Freedom in True Loving (Gay Christianity or Whatever)

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This interview (above) appears to have occurred in 2013. By the way, the ONLY news channel I endorse is Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) and at this website. Unfortunately, the rest is fake news. I just like what Daniel Dobson had to say here.

Jesus is not a cock blocker and those who are, and who claim to follow Him, I know make Jesus sad. Think on this, if Jesus was a cock blocker, why were Adam and Eve naked in the Garden of Eden? I feel led to post the following article by a brave gay Christian, kind of like my son, who, I believe, is gay. I’m proud of my son for his courage to be true to himself and true to morality at the same time. Kind of like Daniel Dobson below.

I am heterosexual, lean asexual and hierarchical poly-amorous. Though I am not gay, I empathize with anyone who is not of the orthodox sexuality, whatever it may be, and who struggles to find acceptance. Variety is what makes the world go round. None of us, whatever our sexual orientation, should be high on our horse about it, but accept those who have differing sexual styles, as long as they are loving and good in their practice of it.

It seems it depends on the prevailing society or social mood as to what is “in” at the time. And the “in” group will ostracize the “out” group. Currently, it seems to be “out” to be monogamous heterosexual (like my husband). All forms of intolerance regardless of what group you belong to, are wrong. We all need to get along and not be so self-righteous about our personal sexual and lifestyle preferences. Those of us who belong to an “out” group don’t need to be ashamed of who we are and no one should try to make us ashamed.

Pride and self-absorption are the root sins that lead to all sins. The result of pride and self-absorption is a tendency to think your way (in sex or whatever) is better than those who have ways that are different from yours. This is the sin of Satan, who thinks his way is superior to those who differ from him.

Satan is the most intolerant bigot in the Universe and anyone who sides with him (like piece-of-shit, intolerant and murdering bigot LIzzo) is the same, regardless of what lying labels they use to describe themselves.

If you’re an intolerant bigot you will get along with Satan, whether you be a White Supremacist, a social justice warrior transgender who despises heterosexuals, a black who despises Conservative Christians, a Christian who despises all gays, a Democrat who despises Republicans, a Republican who despises Democrats, skinnies despising fatties, fatties despising skinnies, etc. etc. The point is, we shouldn’t be despising anyone who differs from us just because they differ from us. The only thing we should hate is intolerance and self-righteousness IN ALL ITS FORMS. Variety is what makes the world and universe go round. We need to be polite to people of differing sexual orientations and not shove our particular brand down anyone’s throat. I also think children should not have to be exposed to sexual stuff too early. Let them just be kids and explore sexuality in a casual, non-threatening way.

Get off your high horse, whoever you are or whatever group you align yourself with, and learn to be humble and loving. None of us has arrived, except the two supreme deities, God the Father and Jesus. The rest of us, better not get too high on our horse, and show acceptance and love to those who differ from us!

I try to be the example of this. For instance, I come from a very Conservative Christian background, but have evolved into a more tolerant perspective, like Daniel below. Someone, who I will not name, was a leader at the very Conservative Christian college I attended, and is married and wanted to have a poly-amorous relationship with me, because he picked up on the fact that I’m poly-amorous. He revealed some things to me that I could have used to ruin him, if I was as low as some people are. Instead, I respected his courage to be true to himself, but told him that my sexual plate was full and I was happy with my current relationship status, but remained his friend and respected his privacy. I also decided not to let people know that he had approached me this way.

Actually, because I’m asexual leaning, I can only tolerate one-on-one relationships any ways and that was my real reason for rejecting him sexually. I did opt to remain his friend, of course. I showed respect for him, because he’s a nice person and is good in the way he practices his poly-amory. His beautiful and loving wife is also poly and they have rules they go by. As far as I’m concerned, he and his wife are good people and I don’t feel he’s immoral. If I did, I would be a hypocrite. He still considers himself a Christian, too, which I think is cool.

I have noticed, as an asexual leaning person, that I am often ostracized because of my asexual leanings. I think it would be helpful if young people were all taught about the different sexual types and the moral way to practice each sexual type. Just like high schools teach financial management, home economics, shop, they can also offer courses in sex, love and marriage that covers all sexual types and healthy ways to navigate relationships for differing sexual types. This would help lots of young people to get over identity crises and give them more wisdom in choosing sexual and love partners and maybe even careers, since who we are sexually is a large part of our total identity.

I know that as a young person growing up, I tended to project myself onto others and thought everyone was poly-amorous deep down inside, not understanding what monogamy really is and the true differences between monogamy and poly-amory, which the goddess Lakshmi educated me about.

I imagine the Hindu goddess Lakshmi could write up a great curriculum, if she wants. This is just a suggestion. I always recommend her to anyone who seems to be going through a sexual identity crisis and she has done wonders to all who’ve been helped by her. I think it would do much to promote great mental, spiritual, sexual and emotional health. By educating us all about the various sexual types, it would increase understanding and help cure a lot of misunderstandings and intolerance. The goddess Lakshmi majored in this stuff in god school and she’s brilliant at this.

Because the goddess Lakshmi is a god, she does not have to limit this course to humans, but could extend it to the deities as well, since I’ve learned even deities themselves can have identity crises. LOL. I better stay off this subject.

Perhaps, while she teaches these courses or designs the curriculum for them, she may find her soul-mate. The goddess Lakshmi is a beautiful monogamous goddess with a loving, forgiving and beautiful heart and I’m sure will find her dream monogamous god husband someday. Perhaps he may end up one of her students! She could sponsor these courses on Church of Gail and any gods who want to attend are welcome. It would do much to spread the message of both free and true love in the multiverse, which is something I’m passionate about.

I had fun with this photo and tried to match up Lakshmi with a god-type who I thought she might dig. It’s Mr. Darcy himself! Isn’t the goddess Lakshmi beautiful though? She has a right to be picky! And, no! I’m not a lesbian! I just admire her for being such a beautiful being inside and out. I don’t have a jealous bone in my body. Never have. I’m a big compersion person. I really respect her for risking her life to stand by Jesus when he had his “trial”. She’s a great friend to Jesus. She is very monogamous and I respect that. She has the right to be who she is, just like I have the right to be who I am.

Daniel Dobson, son of prominent West Michigan minister, talks about being a gay Christian

Daniel Dobson, a gay Christian. Jesus would approve, I know it. He looks like a nice and cool guy, that’s all that matters.

Here is an article about him:

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