presidential debates to help get our “candidate” for Presidential Assistant in office.

Rupert Murdoch, Howard Hughes and Tucker Carlson (and/or their automatons) would know how to do this. They are welcome to bring in other newscasters, such as Bill O’Reilly, etc. It’s up to them. Whoever they hire for Gabrielle Chana FOX News and the Walmart Movie Studios need to be loyal to U.S. President Brent Spiner and U.S. Vice President Gail Chord Schuler.

It would do wonders for the morale of the country to see that quality movies, quality news and quality “fake news Presidents” can still be powerful and have an influence.

It appears that the Disney Corporation is run by Lizzo (that’s why untalented Lizzo was in The Mandalorian) and that FOX is connected to Disney, which explains Tucker Carlson’s firing. So we really need to start our own brand and give these corrupt institutions a run for their money. The public is really fed up with mainstream FOX right now, because of what mainstream FOX (now controlled by Lizzo) did to Tucker Carlson.

So the climate is ripe for change. We will work with our military leadership, to ensure we can undo whatever Lizzo is planning in her propaganda department. By creating a powerful media brand, we can do a lot of damage to her propaganda plans to undermine President Brent.

If there is a non-compete clause in Tucker’s contract with FOX, we can void that because we can prove that FOX is now owned by Lizzo and is now an enemy organization and is guilty of high treason and of complicity with terrorism. What they did to Tucker is considered an ACT OF WAR and this is handled by MILITARY LAW. Lizzo wanted to silence Tucker so she could get her patsy in the office of fake President to undermine Pres. Brent. We don’t have to honor any contracts with a company that sides with our enemy in war! Tucker’s contract with FOX News for a non-compete clause is no longer legal because it no longer has a legal purpose if Lizzo is running FOX, which she apparently is. With Lizzo in charge of mainstream FOX, FOX is now a terrorist organization! Nobody needs to honor a contract with a terrorist organization. All that money that they are paying to shut up Tucker, can be money that we sue them for, for being terrorists, just like we’ve been suing Lizzo and her piece-of-shit Jesuits. Tucker is free to have his own news network and mainstream FOX be damned, for siding with criminal and terrorist Lizzo.

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